Loading Your Bosch Dishwasher for Perfect Wash Results

Okay, time to load the dishes here’s a
simple guide for perfect dishwashing results before every wash put in a
dishwashing tablet and we’ll fill the rinse aid if required scrape off all
food from the dishes no pre rinsing is needed
puts the cutlery in the cutlery basket with the soil and facing up so they can
be reached by the water do note knife should be placed facing downwards for
safety for wine glasses you may use a wine glass holder to hold them firmly in
place put all large items on the lower rack make sure they face down to avoid
water puddles note the upper rack with the smaller items facedown to avoid
puddles place cups and glasses at an angle so water can run off the bottom
and dry properly finally ensure both the spray arms are
not obstructed then close the door choose a program and press Start easy
isn’t it? and to make loading even easier selected
Bosch dishwasher’s come with a rack Matic system where the aqua basket can
be easily adjusted within three levels to fit dishes and utensils even when
it’s loaded and in the new Asian dishwasher series there’s a chopstick
holder designed specially for chopsticks and cutlery and a wok program that
provides increased spray pressure and higher cleaning temperatures for heavily
soiled wok, pots and pans. For the fully integrated model after the dishwasher is
turned on time light comes on automatically to let you track the
progress and the remaining wash cycle time so you know when your dishes are
done see perfectly clean no sweat no dry
patched hands after doing the dishes

23 comments on “Loading Your Bosch Dishwasher for Perfect Wash Results”

  1. Ashwini Kadu says:


  2. Ashwini Kadu says:


  3. GMoney says:

    I'm on my 2nd Bosch dishwasher. Nicest dishwasher I've ever owned.

  4. Driko Camargo says:


  5. leo Liu says:

    lady is nice

  6. Geoff says:

    Who has 'weedy' sized bowls like the ones you use-this really isn't a representative demonstration-
    Where are your full size dinner plates to go in as well ? Or is that for the next wash? – If so, that's not very economical to be honest.
    Whoever gives this washer an 'A' in its class, need to look again and downgrade the certificate.

  7. Sowkath Ali Khan says:

    dishwasher range of cost amount please tell me

  8. Nadja Prokopova says:

    здравствуйте помогите настроить посудомоющюю машину BOSCH

  9. Maria Adam says:

    looks great

  10. Cristian Flores says:

    porno music + hot lady

  11. Imran Khan says:

    Best excellent perfect easy, time , electronically safe and also money saving

  12. chargedsupercap says:

    Another tip? I have a Bosch dishwasher and I sort the cutlery in the basket. Then when I unload dishes, I take the basket out and grab all spoons/forks/knives at once.

  13. Downeko says:

    A really horrible product, broke 1 yr and 2 months after even rarely using it, and now requires expensive repairs, save money and buy a Chinese dishwasher, at least it'll live way longer than a Bosch

  14. Witold Radomski says:


  15. Rahwawqf Hailemikael says:

    How can a i reduce the time in this maschin please

  16. Shamie Hope says:

    Y do a demo using already clean items

  17. Jai Raj Kashyap says:


  18. MahanXYZ says:

    I have a Bosch Dishwasher SMS60L18IN. It is not just a failure of German engineering. It is actually a disaster. Just does not clean anything. Blindly trusting German Engineering isn't right. Dishwasher technology needs a radical rethinking. Maybe some Indian or Chinese engineers can make the breakthrough.

  19. tom hull says:

    cut the music? to make it easier to hear

  20. C-TEAM TRADING says:

    Most of the negative comments here smack of someone who never read the owners manual.We came from AEG appliances (when they were still german) got 40 years on the waching maschine ,30 on dishwasher and microwave.We now changed to cheap low range series 2 Bosch. It does a fantastic job and super quiet too. We use ECONO WITH VARISPEED. 40 Minutes and viola super clean dishes with less than 1 kw for the whole cycle.Super economical. Size of dishes no problem. We are a family of 4 and use large plates cups and glasses
    Used a Samsung for a while. Chinese or Korean appliance……no thanks not even closely in the same league as Bosch and of course if you have the money MIELE.

  21. cassidars says:

    So buy a box fan and wait for the dish washer to finish its cycle open the door and set up the mold and mildew fighting box fan! Lots of wet dishes in your future if you buy this piece of German garbage!

  22. Katie Jo says:

    Thanks! I needed this!

  23. Halina Jasion says:

    Mam zmywarkę a zawsze używam przeważnie od święta i imprezy.

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