Malai Paneer Korma मलाई पनीर कोरमा | Kunal Kapur North Indian Recipes

Hi Guys,
Today we are going to make a really tasty dish,
named as ‘Malai Paneer Korma’ For making Malai Paneer Korma, we will first have to make its gravy. We are going to take a pan, turn it on, we will add two cups of water to it I have some onion, which is roughly diced we will add
some garlic, a small piece of ginger, cut roughly, 1-2 green chillies
(whole) Black Cardamom, very small pinch
of shahi cumin, 2-3 green cardamom, a handful of cashew nuts, a pinch of
black pepper, Next, boil this until onion becomes a little mushy, Let’s have a look! Alright, the onion is now boiled sufficiently, We will now turn off the gas stove, Next, we will drain it through a sieve, we will drain it nicely, This is important because while doing this
we will remove the sweetness, And, for the curry, it is important
to remove the sweetness We will now spread the onions
like this on the plate, And, we will allow it to cool down a little. In the meantime, we will remove the black cardamom and the green chillies, The reason why we are doing this is that while grinding the mixture the
cardamom and the green chilly will make it a bit dark; which we don’t want, Next, we will add this to a mixer grinder, Next, we will add some yoghurt to it, This has a good amount of mixture already, We will grind the mixture, The mixture is well ground and ready, Next, we will take a pan and we will add some ghee to it, You may also use regular oil, we will add this paste to the pan, Alright! Now, we will add some water
to the remaining curry in the jar, We will add
some salt, this is a curry, this will dance and splutter, Next, we will cover the pan with a lid
and cook it for good 10 – 12 minutes, Alright, we will add some water
to make the mixture quiet, we will add a dash of milk, Milk will make it creamy and make the mixture
a more towards white, some green chillies, some ginger, a pinch of mace powder, a pinch of
cardamom powder, Now, it’s time to add cottage cheese (paneer)
into the mixture, You may shallow fry, deep fry, grill
and then add it to the curry; But somehow, I prefer adding raw uncooked cottage
cheese to the curry, and let it cook into the gravy, So I am going to drop – in all
cottage cheese pieces into the curry, and going to give this a gentle stir, We will cook it for five more minutes, So that the cottage cheese becomes tender
and dense and moist and silken, Milky, silky, creamy Malai Korma Curry, Let’s turn this off, And, our curry is ready! Lovely!
And, now is the time to plate this. On this, we will add some Rogan, Look at that, beautiful it looks! some black freshly cracked pepper, and garnish it with some beautiful sprigs of coriander, Beautiful, Silken, creamy ‘Malai Paneer Korma’ – Done!

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