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Made In is built on the idea that better
cookware makes better food We carry this belief into our manufacturing and
production process. After traveling the world in search of the right manufacturing partner, we found the best right here in the U.S. We work alongside a third-generation, family-owned, U.S. manufacturer to craft Made In. We source the inner layers of our cookware from Kentucky the stainless steel comes from
Pennsylvania, even our nonstick materials come from America… …all this leads to an
exceptional American-made product. Not only are we partnering with a
family-owned factory, but we ourselves come from a one hundred-year family business
selling and outfitting kitchens across the country. It’s in the DNA of Made In. We’re not just two guys that stumbled upon cookware. Before your cookware goes out
the door, it passes through the hands of people who have 150 years of collective
cookware manufacturing experience. You want to feel good about the people you’re partnering with. If you’re going to make an investment on something that you’re going to
keep in your home forever you should know where it’s coming from… what’s going into it… that it’s being looked after… and manufactured the right way. Made in We make the cookware… You take the credit. We launched made In in 2017 but have been
friends since we were five

6 comments on “Made In – About Us”

  1. Any One says:

    Luv everything about this fairly new direct marketing high quality beautiful cookware company! Thanks so much!

  2. tti01 says:

    i know y'all are business partners, but are y'all intimate partners as well?

  3. andyluhn says:

    Love your stuff. Bought my brother a full set just because…

  4. Fransis Black says:

    _And with any luck, they'll put AllClad outta biz, or at least scare-them-straight into drop'n their bullS#!t prices.
    Currently in wait-list for 2.Quart; cant wait to try'em.

  5. plev10 says:

    I'll admit I'm not the sharpest knife in the kitchen. But I have to say I'm totally confused by this video. According to the website I clicked on from Facebook, this manufacturer has a centuries-old history of the product being manufactured in France. Que'est qui ce passe, messieurs? 🙂🇺🇸🇫🇷

  6. topiparrot says:

    Do not buy, go for seasoned cast iron. Made In Cookware censored the following factual comment about their PTFE nonstick cookware:

    “PTFE cookware like this is bad for the planet and can emit toxic fumes at temperatures as low as 396F.

    The fact that this toxic coating is made in the US is a huge drawback considering the nationwide water contamination crisis from making products with PFAS.

    “The lowest temperature at which nonstick coatings have been reported to kill birds in a peer-reviewed study is 396°F (202°C) [3]. In May 1998, poultry researchers at the University of Missouri recorded 52 percent mortality in 2400 chicks within three days of the birds being placed into floor pens with new PTFE-coated heat lamp bulbs. After ruling out bacterial infections like E. Coli and Salmonella, or toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, the scientists finally linked the chick deaths to offgas products from the PTFE-coated bulbs. All of the chicks examined after death had lung lesions and moderate to severe pulmonary edema consistent with “PTFE toxicosis.” “

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