Make A Cast Iron Handle Pot Holder For Campfire Cooking- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

make a cast iron handle pot holder for campfire cooking hi it’s AlaskaGranny before you head
out on a campout your emergency cooking make
sure you’ve put aside them kitchen towel wash cloths and
potholders make sure these potholders your extra sturdy don’t get those cheap flimsy ones I like to use dark colors so that they
don’t show dirt in camp and if you’re going to be
using things like this cast iron pots on a camp fire or flame a thing that I like to make is take a potholder to fit the actual handle of the pot so I’m gonna
pin this one and then just gonna stitch up the side and then am going to have a handle holder when I reach into the fire this gets super hot and you want to
make sure you don’t get burned don’t want to ruin your camping trip take a needle and thread just sew along the side that you pinned it doesn’t
have to be fancy just needs to hold it together and
that’s all you have to do sew it up to the end and leave this
end open because then in a hurry I can just insert either end or if I have an extra long pot it’ll still fit that took about two-minutes I have potholders towel some wash cloths and look how fun and easy that’s going to be get together your cooking supplies and put them away
carefully so have them when you go to camp please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

6 comments on “Make A Cast Iron Handle Pot Holder For Campfire Cooking- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks”

  1. The Peaceful Prepper says:

    Good tip and I'm surprised how easy it looks.  Would be useful in the kitchen too.

  2. Mary Tanjoco says:

    Well, for heaven's sake, how easy is this!!! Thank you so much!!!

  3. fattymoko says:

    Nice video share. Love my cast iron. I make my pot handle covers with a snugger fit though. They do well with those new ceramic pan handles too. They are advertised as "stay cool handles" but they do heat up after a while.

  4. Juanita Sullivan says:

    Probably the most practical and easy way to do pot holders for cast iron I've seen yet! Thank you!

  5. LibraChick41 says:

    Very smart and very easy!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  6. Ron Preece says:

    Dollar Store here I come ! Brilliant !

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