MEATBALLS In A Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipe

welcome friends today in the kitchen we
are going to make a meatball and a creamy mushroom sauce this is the
perfect potluck dish so I’m gonna start out with some bread crumbs and I don’t
use flavored bread crumbs and if you look back through my recipes you’ll find
out that I hardly use them at all ever but I’ve got a couple of things coming
up where I need them so I’m going to use them today and next is some dry oregano
and some dry red pepper flakes now to this I’m also going to crush in some
garlic and although I did that garlic peeling hack video I’d say nine times
out of ten I just use one of these crush the garlic in and most of the time I
don’t even peel the garlic so in that goes excellent and I’m using a medium
ground beef and then one egg so crack that in and then the best mixer is your
hands just get right in there and mix it all together now of course I almost
forgot the salt so with my clean hand going to sprinkle in some salt looks
good so I make I make these about the size of a golf ball and just roll them
together try to get something fairly round I know a lot of people like them a
little bit smaller but I kind of like I kind of like that golf ball size okay
last one now I’m just gonna stick these in the fridge until I’m ready to cook
them okay so I’ve got the meson PLAs done for
the sauce it’s time to fry up the meatballs so I’ve got this pan on
medium-high heat and I’m gonna hit it with some olive oil okay what’s the oil is hot we start
frying off the meatballs now here’s the deal just like every chef a chef tells
you just fry a few at a time don’t overcrowd the pan give them lots of
space all right so the idea here is we want to
get a nice crust on the outside of the meatballs cook the maybe 2/3 of the way
through and build up some flavor in the bottom of the pan okay once the first
batch are done tick them out and set them aside and then fry off batch number
two okay round 2 is done so we’re gonna pull those out and of course I chose a
plate that’s too small how about that there we go okay got it now next in some
diced onion almost to mince and you’ll notice I didn’t take any of the fat out
of the pan I just left it in that fat is loaded with flavor so just want to start
frying these onions off and start to get them to that translucent stage which
won’t take long okay that looks good next in are the mushrooms now we want to
cook this on medium heat until the mushrooms have almost completely
disintegrated you want to cook them right down okay when the mushrooms are
3/4 of the way there that’s when I like to crush in a little bit of garlic then we’ll cook that in okay now I’m
gonna add in a little bit of flour and I sprinkle that in and stir it in at the
same time don’t add it all at once you don’t want it to clump once the flour is
cooked in I’m gonna add some beer I’m gonna add some of our piano lager
you want to put it in butter bottles worth about 300 melts you don’t have
beer on tap in your kitchen now I know sorry about that
a little bit of a smartass I’m gonna keep this cooking until the beer reduces
down and it starts to thicken into a nice sauce which happens pretty quickly
I’m gonna hit it with a little bit of salt and pepper and then add the
meatballs back in just kind of stir to coat looking good so now we pour it in
some cream now you can choose you could choose to use heavy whipping cream you
could choose to use I’ve got table cream which is 18% you could just use milk you
could use creme fraiche would be fantastic in this there’s quite a few
sort of sour cream type things that would work really well but I’m just
gonna use table cream because that’s what’s in the fridge so you know use
what you’ve got or use what you can get so I’m just gonna heat this now just
heat it a little bit and then we’re ready to serve all right Glenn so what
do we got it looks like all my favorites cream and mushroom yes so it’s a
mushroom it’s it’s meatballs in a mushroom cream sauce so it’s probably
not going to be your favorite thing but working up new recipes for the Wednesday
night axe-throwing potluck because competition at the potluck is fierce so
I’ll probably make these smaller for the potluck kind of bite-size kind of
bite-size put them in a crock pot and have the sauce a lot thinner so that it
as it cooks over time it that makes it doesn’t get too thick so right now this
is just a flavor check this is just a flavor check are we in the right
ballpark with the flavor I’m waiting for your reaction first a lot of good flavor
in that meatball I mean it’s a simple flavor it is a very simple flavor but I
think it’s I think is and it’s juicy it’s a very juicy meatball the meatball
itself mm-hmm sure I’m not fully convinced on the on
the cream sauce the cream sauce but that’s all here I’m giving the cream
sauce a full effort here so you could definitely use a lot less flour than I
used which would keep it from being so thick mm-hmm I used our home root beer
but if you wanted to you could use white wine whatever flavor you like yeah um
you go super crazy news red wine you could use red wine you could then you
have like I wonder if it to be like a purple color no not really not too much
because I used red wine in the beef stroganoff because that’s the original
wine that was mostly beef stroganoff and so it’s not that crazy in the color
you could also use a chicken stock generally if you didn’t want to have
alcohol in this chicken stock would work just fine
so I think for our purposes I’m going to tweak some of the spicing a little bit
for the sauce make it thinner make the meatball smaller and I’m gonna beat
Blair coming for you blur so this is part of our axe night suppers series
which is going to start again in September I’ll run the little promo for
you now so you can see what it’s all about
thanks for stopping by see you again soon so one night a week Jules and I
throw axes in the backyard ax throwing League so we need something that’s easy
to cook delicious easy to eat and will give us the fuel we need to win you’re gonna have to beat me yeah before
you beat Blair I know you

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  4. Camping Junkies says:

    Sounds good! Would probably do white wine & a splash of sherry instead of beer. Also, a little fresh thyme in the sauce.

  5. Kenny Roberts says:

    We always deep fried meatballs at the restaurant. I think that's the best way to do meatballs

  6. Aviel The Alien From Planet Mexico says:

    I love your channel, always puts in a good place.

    Thank you for not taking yourselves too seriously, I truly enjoy the looseness.

    Jules, your smile is so beautiful.

  7. Michael says:

    My mom made something like this when I was a kid. it was my favorite dish! but we made hamburger patties and then added a can of condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (no water or milk added) served with mashed potatoes. We called it Porcupine meatballs.

  8. Ken Sundstrom says:

    Medium beef in Canada is am guessing 80% beef 20% fat?

    Congratulations on getting to 200k

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    YouTube is just upper middle class people showing off their hobbies and I'm okay with that.

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  19. aaron connell says:

    Looks good!
    For meatballs I go with bread soaked in milk then mushed up instead of crumbs and I coat the finished balls in flour before frying, parmigiano is great in too. Adding beefstock to your cream sauce then reducing for a while then cooking meatballs in the sauce would give it a richer flavour and better colour

  20. James Ellsworth says:

    'Golf ball size:' that's the 'Man' size! I like to use a portion scoop of the appropriate size (your size; smaller size, depending on whether my wife is watching!) Anyway, I much appreciate your style of cooking. So much resonates with me and with the way my family cooked. Those recipes are just as tasty today as they were then! Alas, I don't have beer on tap in MY kitchen. (Cue the culinary envy!) For the competition: needs 'green' garnish, maybe flat leafed parsley, a bit of rosemary, a bit of cilantro. Dash of lemon for the cream sauce?

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    (I say "Swedish meatballs" because if you put this in front of any American kid from the latter half of the 20th Century they'd recognize it as Swedish meatballs, but most Swedes I've seen in internet comments have OPINIONS on the subject.)

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  48. Keet Randling says:

    oh, yeah!

    possible flavors
    Za'atar (Middle Eastern)
    Lemon zest
    Dill (Scandinavian/Russian)
    Thyme instead of
    (Greek/Italian) Oregano
    Sage, if using Pork mince
    grated onion

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    “You don’t have beer on tap?” I imagine the Google searches for home beer taps spiked after that line!

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    if you're headed to a pot luck and want to take meatballs, consider doing a slow cooker cranberry jelly meatball recipe (using that canned cranberry jelly americans use at thanksgiving). you could also try slow cooked grape jelly meatballs, but I find that the cranberry jelly isn't as sweet and ends up being more pleasant. give both a try!

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