Make An Emergency Stove With Candles And Empty Cans- How To Cook If the Power Goes Out

make an emergency stove with candles and empty cans DIY emergency stove safe indoor cooking in emergencies soda pop can survival tips tricks projects hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper my power was off and I came up with a new way to cook
something in my kitchen emergency DIY candle stove boil water heat food first put a tile on the
counter so wouldn’t risk burning anything then I made a prepper basic diy emergency cooker with candles 8 empty soda pop cans and put them in a
horseshoe-shaped next next I took this rack that I found I always starring things like that who
knows what I might wanna do it and I put that on top the next thing take a piece of aluminum foil folded up into like a little dish and I
put 6 candles and because I
thought well the six candles will heat up whatever is
above it and the foil will make sure that their wax doesn’t run all over the counter I got my pot I got a can
of soup you dump in the soup add a lid always cook with the lid when you’re
trying to conserve heat and then I lit the candles this is completely hot not boiling certainly warm enough that anyone around
here would be happy to eat it in an emergency try cooking with things
you have around the house like candles empty soda cans and make sure you have a
pot with a lid and some canned food Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

15 comments on “Make An Emergency Stove With Candles And Empty Cans- How To Cook If the Power Goes Out”


    Very inventive!!!

  2. Stanley Sprow says:

    I would have never thought of that. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Whitney Sews says:

    Very cool. About how long did it take to hear the soup?

  4. JimmyCricket61258 says:

    Great idea..

  5. Carla Lyon says:

    Great idea thanks for sharing

  6. brat46 says:

    If you have any Sterno fuel cans, you can place those in a small roasting pan and set into your sink. Then prepare your food (this includes meat your cooking in a fry pan) light the sterno (with fireplace matches preferably)  Next place your rack on top of the roasting pan, place pan on top and not only can you cook this way but in the winter during a power failure you can heat your house enough to keep water pipes from freezing. Sterno is used in chaffing dishes to heat water to boiling in keeping food hot. It will produce heat to cook with directly. Make sure that you purchase the cans that do NOT produce carbon monoxide.

  7. John Oliver says:

    Wonderful idea! I will remember this next time my power goes out instead of spending money on ordering pizza!

  8. TheSmithDorian says:

    Why bother with the pan? Why not cook it in the tin with just one candle?

  9. Jeff Webb says:

    I see you have a gas cooktop that you could light with a match in a power outage. However after a 8.9 earthquake in Alaska, the natural gas service won't be working or are you on a propane tank?

  10. Bridgette Gibson says:

    Good idea. Thanks

  11. LHASA APSO3 says:

    Great idea. After the last superstorm we had I made sure to keep a lot of candles, votives as well as tea lights. Thanks for some good info. I also bought some sterno.

  12. You Need Jesus says:

    Incompetent people should not try this.

  13. Janice Patrice says:

    Thank you so much

  14. Brian The Cajun says:

    Another wonderful idea! This is why I love watching you!!! Thanks!

  15. Gray Man says:

    Thinking out of the box can keep you alive good vid

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