“Macaroni with Bony” // Episode 4: Cardamom Pudding

hi! welcome to ‘macaroni with bony’ today, we are making a lil’ cardamom pudding we need the following: coconut milk, cardamom brown sugar, agar-agar, and cinnamon and, of course … macaroni. let’s start with the garnish we need a small amount of macaroni i’m just gonna throw that into a pan of boiling water and wait 10 minutes or so i have this mortar. we need that to pulverize the cardamom along with the cinnamon that needs to become a fine powder there must be a way… ah, the timer, the macaroni is ready ok, on to the next segment we are making the pudding now get a lil’ saucepan in there and our ground cinnamom and cardamom beautiful now, we’re gonna caramalize the macaroni. this is our garnish we can just do that in this pan throw the brown sugar in there and of course, our macaroni and while that’s happening we can prepare the agar mix a little bit of agar powder with some water when you’re done caramalizing the macaroni we can throw that on to a tray we’re making lil’ heaps this is gonna harden alright, now that that’s ready and it has thickened, we can pour this into a fun pastry mould i have this this beautiful heart-shaped one, but you can do whatever you want beautiful, let’s put that into the fridge for like 2 hours. we’ll see how that looks after that eeeuh, alright i think our dessert has solidified in the fridge. if you can just give me that thanks, rik the caramalization of the macaroni has failed the dessert, however, is fine let’s see whether this pudding is gonna look good there it is, our cardamom pudding and, with a spoon i’m gonna scoop that on there now we eat this! cheers thanks for watching, this was … ‘macaroni with bony’

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  1. Gavin Lorenz says:

    I dont speak French but still watched the entire way through

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