Mild Green Beef Chili

(lighthearted music) You wanna start havin’ at it? Absolutely. What about this garlic in all this? Garlic, you can grate right down in there. Okay. You’re gonna throw in a palm full of coriander, and a palm full of smoky cumin. Okay. Meanwhile, I took some Anaheim chilies, or you could do poblanos. So, you’re making this sort of mild? Very mild, so it’s good for a crowd, and it’s just cumin and coriander, not a lot of heat level to it. Smells so good! So, it’s a really good family chili, and chili’s a great way to entertain. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful. You could do a BYOC, everybody bring their own chilies. And you know, have a chili bar. It’s a great way to watch sports. How do you come up with all of these? (Rachael laughs) Seriously! You have your own vocabulary. It’s unbelievable. Because I talk to myself a lot. (Bobby laughs) Alone. Okay. I’ve always wanted to know. In the kitchen. Don’t you want to know, like, how, like, what Rachael’s doing when she comes up with like EVOO, and all these different like, She’s alone. De-spoon-ula. I mean, that’s what I was saying before, Talks to herself it’s like Rachel is the great common sense cook, but I always kind of wonder what she’s doing when she starts thinking about these words and names. Again, it’s just me,
In your pajamas being lonely in my pajamas, cooking in the kitchen, talking to vegetables that don’t talk back. So anyway, these funny lookin’ little things these are tomatillos, and more and more people, you can get these in every grocery store across the country now, and people are starting to use these and become more familiar with them. They come with these little wrappers on ’em, they look like gooseberries, and you just peel those off, give ’em a little rinse, they’re a little tacky, and I like to roast the garlic, the onions, the chilies, and the tomatillos, just throw them right in the oven, little bit of oil on ’em, little salt and pepper, and then I cool them, peel the peppers, and just dump ’em in until you got enough to fill up your food processor bowl. Can I just one make one point? Yes, sir. ‘Cause this is a great moment to say that all the things that Rachel has here, if you just put some cilantro and some lime juice and just pureed it, you’d have a green salsa and you could stop there. Yeah, delicious. Or you can finish it by putting it onto the meat and you can chill it. Adding it to the meat and turn it into chili. It’s a great recipe for lots of different things. (audience applauds) We have a little cilantro, we’ll add some pea. This is my kind of food, Rach. Yeah, it is your kind of food, exactly. I love these things. These are all your favorite flavors. And that’s it, you just puree this up, we’re going to brown that up, we’re going to add the stock and the puree to that, we’re going to take a quick break, when we come back, we’ll get everybody into the bowl. We were talking about the Jets, I’m a huge Jet fan, and every year for good luck, my husband and I eat green food for the first Jets game of the season, and this was just a quick easy chili, it’s really just a tomatillos salsa as Bobby was saying, thinned out a little beef stock, and you throw it in with some ground beef. You could substitute ground turkey, ground chicken, even some nice meaty, beefy portobello mushrooms if you wanted to make it vegetarian. So, we just have cilantro, lime, salt, pepper, roasted garlic, tomatillos, a mild pepper, and a big ol’ onion that we quartered up, charred that up, puree it, and now we’re just gonna marry it. We got a couple pounds of beef. Beautiful. How long do you let this cook for? Eh, just let it cook out until you’re happy with the flavor, ya know? Okay. It’s really up to the, my husband likes, ya know that really nice stood flavor, I would turn this on low, put some stock in, and let it cook for a while. He’s also notorious, he comes to eat, you got to make two and a half times what you think you need if you’re cooking for my husband, ’cause every time you turn around, or you go and open a beer or a bottle of wine or something, he’s eating out of the pot. He eats half of it before it ever meets the table. It’s like Italian women when by the time they serve they’re stuffed because they’ve been eating all day. Everybody thinks that they’re, oh, eating like a little bird. Well the first time, the very first time I ever cooked for my wife, she came into the kitchen, started eating something that was not quite finished the way I wanted it to be, and I was trying to impress her, right? Because it was the first time I was cooking for her. And I got really silent, she’s like what’s the matter, I was like okay, we need to make a rule right now, you can’t start eating something that I’m not done with, that’s the one rule, everything else doesn’t matter, but that’s really important, ya know? Stop eating out of the pot, wait ’til it’s done! By the way, that was like 13 years ago. She still eats out of the pot. Oh yeah, absolutely. I love it when Bobby’s my co-host because I do so little, I basically just get to lean a lot in the show. This is a simple, simple green chili my husband and I every year make up something green for dinner on the first Jets game of the year. Um, and this was this years game opener, it’s really simple, it’s just browned ground meat, and again, you can substitute ground turkey, or ground chicken. You want to top it off, put a little lime juice on top, a little red onion. I love this. Yeah, lime brightens it up, the green comes from the tomatillos and the mild chilies, I also threw some roasted garlic and onion in there. It’s so easy. I love extra onions on mine. If you wanted to make it spicy, you could do this exact recipe, keep the chilies but then add maybe some jalapenos or serranos. (upbeat music)

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