Making Pure Desi Ghee At Home Recipe By Mr. Chef (Urdu/Hindi) with english subtitle

my last video was for making pure butter from milk cream. today is next part, how to convert pure butter in Oil. its very easy, just heat up this butter in a pan, it will be converted in oil automatically. Butter gives bad smell if not used within 2 days, so its better to convert it in oil for long time storage. its very easy, just heat the butter in non sticky pan at low burner. it will take 30 to 40 minutes, and oil will be generated with heat. just put the butter in heated pan, with low burner, it will evaporate the water and oil will be released. butter has melted now with boiling water, it will be converted in oil slowly. leave it on low burner, dont use high burner to avoid over heat smell, and let it boil and evaporate for oil conversion. water will be steamed and evaporated, and oil will be extracted. after 20 minutes, water has evaporated maximum, keep is stable on low burner, it will be converted in oil. see now, oil is getting separate and water is almost dry now. its 25 minutes now, oil is separate now, and extra water mixture is burning now, its time to extract the oil from this mixture. ok, now get the oil separate from mixture, and waist the mixture. when oil is ready, get it extract from mixture, so it will not be burned to smell with waist mixture. please like, share and subscribe for more videos 🙂

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    Thanks bhot zabardast recipe
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    V easy n healthy

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    Very easy to make

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    i loved your recipe , what a great video I’m glad I found your channel I look forward to seeing more of your content thanks for sharing.Hope u will join me .And stay connected.

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    Homemade ghee bohut baria
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