Meal Prep – Sweet Orange Chili Sauce + Choose your Protein

so did you hear about the drummer he
just had two daughters he’s so proud can you guess their names and a one and
A two all right let’s get through the video what up guys and welcome back to
the pit make the kitchen for today’s quick recipe it’s truly a quick one in
fact my goal is to get your entire lunch prep for the week in just thirty minutes
today it’s gonna be in and out of the kitchen it’s just that simple so the
main recipe for today is an orange flavored sweet chili sauce and then you
get to choose your choice of protein so you can use chicken you can use shrimp
you can use beef you could even use tofu the choice is up to you alright guys
this is going to be lightning fast but really easy you’re gonna be pumped to
make this recipe if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get those hands
dirty then let’s get started okay so the first thing is we are going
to make our orange chili sauce so we’re gonna take an orange and just squeeze
out all of that juice no worries some of the pulp gets in because that’s just
gonna make it that much better alright now we got the orange juice in
there we’re gonna add in some chili garlic sauce if you want to use si Racha
you can but I think this is the best thing to use because that way you don’t
have to add anything else adding a little bit of sweetness some coconut
sugar and then last but not least pour in some sesame
if you’re trying to save on some costs you can try some peanut oil bring it to
a light simmer then to some air root we’re going to add in splash of water
mix it up until it’s nice and slushy you already knew this is a saucy recipe I’m
gonna add in some arrowroot if you don’t have air root you can also add a teensy
cornstarch or some tapioca starch and then remove this from the heat to
thicken up and as it cools down it’s gonna continue to thicken and if you let
it cook on the heat too much it’s gonna become really gooey and slimy and the
final addition to this sauce is just to help to balance out the flavors is to
edit a splash of vinegar this system apple cider vinegar or you could even
use some rice vinegar I don’t like to have a whole bunch just because you know
I hate the taste of vinegar I normally just like it but it does help to balance
flavors very well especially whenever you have something that’s very salty but
also very sweet okay so the sauce is made just took about five minutes now
let’s move on to the rest of our middle prep so grab yourself some rice
cauliflower some frozen pop this into the microwave for about four to six
minutes and while that’s cooking we are going to cook up some asparagus so now we get the sauce done you’ve got
the asparagus finished up and the cauliflower is cooling down in the
microwave we’ve spent about 10 minutes already now it’s time for the protein
just pick the protein that you lean beef chicken breast some shrimp I’ll keep the
plant strong with tofu spray a nice little bit a little bit of oil and toss
in your choice of protein try some extra firm tofu get a nice sear on that tofu
or maybe your team chicken or maybe you are team and lean beef I like mine
medium rare so this right here and look at just about right lastly maybe you are
team seafood how about some jumbo shrimp all right so we’re about 15 minutes in
now let’s bring everything together add in a cauliflower rice some of our
grilled asparagus and then your choice of protein here’s some beef and finally
add in some our chili sucks Oh or add in some
chicken and then some more sauce or some shrimp and in some sauce or keep it plant strong put some of your
grilled tofu if desired garnished with a little bit of sesame boom alright guys
that is it for today’s video I hope that y’all really enjoyed it remember to
store your homemade sauce in an airtight container in the fridge alright guys if
you like videos like this and I invite you to smash that like button below and
I also invite you all to comment below how you would tweak this milk prep to
either enhance the flavor or maybe even to get it less than a 30 minute complete
meal prep meal prep can be a lot of fun it can be a great way to learn about
food but it does not have to be exhausting meaning you don’t have to
spend tons of time in the kitchen so remember it’s just to tweak their
recipes and to tweak the prep for you and then only for your taste buds for
your lifestyle but also for your time you can make it work you always have
time for your health remember to subscribe to the channel and don’t
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content here on the channel until next time guys wanna thank y’all for watching
keep it healthy but of course never ever boring boo bye guys

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