Macrobiotic Cooking & Recipes : Frying Tempe for Macrobiotics Cooking Recipes

Hi I’m Christy Morgan on behalf of Expert
Village next I’m going to show you how to fry some tempeh. Tempeh is a formative soy
bean cake it is whole soy bean product so it is very good for you and its a protein
source. It is a pure protein. I’m going to cut the tempeh into little blocks. I’m going
to heat up my skillet first and then I’m going to add the oil after it is heat up a little
bit. I like to use fire oil and sesame oil for frying. They are high heat oils so if
you are doing any frying you want to make sure you get a high quality oil that is used
for high heat. So I’m going to put about a tablespoon or two of oil into my pan. I’m
going to let that oil heat up a little bit before I put my tempeh in. I’m just going
to layer it in the pot here. Be careful not to burn our self. This is a cool tool this
is a silicon spatula that I’m going to use for flipping. This is new silicon which doesn’t
melt in a hot pan and you are going to fry this in a medium flame. Frying on each side
about 10 minutes. It is better to cook the tempeh at least at least 20 minutes for it
to be digestible. So I have been frying my tempeh on each side for 10 minutes. Now I’m
going to sprinkle some choy uyo. Choy uyo is a unpasteurized soy sauce, it is a very
high quality ingredient that is not high in sodium like regular soy sauce that you could
buy at the store. So it is better to use choy uyo whenever you can and get it at the natural
food store. I turned my flame off and now I’m going to sprinkle it and it is going to
bubble and I’m just going to flip it in the choy uyo. It just gives it a very nice flavor,
a nice seasoning to it. Now you have fry tempeh.

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