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making a kale and cabbage stir-fry.
I’ve already added olive oil to the pan. I am going to add to it my seasoning
mixture that I’ve made. It’s basically an Indian-inspired seasoning mixture.The mixture contains dry
mango, coriander, cumin seed, cumin powder, ground ginger, chili flakes, parsley and thyme.
All the seasoning that I tend to like there’s also curry in there.
I’m just gonna sprinkle that in and stir.
The oil just started to heat up and you can start smelling the seasoning. You have to be here to
smell this thing. The mixture smells absolutely delicious. I am now going to add a ginger and garlic paste. I usually make my own paste. but I am being lazy today. I have been lazy lately , so this a purchased ginger and garlic paste. I’m
gonna add this one, I’m just gonna add about a teaspoon or about this much. If I need to, I could always add
more ginger paste. I’m gonna blend in the paste. The oil, it’s not super hot because the ginger paste is kept in the fridge so there is
some moisture in it, you have to be careful when you use commercial paste
that you refrigerate , because it can start popping when added to oil.You can start to smell
the garlic and the ginger right now. This is a fairly low carbs
recipe, because the vegetables themselves are low-calorie vegetables. We have some frozen
cabbage that we’ll be adding to this pan along with the kale, red onion. You could
have used white onion if you like. We will also have one yellow bell pepper that we are going to add. The
onions in the oil is still not like super hot. I have a lot of plants and there’s one
fungus gnat sort of flying about. I think I’m doing pretty good with the plants since I only have one gnat flying. I
know, I got off topic here. While I’m waiting for these onions to cook. That’s okay Next,I will be adding the
cabbage. The cabbage are frozen because, they were on sale a couple of weeks ago,
and I bought about three of them.Three large cabbage cost , I think it was only oh
I don’t know less than three dollars or maybe three dollars I don’t think they
were more than a dollar each. So what I did is, I cut them up to put in the freezer so this way,
I’ll have cabbage for a few weeks and it will still be nice and fresh. okay, I am going to add the pepper. A yellow
pepper to this mixture. I’m gonna sprinkle some
Kegs seasoning salt. You could use any all-purpose seasoning that you have
on hand this is one of my favorites. As you can see, I’m almost finished the bottle, you can
see there’s hardly anything left. This one has salt in it so we just want
to do, a light dusting. My version of light dusting is kind of heavy. I used, I
would say maybe 1/4 to 1/8 of a teaspoon and it wasn’t much. When Kale, or the
other ingredients are on sale and in season like now. I buy as much as I can of
it and then I freeze it like I did with this one. I must have been in a hurry because
usually I would remove the stem. I try to get most of the stems off the leaf, because the stem can be a little hard to chew. but this bunch was washed.
I’m just going to remove them now. Fresh produce, of course is always best but when
you can get good sale ,stock up and freeze it. You’re still
getting the benefits of all the nutrients and mineral. you don’t even need to
cut it when the kale is frozen. When the kale is frozen, it’s just rips apart so
easily .It”s also going to add fluid to the mixture. you don’t have to remove the stem on the kale,
I do because I’ve found them a little hard to chew. When following keto or any kind of low
carbs diet or way of eating. I prefer to say lifestyle instead of diet. I would strongly recommend eating dark green leafy vegetables.They are so important, because they hold so many
nutrients. If you want to know where to find a specif vitamins or minerals that you want
to add to your eating plan. When in doubt it’s gonna be in some dark green leafy vegetable so just
to be on the safe side just pick up anything dark green and leafy. sometimes people don’t tend to waste the
dark green leafy vegetables because they spoil quickly.Especially if you don’t freeze them. then you tend to just watch them go
yellow in your fridge and then you throw them out. Now I was in a rush with this
one because normally I would have taken the stem off of it before I froze them.
But you could see that even if you’re in a rush you wash it and then you just put
it in a freezer bag and that’s it. I think the first half has was done, yeah
because, this first half looks pretty good I think what I did is I think I had like
maybe five or six bag of this thing that I had taken and just quickly washed it
shredded them and then put them in the in the freezer. This here looks like a
lot of kale but it acts like spinach you know you put it in a pot of next
thing you know ,it like you have next to nothing left in a pot. Kale shrinks
considerably The vegetables in the stir-
fry all can be eaten raw. You really could have made
the same recipe and just eat it raw like a salad you really didn’t need to stir-fry it.
But I found that, I like my kale cook I’m not a big fan of raw kale I am not a fan of drinking smoothies with raw kale in them. Anyway, I would sometime also use, the same
combination of ingredients and make a curry with it. I would be cooking it
the exact same way I’m doing now.The only difference is near the end I would
add about half a cup of coconut milk in the pan and bring to a boil.
I tend to eat two meals a day myself, I follow intermittent fasting or time
eating so I my first meal would be generally around one o’clock and then my
next one will be around 6:30 or 7:00 in the evening.The evening is when I would eat the majority
of my carbohydrate. I would make this dish, which is
quite a bit. I would eat half of it and then later on tonight if I feel like it
then I would eat the other half with rice or chickpeas, lentils. I could also
have this dish with sweet potato, regular potato, quinoa or anything else.I eat the
the majority of my carbs in my second meal not my first meal. Because I get very sleepy after eating carbs. I’ll prefer to eat them in the evening before going to bed. I have a few hours to relax after my second meal. I just relax with a full stomach. chill out and have my carbs. a Add more fat to the dish, if you are following a vegan keto diet or lifestyle you would want to add
a little bit more fat for satiety. This dish does not have a lot of fat in it. I have about one tablespoon and a half of oil in the pan. Just enough to fry the seasoning mix. You could add the coconut oil to it.
I use olive oil, any olive oil will do. This is a brand that I currently have
right now on hand. I am going to taste this. the recipe is done if you like the vegetable crunchy. I am checking the salt content of the dish. The seasoning is bang on. I do not need to add salt because there is salt in this seasoning mix. A nice kale and cabbage stir-fry. Thank you for watching. you haven’t already done so please
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