Liquid Meat + GHOST CHILI PEPPER and King of Crackling! Food Tour in Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

– Hey, everyone. I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. This is a state that’s very well known for food across Brazil. But today, we’re gonna go on a traditional and market
tour of Belo Horizonte. We’re gonna eat some of
the traditional food. It’s gonna be an incredible day, and I’m gonna share all the
food with you in this video. We’re getting started at the market, which is right across the
street, for breakfast. (upbeat music) Immediately stepped in the market, and you can tell there’s a
lot of artisan food shops. And we just took a few
steps into the market and greeted with an
unbelievable chili store. There’s at least like
20 different varieties, all different shapes and sizes. She has Bhut jolokia. She has the Trinidad scorpion. She has the Carolina reaper. (woman speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign
language) We got a single, a Bhut jolokia. The market is fantastic. It’s clean and spacious. There’s vegetables just sprouting. There’s garlic. You get the aroma of garlic. (speaks in foreign language) You can smell the onions, the cheeses, a lot, a lot of artisanal foods and very special high-quality
ingredients here. (upbeat music) – We’re going to call
the King of Crackling, that’s in Portuguese
called Rei Do Torresmo.. – [Mark] Awesome. – Yes. (Guilherme speaks in foreign language) – Okay. (Guilherme speaks in foreign language) This place is called
the King of Crackling. It’s just a standing bar
counter in the market. He has a cabinet case full of just like ultra
golden crispy pork. And then he’s also
gonna make a liver dish, which is very, very
essential to Belo Horizonte. Rei Do Torresmo. – Rei Do Torresmo. – [Mark] Rei Do Torresmo. – [Guilherme] Yes. – King of crackling. – Yeah. (chuckles) – What a name. – What a name. – (laughs) Like an
entire slab of pork belly which is just completely crispified. He squeezed on some
lemon and then literally, like they don’t chop it up or anything. They just hand you, you just take the entire chunk
and take a bite out of it. Choose if you want the
skin part, the meat part, the fat part, the layers, the layers, and it’s dripping in that lemon juice. It’s so crispy and so like
fried and dehydrated salty. But that lemon juice,
that really adds to it because it really like
cuts the richness of it. Now that is an eight a.m. meat treat. Oh, the crispy skin and the fat. Oh, wow. By the way, Belo Horizonte
is known for their pork. And next up, these are just
the cracklings, maybe the skin. Just again, squeeze on the lemon. (woman speaks in foreign language) And then I’m gonna, mmm. Oh, that’s just completely
crunchy through and through. And then for my next bite,
I’ll try some of the Ronaldao. Oh, yeah, this looks great. Oh, man, that looks
like a little fireball. Not too spicy, but the flavor. Oh, cow liver? – [Guilherme] Yeah, yeah. – Another one of the local
dishes that we’re ordering here that’s very common in the state is liver. I believe it’s beef liver,
stir fried with onions and something called scarlet eggplant. And so he’s fixing that now as we’re crunching on the crackling. Oh, man, that smells incredibly good. The fumes coming out of
the liver, the onions, that eggplant which I’m
very excited to try, the scarlet eggplant. (Gerardo speaks in foreign language) It smells so good. You get toothpicks to eat it. I’m gonna get some of everything. Gotta have a nice piece
of that scarlet eggplant ’cause that’s what I really
am interested to try. Oh, there’s a nice like
curly piece of liver and some of the onions. Okay. (Joel chuckles) Mmm. It’s so fresh. The liver is unbelievably creamy and soft. The scarlet eggplant has a little bit of a bitter taste to it. It’s almost like cucumber. That is liver and onions
on the next level. Gerardo, he’s the owner. He’s the chef. He’s been cooking. He’s owned this place for 24 years. He said that’s the hottest hot sauce, so we’re gonna scoop that
on and then I’m gonna dip some liver into that with
some scarlet eggplant. Oh, wow. Is there some cachaca in this? (Gerardo speaks in foreign language) – [Joel] Is there what in it? – Some cachaca. – [Joel] Oh. (laughs) No way! – [Guilherme] There is, there is. – There is! Gerardo spiked the hot sauce. Yeah, that’s good, really good. Okay, now we gotta just taste
a little bit of the cachaca because cachaca is one
of the most famous things from this region, from
Minas Gerais, in Brazil. Yeah, that’s strong. You can feel the fumes, and you can taste the like,
the sweetness of it for sure. (upbeat music) Oh, the drip. Part of the reason it’s so
good is because it’s like, he’s cooked it so perfectly,
not overcooked it, so the liver is so juicy. (Mark speaks in foreign language) (Gerardo speaks in foreign language) Amazing. Right across the aisle,
right across the lane is the next food that we’re gonna eat. – [Guilherme] It’s called pao de queijo. – [Mark] Oh, because it’s
the bread with cheese. – Yeah, but we have the
plain pao de queijo. But here in this place, we’re
gonna have stuffed filling with turkey and the
Canastra cheese, it’s– – [Mark] Awesome. – Which is one of the local cheese of Minas Gerais state called Canastra. – And that cheese is known in the state. – Oh, well known. – But then the cheese
bread, it’s all over Brazil? Or is it mostly the state as well? – [Guilherme] Well, over
Brazil, but I would say only Minas Gerais state
knows how to make the real, like the legit one. – [Mark] Ah, the real, authentic one. – [Guilherme] Exactly. – You can see that caramelized crusty edge plus a slice of turkey and
then toasted in a hot plate. So it’s like cheese
bread on top of cheese. Wow. That’s like a cheese lover’s dream. The bread is so soft and cheesy. You’ve got the crunchy
caramelized cheese in there. The turkey was just like strings apart. Wow, that is tasty. And Guilherme was just
telling me, explaining to me this is really representative
of Minas Gerais state. They’re famous for cheese. They’re famous for the bread and meat. Stick a jolokia on this. I had to get an espresso to chase it down. I just love the standing
space, just quick, on the go, a bite to eat, and just
the market atmosphere. It’s fantastic. That was a wonderful way
to begin this food tour in Belo Horizonte today. That was a breakfast of champions. (upbeat music) We’re moving on now to a legendary place that serves the cow hoof stew, soup. We’re gonna find out. We met with the owner here. He’s letting us into
the back of the kitchen to get a look of the cow hoof stew and like in the bar counter. What’s the name of the dish again? – Mocoto. – [Mark] Mocoto. – [Guilherme] Mocoto. – [Mark] And that’s the
cow hoof stew, right? – [Guilherme] The cow hoof stew. – It is thick. – And it’s 24 hours. – [Mark] And it’s open 24 hours. – [Guilherme] It’s open 24 hours. – If you’re hungry, if you
get a craving at 3 a.m., you know where to come. Drip out the marrow. – [Joel] That’s a lot. – He cracked in a couple of
quail eggs, just raw quail eggs. Then he reaches down to that stew. He takes a couple of bones. He slices off some of that
collageny, gelatiny bits from the joints, empties out the marrow, scoops that into your
cup over the egg yolks, the quail egg yolks, and then
he fills it with the stew, which is just like pure like liquid meat. And then he tops it
with some green onions. That is fascinating. I love that dollop of green onions on top. And then you can just feel
there’s no flour in here. There’s no adds, just all
straight up cow gelatin sauce. So you can call it melted cow. And there’s pieces of the gelatin in here that’s mixing with the
egg already because it’s, yeah, with the quail egg. Oh, man. That is rich. Oh, wow. That’s like literally straight melted cow. Oh, man. It’s like a gravy from a gelatin, like jelly joints of
the cow with the marrow. That is flavorful. That is beefy. Yeah, you mix that sauce in? Oh, the whole yolk is there. – [Guilherme] (chuckles) Yes. – And Guilherme just doused my spoon in some of that hot sauce that they have. Is there cachaca, cachaca? (cook laughs) (cook speaks in foreign language) It’s the cachaca, cachaca. Yeah, that’s decently spicy as well, but you can immediately taste
the sugarcane liquor in there. That is intense. Oh, man. (laughs) wow. – You have the spices,
but then immediately, you know there’s something
special going on. – That is a sauce of wonders. That’s an addictive sauce. It is spicy plus the liquor kick. Wow. (man speaks in foreign language) Oh, that’s amazing. That immediately makes you sweat. This is a beer? – [Guilherme] It’s a beer. Well, the quantity, the recipe is gonna be like three glasses. (cook speaks in foreign language) Chocolate powder. Cinnamon, cinnamon. – [Cook] (speaks in foreign language) Catuaba. – (mumbles) Catuaba? Oh, man. (Guilherme speaks in foreign language) Okay, this might be one of
the most like bizarre, unique, borderline crazy beverages
called the (mumbles) de Caracu. Caracu is the dark beer
which is like a stout. But before adding the dark beer, he added in six, six quail eggs. Oh, and he stuck in the shells. (laughs) I almost forgot. An intense drink. We’re just gonna taste a little bit of it. – [Joel] Cheers. – Whoa. It actually tastes really good. – Delicious. – Rafaela, how is it? – Delicious. – It’s actually amazing. It tastes like a sweet chocolate
milk but with extra foam. Unbelievable, like the ingredients in this and then what it produces. Straight up like a chocolate milkshake but with extra foam and richness and like definitely a spike. (speaks in foreign language) (cook speaks in foreign language) This place is called Nono, and
it is absolutely outstanding, the service, the friendliness
of the owner, the staff. It’s a community. Guys are hanging out, chatting. That sauce is, that’s
a life-changing sauce. And that dish, it’s so hearty. It’s so warming. That was delicious. It’s a great thing that Belo Horizonte is such a hilly city so
that we can work it off, walk around as we go to
the next place to eat. It’s quite a major, major city. And in the middle of the
day, it’s just bustling. The buses just swing around corners. There’s people walking down the streets. You get the breeze from the hills. Yeah, quite an amazing city. Quick intermission. I am hugely excited to tell
you about a new collaboration. Oh, yes. (upbeat music) They’re so good, the
banana chips themselves, but this is the larb flavor. And we’re gonna be launching
with the larb flavor, but we are working on many more flavors. Also, durian chips are coming soon. But for now, larb is available. I’ll have the link in the description box. You can go get a box of
Banana Joe x Mark Wiens chips. Again, I’ll have the link
in the description box. Thank you, and have some banana chips. Mmm. (upbeat music) Next up on this food
tour of Belo Horizonte, we’re going to a restaurant. It’s a cafe. It’s been around since 1938, and it’s a legendary restaurant, famous for a single plate dish. – Created in the ’50s by
the owner of the house, Mr. Joao Ferreira, which
used to be his dad. The K is because of the cachaca. Cachaca, arroz, ovo, linguica. – They have a number of different foods, but the real main dish,
the dish that they coined the name for, but now you’ll
find it all over the city and all over the state,
is a dish called KAOL. That’s an acronym. KAOL. Wow, very nice. This is the classic. The sausage is on top. There’s rice all on the base. It looks like almost like a poached egg, but definitely a runny egg. There’s kale over here. This is some of the beans with
cassava powder, I believe. And then finally, not
forgetting the crackling, which is just like one of the signature
ingredients of many (mumbles). Everything you could possibly
want of comfort on a plate. And I love they serve it on
a metal saucer tray as well. That’s awesome. Okay. Oh, wow, it’s a very
dense, very firm sausage. You do actually need a knife for it. Oh, that almost looks
like steak on the inside, like actual like meat. And then I’m going in for that egg. You poke that yolk. Oh, yes, yes. It is a runny yolk indeed. Get some of the sauce going on there. Okay, this will be good for a first bite. Mmm. Oh, that’s a thick sausage. The egg yolk, the rice, the
sausage is kinda tomatoey. – I got the end too, so
it’s like really textured, like crunchy, crispy at the end, and then juicy, really meaty. – That’s like a steak just
wrapped up into sausage form. Mmm. Is it cassava powder? – What? – Is that cassava powder? – [Guilherme] Yes, the mandioca. – The mandioca powder. I love how everywhere,
it’s like Brazilian food is not typically spicy, but
they always have hot sauce. Actually, I wanna try
the kale, the vegetable. Hot sauces in Brazil is amazing. That one’s like vinegary. It just adds to the dish. The vegetable is excellent, the kale. And that sausage, it’s amazingly steaky. – [Joel] Okay, dude. – We got the Bhut jolokia
that we bought in the market. It’s one of the hottest
chilies in the world. It just looks scary. I think we gotta take a bit of food and then take a little
nibble of this chili. Oh, it’s sweet at first. – Actually, yeah, that’s
really tasty, wow. – Oh, the flavor of it is amazing. – Yeah, it’s like fruity. – [Mark] Oh, it’s not even that spicy. Maybe yet. – [Joel] Yeah, just– – It is decently spicy, but
it kinda like starts off slow and it like begins sweet, right? – Yeah. Yeah, if you munch on it a little bit, you can tell it’s hot. – Yeah. It’s spicy though. It is spicy when you keep on chewing it and when you just kinda let
it marinate it on your tongue. We’re just gonna chop up
that Bhut jolokia though and then sprinkle it. Yeah, it’s definitely powerful. It’s definitely powerful, especially when you get
to the body section. And it’s kinda like a slow build because it’s sweet at first. Your initial thought is it’s sweet. The flavor is unbelievable. (upbeat music) Mmm. The spice is starting to build though. – Mm-hmm. – You can almost feel that like going up your gums a little bit. The preserved chilies are really good. They’re wonderful. Preserved, like slightly
sour, a little bit spicy. It’s very, very tight in
here now, just coming out. Oh, man, and there are
people waiting outside, waiting for stools, waiting in line. That was delicious. – The owner is so friendly. What an amazing like
well-rounded plate of food. And that Bhut jolokia,
yeah, it’s starting to like burn up my gums a little bit. That’s wonderful. It was delicious. That was a wonderful,
wonderful plate of food. So after lunch, we have
decided to take a little drive up to a place called
Mangabeiras, which is, it’s kind of a viewpoint, kind of a park. But we’re gonna get some great
views of the city from there. (upbeat music) You immediately step out. It’s so green. It’s so lush. You can smell the aroma of
the eucalyptus, the trees. It’s beautiful. We’re just gonna walk to get
the viewpoint of the city. And Belo Horizonte, it actually
means beautiful horizon because of the skyline, because of the sky, because of the sunset. (upbeat music) We had a little rest this afternoon. It is the evening now. We’re coming for dinner to a restaurant that’s called Bar Do Careca. And Careca, if I’m not
mistaken, means bald. This is an old restaurant
in the neighborhood, on the corner. It’s known for its traditional dishes. It just looks like an
amazingly cool little spot. – Anthony. – Anthony Bourdain, awesome. Very cool. Anthony, we miss you. (man speaks in foreign language) (Mark speaks in foreign language) I love the scenery in
here, the green walls, the decorations, the antiques on the wall. On the shelf, on the top,
that’s the owner’s collection of cachaca, the sugarcane liquor. That has to be like hundreds
of bottles up there. Such an amazingly cool spot. It is a bar, but they have a full menu. It’s kinda like a restaurant where you do typically order drinks, but the food is topnotch. They especially have food
from this region of Brazil. The aromas from the
kitchen smell delicious. She’s gonna make one of the main dishes, which is the feijao tropeiro. Feijao tropeiro? – [Guilherme] Feijao tropeiro. – Feijao tropeiro, which
is one of the main dishes from this state of Brazil. You just have to eat this
dish when you’re in the state. (cook speaks in foreign language) And they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s like you’re at home here. (upbeat music) wow. – [Guilherme] Kinda
like Brazilian (mumbles) (speaks in foreign language) – They are such experts at cooking. They’re so good. You can feel the motherly
love in their cooking. They are amazing. And I’m just like running
from stove to stove trying to even follow them. Tropeiro? – Feijao tropeiro. – Feijao tropeiro (upbeat music) Wow. So all the food is ready. It looks unbelievably good. The owner is amazing. The chefs, the aunties back
in the kitchen, they are so, they know every dish by heart. I couldn’t barely even
follow them on the camera because they’re moving so fast, and they know every
single step of the dishes. It’s a pan. It’s not even a plate. It’s a pan. There’s like at least four
different types of meat on here, plus the beans, plus the vegetables, plus the kale, plus egg. This is a stunner of a dish. (man speaks in foreign language) Mmm, is that pork or beef? – [Guilherme] That’s beef. – Oh, it’s so tender. That’s beef, right? We all dished everything
out onto our plates. The feijao, it’s so many components. Wow, the kale under. Mmm. Oh, wow. That is a masterpiece, like
the creaminess of the beans, the starchiness of the cassava flour, then you’ve got the
meat, you’ve got the egg, the silky egg, the
salty sausage, the kale, the cilantro to kinda like break it up. Oh, that is outstanding. And the onions which kinda
just dissolve in your mouth. The owner hooked us up
with this entire bottle. Look how awesome this is,
the home preserved chilies. Wow, we need to add some
of this to the next bite. And I wanna, I really
want to dig into that. Oh, yes, the entire chunk
of pork crackling belly. (Mark chuckles) That pork crackling is huge. You can feel like the gummy
skin or the gummy fat, the crispy skin. Wow, that is a mouthful of
crispy pork right there. Okay, next, I’ll try the scarlet eggplant, which is what we had earlier
this morning with the liver. It’s incredible. It’s kind of like zucchini
but with a bitter tinge to it, like more complexity of flavor. And then the final dish is
the cassava with the roast, but actually, the deep fried beef. And it looks incredibly tender as well, with garlic, with onions. And she drizzled on that ghee. You can just see the strands of it. Just simple, meaty, tender, delicious. What I’ve learned is that
in the chili sauces here in Belo Horizonte, they
use a lot of cachaca instead of vinegar or
oil to preserve things. Oh, wow. That was not a light meal. That is some heavy, incredible
comfort delicious food, an amazing meal, an amazing place, an amazing uncle who just runs the place. Yeah, that was outstanding. One more thing I wanted
to mention just quickly before ending this
video is that the chefs, the cooks from across Brazil are known in Minas Gerais state. So even Guilherme was telling
me, in Sao Paolo for instance or in Rio de Janeiro, the best cooks, the most well-known cooks and chefs, they all come from this state. If you haven’t already seen
this entire Brazil food series, we’re traveling around Brazil, learning about Brazilian culture, eating incredibly delicious Brazilian food and just like learning about
the diversity of Brazil. It’s been amazing. I’ll have the link in the
description box below, but you can watch all of the
videos in the entire series. Thank you to Guilherme
and Rafaela from Rio4Fun. They run tours, but they also vlog. They’re making videos. And I wanna say a huge thank
you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re not already
subscribed, click subscribe. And also, click that little bell icon so that you get notified of
the next video that I publish. Thanks again for watching. See you on the next video. Good night from Belo Horizonte.

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