*wapooooosh* Top of the mornin’ to ya ladies! My name is jacksepticeye, and welcome back to Raft! Do you all remember when I played this game? It was like a little demo that was up on, I think… and I loved it! I thought it was really really fun, and I always thought that it had great potential, but now this is the full version on Steam The game is finally out It actually has multiplayer and everything now, which I knew was like a mod somebody made a while ago for the demo version But I’m not gonna play that right now. I might play later on with some friends I don’t know right now- mother of god. This is flying all over the place Right now I want to get into a new world and relax and have a great time I don’t think it would be as relaxed as this person is right here They’re just chilling out, they’re just like, “What? Raft? Tom Hanks? Castaway? Wilson? What?” “What the FUCK?” Oh, or it could be Rouhi! Rouhi, Maya. Rouhi, Maya. Can I be Moana? ‘Your world name’ Uuuuummmmmm… Waterworld Haha, there we go. Kevin Costner eat your ass out! Uh, create world! Friendly fire? No. Allow friends to join? Sure. I don’t have any friends with me right now… EXCEPT ALL THE ONES THAT ARE RIGHT HERE- Awwwwh, dammit! All right. Good to see not much has changed Can the epic music stop?! Okay, I’m stranded. I’m alone at sea. I don’t know what’s going on! HAAWOOSH! Roadhog time. I’m calling you a friend because if you’re my enemy then I have nothing but fear and terror to last me my days out here! So if I call you a friend, then at least I have something good going on in my life! Oh, sick dude! I got a bunch of plastic! Normally, I would say protect the environment, keep it safe. Don’t dump all this stuff into oceans, But right now it’s starting to really pay off for me! Oh, what’s this? A childs nursery? That’s a big lump of plastic as well! Where’s all this plastic coming out of? Did Barbieland get destroyed somewhere? Oh! Come here barrel!! Alright, I forget how to- *cough attack* I forgot how to make stuff… Uhhhhh… How do I- Research table, small storage- Oooh a research table! Wonder what that gets me! How do I build, like, the floor again? I have… no idea! I can’t remember to do anything in this game! Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, I get it. I had to build a hammer, didn’t I? I need more rope More rope for the Rope God! Wait, why is my hook degrading? Whadda hell? Whadu heck? Ehm, alright, can I make rope? Uhhhhhh Hope you’re u- hi shark! You’re gonna be my friend forever shark, don’t you worry about it! Oh, hi friend! Okay, give me this. I need the plastic Bloop- okay. I can’t do anything Man, it sure does suck being out here in da ocean… I don’t know how you do it mister shark How do you do it with no friends? Wait, I… I heard a bird. I absolutely heard a bird. And the bird is the word apparently. So where the hell is this word, that I heard? From the bird? Crap! Did the shark make a bird sound? Is that what sharks sound like when you’re crazy? Man, this does not go far at all, does it- OOOH don’t grab the shark! You want to come aboard? Play charades or somethin’? DUDE! Am I going crazy? Over there, right? Right where I’m pointing right now, can’t see nothing, right? Look what happens at the side of the screen There’s a island there!! Can I actually go to an island now? can I paddle away my worries because that is kind of the thing that was going on in the other games is that I Thought cool great. You’re on a raft, but you’re just building a raft For no reason other than to build a raft get the barrel, get the barrel son of a testiclees, okay KOBE! Nooo! That’s just the rottenness of looks. Okay that island is getting closer to me I’m not even paddling anywhere It’s like it’s right in front of me am I moving towards it I Am! Hell, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Ehm, all right, I need to make more stuff For more Parts. Oooooo I like this. Oh, is this a foundation go away sha- shARRK Go away. Stop, stop it! I’ve nothing to kill you with Except my sheer force of will, Ohh My dad gave me that board. All right, I need a wooden spear god I need to get more planks Where’s Brittany when you need her she’d loaned me some Spears. So if I land on this Land and then get on to there and build a thing over there wouldn’t the game just be called island? There’s another raft over there, okay, are there other people in the game? Cuz I decided to create world not to join one oh Maybe that’s the jam. Maybe I should join a world all my rafts gonna go around this, isn’t it? Pick it up God you suck just reach out and touch face. I’m getting off man. I’m staying here. This is my land now. I should really get back on my raft shouldn’t I? That’s what its gonna tell me isn’t it? Oh no, no, it’s really far away and the sharks gonna get me uh, oh, uh, oh, uh, oh swim swim please swIM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! eeeauUGH Okay, I’m safe ohOHOHhoh That was scary, oh I can make an anchor Oh That’ll be really handy. Oh, I want to know what’s going on over there. Hey, hey, hey Yeah, that’s what fuckin’ thought BEGONE THOT!!! Alright, I need to make a fishing rod really quick I need eight rope for a fishing rod? Christ. Ahhhh, Where am I? I’m all over the place Okay, fishing rod. That’s gonna come in real handy real dandy My hook is running out though! 🎶 And my hook is running out!🎶 Did I get that board? No, come here! I really wanna be able to make an anchor! This sucks! I need four rope and stone Do I have to get off to get stone? This is all different. This is all new to me. I’m scared. All right, he’s coming in. Isn’t he? Oh, I thought he was about to attack me again. I need more rope Ah crap, crap As Nathan Drake would say, oh I want to get over there so bad Come here I need to make rope Rope yeah, come on rope and then spear Okay, I’m ready for you, I’m ready I’m ready – Jim your jams, okay Yeah, you better keep swimming, huh, he’s here he’s here he’s back for some action he’s back this Maxim Yes, right thought bitch Right great fix this is not going particularly well for me moonlit sense Okay my hook broke It’s okay, I have a new one. I’m the greatest nice, I got a raw tater Raw potater lads, huh? Get the barrel get the barrel. Yes Big winnows! k to make a small grill I need Yeah, I can do that boom! small grill How do I how do I light it? Oh I should make a small crop pot cuz I have potatoes already Dang it. Okay. I need rope and I need Dope yeah, there we go Yeah, I have enough dope for everybody I got a small plot There that one I want to put it there Oh wrong thing oh Oh I am dying of thirst um shit, um, shit Okay, how do I how do I do anything in this game? I completely forget Plant raw potato please grow. Okay. I need to make a small cup. I have a small cup How do we make anything any more simple purifier any palm leaves? shit that is oh My god, there is not a single fucking family to be found in this entire planet anymore No, I’m gonna die like a doof. What is this? watermelon You eat that? Oh That’s a big tasty water boy Okay, I’m gonna survive for this night a Wooden hut for long, I forget her to light this frickin thing. Do I need like a flint? Ax plus a paddle billy hammer. There we go small Purifier Fill and place cup of seawater All right place planks. Oh Well, it just started cooking that one Oh so you put the food on! I thought I had to light it myself- – Fuck! Get off my boat bitch! This is my land–water Fuck total freshwater. There we go. Oh It’s so good pick up cooked beets Oh Skrillex never made beets this fucking nice. Oh My rope wait the hook is bugged no Yes On the fucking greatest blueprint for an antenna use along with receiver, whoa Okay, I will do that if I get them this is cool… Technology *grunts* Nice. Didn’t go to with this hook man. Alright, so if I take out the freshwater and then what are my crops? It’ll give me a lot of taters and then I can put some more in and I can keep growing them and I should have No, no, no No, I should have the water situation sorted then spill the research table cuz I don’t know what it does. I’m assuming it does What I expect it to do Nice dude. This is an elaborate Minecraft who? Ha. What can I make place lot to research rocks? Plastic Yep, it’s plastic. What do you mean? Yep? It’s plastic Okay, do I have to put other stuff in then to figure out what they are oh I’ve seeds I shouldn’t use them those oh And then it combines with other stuff Oh God doesn’t make no sage but the plastic is like research, yep, you got plastic Okay, I have a thing for a receiver as well used to locate nearby radio signals Awesome there’s another raft over there so this would be cool in multiplayer because you could join a world in to be a whole bunch of rafts everywhere and then like a lower budget sea of thieves And you can also join with your friends and I think It said that there was no limit to the amount of friends that you could have But it was best with like two to four players or something like that Rotators, yes That did not bring up my hunger a lot actually Oh It’ll be super fun if you had friends with you because you could just make a giant base Hey, no, don’t get my crock-pot. No, no bad shirt plaid shirt Okay, I’m gonna put another one there just in case a buffer so if you will almost destroyed it what I What a lovely fella yeah, I’m gonna craft an anchor Because I feel like I should use it oh, that’s cool. The anchor is just a bucket full of stones. Oh That’s genius okay. Can I make a paddle? Paddle plastic rope planks damn it. I don’t have this stuff. I Need some planks cuz I want to I want to go over to the island Shit, I don’t got no wood. No The wood is escaping. I guess I could just do this And then stop my boat and then bring it back up, right He’s shitting me so every time I’ve been playing this before it felt like the stuff was just floating towards you where now it shows that No, you’re floating towards stuff That’s kind of cool Okay. I really need to start eating stuff How many taters do they get to that’s really not all that much. Also, I’m about to die of hunger. Oh Oh Maybe I should use this fricking fishing rod that I have Now I’m a starve to death I got one a raw Pomfret I thought a Pomfret was a chip. Let’s put you in here Okay cook him real nice I need to eat him fast also my joke was a Pomfret herb fries Okay, it’s not that it’s not that big a joke are you on my ass right now go away mister shark No one even likes you That’s a joke, I actually love him he’s pretty cute give me the food please give me the food I need the food like badly like like right now kind of badly Like like Jack’s about to keel over die and everyone’s going to be very sad kind of now Especially me cuz I am him. Oh You’re still hungry the fact of the matter is that I’m also kind of hungry in real life so hearing that sound is making me be like wait What You can’t just reel back up you’re your anchor you have to destroy it Well wise… That’s news to me, right, okay In fact that’s kind of horseshit Excuse my French. I also used up all the stones I had. That sucks, it’s all your fault shark I’m also floating very far away from where all the materials are now as well Life is misery Life is hard struggle against these ocean currents It’s very reminiscent of life. It’s an uphill battle. It’s a struggle. You don’t always make it in the end But more often than not it’s worth the fight except when you don’t get what you want. Take me away ocean Take me away to a beautiful place. I want to be part of the watery goodness I want to be part of your heart of tears. So all I have left in the world. This is a rocky ocean right now And no I don’t mean Sylvester Stallone is just in the middle of it going, “hyeuaebgubeygauugoaue.” no, it’s really good That’s not the kind of rocky that I’m talking about. Okay. Come here Barrel. I’m sick of waiting for you You know again just like life Sometimes you got to make the opportunities come to you. Can you harvest you all thank the Crist so I get one plat 1 get 1 plat 1 Wow See a thieves more like sea of bumps I got an old shoe Where’s our an old shoe out here in the middle of the water, huh did Did you cook? I don’t even think that cooked. I’m gonna die Tell my wife I said hello. Oh! In the end it was Jack who was the best!! in the end he fought all odds! and he found… …the missing piece. Hey, hey No! I-Fuck! I said no to drugs! God, damn it, Jerry, you know showing up gnawshin’ on my boat The Sun it rises Helios you have graced me with your love once more the warm glowing warming glow… is all over my face Life out in the water is hard. I don’t even have a volleyball to call a friend Fucked up is that huh? Ok, I place your planks I place your planks that you’re not cooking the shit that I want to grills are better than one grills because Apparently ie I’m dying from hunger. Uh Just an extraordinary rate ok Like more than mankind has ever thought possible before So I’m pretty good hey scenery knows Nothing there’s anybody over there I waved at them they didn’t wave back Also, there’s no sign of life anywhere on that. So that’s also a sign that there’s no life over there It’s crazy how the world works huh? Science magic Science is the magic of reality That’s what it is. So I’m gonna get ready cuz this guy seems like he’s mighty he might be a Chomper pretty soon Bear. Oh, no The power was a lie. Oh, please please. Oh, I need it in my life There’s another barrel right over here. I will have you barrel Yes, Oh lots of goods for Jack it’s raining I Should be good for my crops, huh? It’s a great day great day for the crops great day for ducks Had a guy in Ireland every time I was going to school when I was young Hey Son of a bitch Okay, not that every time when I was young and I was going to school there was a guy he who you’d always meet out Cycling his bike I I Swear to fuck I swear to fuck And every day was a nice day for something every day was great day for ducks it was a great day for Like if it was too windy, it’s a great day for drying Was always something very optimistic man. Ah Come on Dangling those balls in front of my face Not letting me motorboat them. Come on man what I’m trying to make is this oh I have enough for a sail Oh This time when I was worried, okay, so let’s do it here That’s good, right? I have no idea I’m gonna build around this so that Sharkboy can’t get it Sharkboy and Lavagirl And I’m gonna build around you guys, too because then if we if I fail and the shark man is just a Nosh on one of them and have one of them for his school breakfast Lots of planks that’s good. Then at least I’ll have a buffer zone. So I have time you Know like that. So now it’s not a single thing that he can destroy immediately He’ll have to go through Jack first. Also, Jack doesn’t have a weapon Jack lost that in the great battle of Gettysburg. Nah. Nah, nope, not today. I was ready this time. I was ready How long is he gonna survive for You know don’t you normally stab him a bunch of times they dies So they would happen I missed so many barrels just now, please please please please yes At least they got one back in the bank. That’s a win That’s a win for us here at Jack HQ. Yeah, what does he owe these sales work? I put them on but I never used them yet hold R to rotate R hold to rotate smoothly. Oh Cool okay, so I want to go this way a little of the wind is coming from though like No indication of that am I actually travelling faster now? Oh, Yeah, it definitely feels like it anyway, and then if I start seeing any land I won’t need to paddle anymore I could just turn my sail and hopefully Head towards it but I don’t haven’t I don’t have any stone anymore. I Had four I made the anchor but now I have Two who I got two more stone now, so I think I should be able to make my anchor Are you? Are you shitting me? You shit me right now get on the ice get him in the ice Oh He almost did it. It’s a 10% health He almost destroyed the whole thing. That would have been bad for you Cuz I would have jumped in the ocean after you all right. I need nails. I don’t know how I get Nails whether I have to find them or make them What I’m doing I’m doing pretty good now on the whole Whole food sit cuz I just put down two more potatoes, but I still have two more to eat and Then I have three planted ready to go. This is going well I have the food situation sorted food and water at least I should have enough for this now Hooray have enough for at least one of them Put you on the front? So the Nets are the things that I want to get and just place them all on the front and then they’ll all row capture All the stuff that’s coming by the front of my raft Now that makes it really handy cuz I need stuff that I’m missing while I’m over here flute and around at all this crap I’ll be able to do Cook my potato cook. Okay. Well, I’m going to leave this episode of raft here Got a good base going on got a good little foundation happening for ourselves right now Very happy with that because I thought we were gonna die there for a while, but we pulled it out of the bag You know why? flexing on them sharks, and then I Become the great. I don’t know who would thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch a hole it like button in the face like a good boys and Thank you, thank you guys so He dead he’s dead

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