Make your very own Backyard PATIO POND! A Pond in a POT

[Music] hello everybody and welcome to Wisconsin Wonder Gardens are you looking for a beautiful accent piece to top off your garden or patio in the summer if so then you should check out ponds and a pot or patio ponds now these ponds can add a great variety to your garden or backyard and they can also bring a very good energy to your overall field these ponds can be created with many different kinds of pots and many different kinds of plants as well you can grow tall bog plants or even submerged plants that grow under the water and you can also grow floating plants that will float on top of the water surface with a good combination of all these plants you can create an absolutely beautiful micro ecosystem with in your garden now with so many plant choices to choose from I’m going to go through a few of the categories that you guys will have to keep in mind when building your very own pond and a pot marginal plants are grass like aquatic plants that will grow on the edge of your pond these will grow tall grass likes temps and can also be shaped and cut in any arrangement that you would like the next is water lilies and we’re all pretty familiar with water lilies these are lilies that float on top of the water surface with their foliage pads or some of them can actually emerge above the surface just like the Lotus pads and these are also considered a type of water lily floating plants are the next subject in category of plant these are plants that will float just on top of the surface and on the surface only some more commonly recognized species of floating plants would be up weed and water lettuce I would highly recommend to get lettuce submersible plants will be the next and very last category of plants that I would recommend for you guys to grow inside your pond and a pot now submersible plants can grow under the water but can float to the top of the water if it is too shallow and can grow to that point these plants can add a beautiful green color to your water pond if you’re looking at it from above but keep in mind that the plants that grow out of the water and the floating plants are going to be the most essential plants for you to plan out one thing that you’re going to want to think about is the color of all of your plants together instead of having one constant green you would like to mix that color into darker and lighter shades and you would also want to plant in some marginal plants that have maybe a darker purple color as well now depending on your area there are thousands of plants to choose from and I would definitely recommend doing some research on which one’s best fit your need because of the vast variety and hardiness if you live in Wisconsin like I do the two plants that I would suggest over any other would be water lettuce and then for you to find some sort of variety of Rusch that works well with your color palette in your pond for a flowering plant you can look up the texas dawn pink grapefruit or chrome atella and finally some of the other bog plants that i would recommend our silk stockings chameleons plant lizard’s tail or the aquatic forget-me-nots I hope this video was information for all of you guys and would help inspire you to go out and create your very own pond in a pot this is Wisconsin Wonder Gardens once again thank you all very much you have a good day

24 comments on “Make your very own Backyard PATIO POND! A Pond in a POT”

  1. Deb Timmermans says:

    HI WW.. I love this video.. I hope you make more! Come visit my channel and have a look at my pond.. I would love to make a pot pond as well.. do you need some sort of filter.. I would imagine the water might stagnate without some movement??

  2. book worm says:

    are the plants annual or perrenial? can you house them indoors during a wisconsin winter?

  3. Art 333 says:

    No one is showing what to use to seal the pot hole before adding water. Home Depot and Lowe had no idea. Very frustrating.
    I used waterproof silicone glue but it's leaking

  4. Fish Tales says:

    Try a cork then use aquatic sealant glue round it, hope this helps

  5. M mangla says:

    Good information

  6. Tanya Creedon says:

    At 1:26, What kind of bamboo is that? Thanks for your time.

  7. Roberto Delgadillo Jr. says:

    Any suggestions the Central California climate, we have three digit summers and very cold winters.. thank you!

  8. Cosmic Pangolin says:

    Great info, but I would like to share that Wisconsin has recently banned water hyacinth and water lettuce.

  9. Teresa Sanchez says:

    Is it safe or my pets to drink pond water??

  10. Nezzero says:

    Good way to have millions of mosquitoes unless you have a fish in there

  11. kenny lam says:

    is it safe to put fish in one of these ponds

  12. SAN TECH VLOG says:

    hi plz name the plants and the plant container size…

  13. Wisconsin Wonder Garden says:

    BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS!~ I have lots of tips for you all! HAPPY GARDENING!

  14. Ramu's Badis fish says:

    Been interested in this since coming back from Thailand

  15. kimuseni says:

    Beautiful garden

  16. Arpana Grewal says:

    From plants that wake when others sleep, from timid jasmine buds that keep their odour to themselves all day▷▷▷      but when the sunlight dies away let the delicious secret out to every breeze that roams about.

  17. Maria Alvares says:

    How often do these ponds need cleaning?

  18. Vijay Anand A says:

    2:56 – What is the name of long grass in the pond… its awesome !!! Please let me know the name

  19. Howie Lee says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me where i can get that rectangular wooden planter at 0:47 please?

  20. Total_llorT says:

    Who else read the thumbnail as "dont try this at home" on first glance…

  21. kimuseni says:


  22. Kay Izzio says:

    I’m in Buffalo, and plan to construct a small container pond……what do I do with it come winter? Drain it and refill in spring? Leave it full? I am not putting fish in it. I want it to be a small frog pond

  23. Per Shop says:

    I didn't realize water lilies are their own kind of category. Wouldn't they just fit in with the plants that are submerged?

  24. Business Minded Mom says:

    I thought you were going to show how to make one 🙁

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