Mexican Shredded Beef Recipe for Best Enchiladas ~ Burritos ~ Nachos ~ Tacos

This is my version of Mexican shredded
beef that you can use for enchiladas, burritos, or tacos. I’m Tess and welcome to my kitchen. You can make this recipe in the slow
cooker or oven. Today, I’m using my slow cooker. I’ve seasoned a three pound beef
chuck roast with some salt and pepper and I’m browning each side for about
three to four minutes to lock in those juices and flavors. This recipe is by no means authentic
Mexican but, it has a lot of good Mexican flavors we like. I often have leftovers
and decided to throw it all in the crockpot one day and it turned out
really good and I’ve been making it this way ever since. What’s nice is that I can portion it out
freeze it, and I have it ready for what I want a quick meal. And please remember
you can find this recipe and the list of ingredients in the description box below.
In a bowl I have one can of Rotel and that’s tomatoes with green chilies, and
adding some leftover salsa, which is a medium heat, and some enchilada sauce. I’m also adding about 1 cup of refried beans and this is going to help thicken the
sauce. In goes five large sliced cloves of garlic, 1 minced Chipotle pepper, some
dried onion flakes, can’t forget the chili powder, paprika, oregano, a little
black pepper and finally some parsley. You can use cilantro we just
happened not to like it. Also you may want to add some extra
cumin. The salsa and the enchilada sauce have a good bit of cumin so I’m not
adding any. Just adjust the seasonings to your liking. I’m tossing in one finely diced seeded
jalapeno, some sliced bell pepper and a large onion. Giving that all a good mix.
In my slow cooker I have the roast with all the juices and I’m adding my Mexican
mixture on top. Cooking on high for four to five hours. You can also do this in a
325-degree oven for three to four hours. And this is the Mexican roast after four
and a half hours. Can you smell that?! The beef is done and just falling apart!
Going to remove the roast and let it cool for 20 to 30 minutes before
shredding. You can see the sauce is nice and rich and thick! And it smells so good!
I tasted for seasonings and it’s ready! To shred the beef I’m taking two
forks and simply pulling apart. Now is a good time to remove any fat veins or
excess fat. If you like this Mexican shredded beef
slow cooker recipe please remember to give me a THUMBS UP, SUBSCRIBE and leave a COMMENT below. You can also find me and more of what I’m cooking on Facebook and Tess Cooks4u blog. The beef absorbed all the seasonings
while cooking and added flavor to the sauce. Now the beef is shredded I’m adding
everything back together and giving it a good toss. There’s lots of flavor there! And it’s a
great thick consistency that you can use the Mexican shredded beef for enchiladas,
burritos, nachos or tacos. It’s even great on top of rice. I made a
big batch of beef enchiladas and they were fantastic! And yes, that video recipe
is coming shortly, please stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed my Mexican shredded
beef recipe. Until next time, enjoy. And Thanks so much for joining me here my kitchen. You can SUBSCRIBE here for my future video recipes and remember to come visit me on Facebook. You never know what i might be cooking. Until next time… Much Love!

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