Meal Prep Mania: INSTANT POT & CROCK-POT 5 Free & Healthy Recipes!

hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s
Friday and another rendition of meal prep mania so what is meal prep mania
it’s where I give you what I’m cooking for the week send you to my website to
get them so it takes all the thought out of meal prepping for you so let’s get
started on this week’s healthy recipes so I made instant pot cilantro lime
chicken if you don’t have an instant pot don’t fret you can do it in the
crock-pot easy peasy so basically this is a nice cilantro
lime chicken it’s got a little salsa kick to it you can do mild you can do
hot whatever salsa you prefer I like kind of the fresher one from Trader
Joe’s but there’s a lot of options with this so you can serve it on
tostadas you can serve it on a bed of lettuce to make it low-carb and
healthier you can serve it on some white rice you can serve it on cauliflower
rice head to for that recipe you can serve it on a
combo of rice and lettuce like I like to do when I go to Chipotle so this is
super easy peasy so many different options head to get
literally the all the stats for all of those options I just gave you with the
carb content all the macros for those options and then I like to serve it with
some avocado wedges and some additional lime slices and a little bit of light
shredded mexican cheese so so many options with this shredded chicken it
literally takes 30 minutes in the crock-pot the instant pot total it would
take about eight hours on low in the crock-pot four on high but on if you
just set it and forget it in the morning before work it’ll be ready when you get
home so head to for that recipe
next up pasta fazoul! so growing up pasta fazool was you know a childhood favorite
of mine my grandmother used to make it and I actually had for a recipe however
if you know anything about Italian grandmothers their recipe looks like
this beans tomato sauce pasta that’s it how am I supposed to know how to make
that there’s no instructions don’t you think just three ingredients on
next time I should have took it out I see you could see it but uh yeah that’s
her recipe so I switched it up I added a lot of spices to it
I added hot italian turkey sausage if you a vegetarian just leave out the
sausage that cuts out like the first three steps so easy peasy you
dumped the rest of the stuff in the crock-pot and you are done so really
delicious so it’s hot italian turkey sausage
there’s kidney beans there’s ditalini pasta there’s some tomato petite
diced tomatoes and some herbs and spices it’s really really good and gives you
that home cooked you know just that cozy feel it’s cooling down here a little bit
in San Diego so that was one of my go-to things growing up so again that’s not
gluten-free because it has pasta in it but you could use a gluten-free pasta
I’ll put a little link in the description below and a picture on and then next up I just did some grilled steak some
swizzles grilled steak with his you know signature spices with these raviolis
from Costco it is butternut and pumpkin season again people and these
are back in stock at Costco these are the Rana butternut squash
organic raviolis again I don’t buy them because they were organic they just
happen to be but they are delicious and you can throw them in the freezer and
you literally just cook them for a minute more which is like four minutes
so normally if they are just left out you’re cooking for three minutes done
you just add an extra minute straight from the freezer so they’re great to
have on hand I also like the regular old tortellini that they have year round
many people have asked me what do I do for breakfast I never say any breakfast
things I do my yogurt parfait it’s on it is on light but yet
filling it is delicious it’s yogurt it’s almond butter some berries and a little
bit of agave oh and some flax seed meal now thanks Rita delicious every day
I’ve been eating it for years and years I can’t get away from it so
there’s your recipes this week we got cilantro lime chicken in the instant pot
or crock-pot you got pasta fazool in the crock pot or on the stove top you
got some swizzles grilled steak with some butternut squash from Costco and my
yogi P yogi parfait so if you like my channel give me a thumbs up and
subscribe please there’s your meals for the week
go get them cooking let’s go meal prep mania

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