Louisiana Harvest of the Month – Sauteed Cabbage Recipes

Hi my name is Judy Myhand. I’m an
instructor at LSU in the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Today I’m
going to teach you how to prepare sautéed cabbage. It uses the outside
leaves – these wonderful outside leaves It uses almost the whole cabbage. It’s sauteed in a pan, and the flavors are sweet. One of the good things about
using the outer leaves of the cabbage is that this recipe is very colorful. Another good thing about using the outer leaves of the cabbage is that they’re very
nutritious. If you eat a cup of cabbage – cooked cabbage – you’ll meet your
requirements for vitamin C in a day This recipe is simple. It’s only got four
ingredients, and two of them are salt and pepper All it is is cabbage, butter, and
salt and pepper. And we are going to cook it in an open pan sauteed. Some of you
might have eaten cabbage that’s been boiled or cooked with the lid on the pan
before, and it develops a flavor that has some sulfur tones to it that are not
very desirable. We’re also going to show you some other things that you might add
to this same recipe. It’s the same recipe, but we’re going to add a little Cajun
flair to it and show you how to pep it up just a little bit. First I’m going to
make a stack of cabbage leaves Can’t waste anything. Then I’m going to cut the cabbage in half. We’re going to shred it fairly finely for this recipe because we
want to do a quick saute. We’re going to cut the cabbage in half like that and
then lie it on its side and then we’ll just start moving across the cabbage
like this to shred it finely Now cabbage has a core, and it’s easier
to cut the core out if you cut the sides off the cabbage first. So, now I’m going
to turn it around and slice from this side. Cut some of the
cabbage from the top of the cabbage And as we get toward that core, we’ll turn it like this. See that didn’t take any time at all. We’ve got a nice little pile
of cabbage. I’m going to use this half of a cabbage to demonstrate the first
recipe and then the second recipe we’ll use the other half of the cabbage for
the Cajun recipe. Now, remember I said one of the things we’re going to do is use
some of these outer leaves, so we’ll take these nice dark green leaves that are
full of fiber and nutrients, and you don’t want to throw them away which a
lot of recipes call for throwing these away. So, we’re going to cut them also Shred them. I think that would be the
name for what I’m doing here. With these heavier leaves, I’m gonna even come across a second time Something that you can do that’s
probably what I should have done is you can roll them and that makes it a little
easier to cut them. If you roll them like this and then you just – it’s one
simple cut like that For a saute, you want the pan to be heated on medium-high. I’m going to put in the butter This is two tablespoons of butter. I’m using unsalted butter because we’re going to be adding salt in the recipe. After the butter
melts, I’ll add the cabbage. While it’s melting, I’m going to chop this just a
little finer because, like I said, this is a recipe that does better when the
pieces of cabbage are shredded finely so I’m just going to grab a handful and go
across. So, what you’ll do is you’ll melt the butter until these bubbles stop. That’s just water coming out of the butter and the cabbage will
saute much better if there’s not a lot of bubbling going on Let me get some of these dark leaves. Now this part takes about ten minutes I’m gonna add some black pepper
and salt to the mixture. A lot of people don’t realize this, but it helps to add
salt while you’re cooking the vegetable what that does is it draws some of the
moisture out and starts the softening process. We’re not gonna add very much
because we don’t want this to be a high sodium meal. I’ll probably sprinkle about
1/4 of a teaspoon for this whole half of a cabbage. If you notice as I’m
cooking it you can start to see some of the the color change in the cabbage. You start to see the colors changing You might start to see a little browning and the good thing about that is that adds flavor. That’s part of the reason that we cook it on medium high. Now I’m gonna sprinkle a little black pepper in there. This is to taste once again probably 1/4 of a
teaspoon of black pepper While this cabbage cooks, I’m going to
take the other half of the cabbage that we have chopped up here on the cutting
board and get it ready for the second recipe the one that has the Cajun twist. What I’ll do for this is I’m going to take this cabbage and put it in a bowl
and add our ingredients, mix them together in the bowl, and then start the
same way we did with this one. Melt some butter in the pan and add the mixed
ingredients into the pan and saute it for about 10 minutes, and it’s the same
recipe it’s just got some more spices added Place the cabbage in this bowl and then I’m going to add some salt – 1/8
of a teaspoon of salt. The way you do 1/8 of a teaspoon is you take 1/4 of a
teaspoon and you just eyeball it like that Sprinkle that over there and it’s
calling for 1/2 a teaspoon of Cajun seasoning. This is a half a teaspoon on
there and then the next is black pepper and
then we’re going to put some red pepper in there 1/4 of a teaspoon. It’s
gonna be good! And then some chopped pepper and some chopped onion. This is
about a 1/4 of a cup of chopped onion and about 1/4 of a cup of
chopped red bell pepper. I chose red bell pepper because I like the color and the
flavor is sweet. It’s a nice contrast – Oh this cabbage is looking so good! This is the first recipe and it’s starting to develop the browning that I was talking
about that makes it taste so good and sweet when the recipe is finished. I’m
gonna do the same thing with this cabbage that I’m going to mix these
ingredients around. I’m gonna melt butter in the pan and then put this cabbage in
there and cook it. This needs to cook just a little bit longer to get that nice browning. This cabbage
looks good look at all these nice colors we’ve got
a lot of good cabbage in there for this recipe. Once again it takes about ten
minutes The good thing about this recipe is all
of the ingredients in here saute at the same time. That means that you don’t have to do onions first and then add the peppers and then add the cabbage because they all take about the same time to get them to the appropriate texture. A 1 cup
serving of this delicious cabbage provides almost the daily requirement,
the RDA, for vitamin C. It’s also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Now
we’re going to put it into the bowl Here’s our finished product
our wonderful sautéed cabbage with a twist I think you’ll enjoy this recipe. See you next time!

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