Milo Ventimiglia Defends the Crock-Pot

Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hey. Hi. People love you so much. That must feel so
good that everyone cried and was so emotional
over losing this character. I mean, Sunday I truly
feel bad for Patriots fans that were fans of
“This is Us” as well. They cried. Because they lost their Super
Bowl and they lost their– Yeah. Their patriarch. They cried and they cried. And they cried and they cried. It’s pretty unbelievable. And you’ve had to keep
this secret for how long? I would say it’s been
about a year and a half that I knew that
Jack died because of the fire in the home. Fogelman, our creator, he let
us know, Mandy and I, and then everyone else knew about it. But, I’ve been holding
on to that one. I’m relieved. That’s– I’m really relieved. Yeah that’s really tough. You just think, what if I drink
too much one night and just go I die in a fire. Yeah, totally, totally. But a good reminder, check
your batteries, ladies and gentlemen, and
your smoke detectors. Yes, that’s a good reminder. It’s actually really– Unplug your devices, maybe. Unplug your devices, so you
think it’s the Crock-Pot, you think? Listen, slow cooker. That’s what it was? Slow cooker. Not a Crock-Pot. Slow cooker. I own a Crock-Pot
I love Crock-Pots. Uh-huh. Yeah. So are you trying to protect
the reputation of a Crock-Pot? Why do you care so much
that it’s a slow cooker? Because I think there was
a lot of like misdirected hate at Crock-Pot. I see. As opposed to a faulty
slow cooker from the past. Nobody wants a
Crock-Pot to get hurt. No, we’re not trying to
hurt the Crock-Pot’s– Hashtag– [INAUDIBLE] Crock-Pot’s innocent. Hashtag Crock-Pot is good. OK. Oh no. So now there– see they’re
calling that a slow cooker. Slow cooker, slow cooker. I see because that’s
not the name, Crock-Pot. Like, that’s the
brand name, I see. Right? The good news is it
didn’t slowly cook Jack. No, it did not. No. And it was a surprise
because that was not even the way that Jack died. No, no, it was– yeah. Yeah. It was cardiac arrest
from smoke inhalation. Which is something
that I think a lot of people learned that night. That you think somebody
is OK and then– yeah. They’re not. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s a lot of, yeah
the wounds you can’t. See Wow. So when you’re shooting that,
obviously that’s a hot house. There’s fire everywhere. Yeah. And how hot, I mean like– I mean, it was real fire. There’s real fire. And there’s a very safe,
very controlled burn. And we were filming so far
out of LA for one, safety, but two, secrecy. And we had these flame bars
that would kind of raise up a flame about three
to six feet tall. And they had this whine to
them, like [WHINE NOISE],, when they’re going. And then I had the door
closed when I was just about to take Kate out of the
room and I opened the door, but I realized
there’s more flames. And so our effects guys had
coated the floor and the wall with this gel, this flaming
gel that really ignites. And I opened the door and
it’s just this wall of fire. It was terrifying. It was a real fire. It was terrifying. But the thing that
people are worried about, you’re still going to
be a part of the show. There’s still going
to be flashbacks. Yes. So, we don’t lose
you as a character. No, I mean, I’ve been
dead since the beginning. Thank you. OK, Yeah. One person clapped. [CLAPPING] Two people clapped. Yeah. No, I am still around,
Jack is still around. I mean, I’ve been dead
since the beginning. So it’s kind of like, this is
just the story of how I died. Yeah.

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  1. Erica Aguirre says:

    This guy really needs an award though..he’s the reason I’m crying every episode

  2. Angelina Heaton says:

    I love Milo! He’s so cute and down to earth. I love his accent, how he speaks. He’s a great actor

  3. The Earth is flat and I’m Lightskin says:

    Y’all Look at my boy Peter 🤟🏽😎 #Heroes

  4. Janet Moreno says:

    Jess from Gilmore girls!!!! Whaaa

  5. babyhairrs says:

    why am I emotional watching this?

  6. brian steele says:

    Uh spoiler alert. Thanks Ellen

  7. Susan Levesque says:

    As a Patriots fan, I'm glad I recorded This is Us instead of watching it right after their loss. It would have been way too much for me to handle both losses in the same night.

  8. T Sax Trombone says:

    Love it!

  9. Arielle Wallenstein says:

    April Kepner should've been the doctor- she wouldn't have made that mistake again

  10. Gage Zabala says:

    he sent rebecca out of the room to get “candy,” just so that she didn’t have to witness him die.

  11. brends says:

    oh my he's so hot i just can't

  12. Fanta says:

    Goddam slow cooker ..😊

  13. T. Mills says:

    I love this man!

  14. Marissa HV says:

    This baffles me because it literally could have been any faulty electric device. It happened to be a slow cooker but it could've been anything.

  15. Chelsea Agyei says:

    I cried so hard!!

  16. Tweetsters says:

    It's so sad because I didn't know about the crockpot and I bought a slow cooker online (there was great deal at Macy's) hours prior to catching up with the latest episode :'(

  17. IT ME00 says:


  18. Jenelle Soller says:

    OMG that episode was so intense. Absolutely WRECKED ME.

  19. Joseph Esteban says:

    I was expecting Ellen to give everyone crock pots after that interview. LOL

  20. Tessa Johns says:


  21. Lilian Tahmasian says:

    I just love him so much!

  22. Sarah V says:

    "This is the story of how I died." That sounds familiar.

  23. Kamarca says:

    I'm so much more aware of fire hazzards now, so ty TIU.

  24. classylady1 says:

    Jack Pearson 😍 #dilf

  25. Brittany and Michael Vlogs says:

    Literally after I watched the episode, I checked my smoke detectors and they had NO BATTERIES!!!!!

  26. Hawie Bulcha says:

    Why is there no hair on his arms like zero. I was pissed at Kate crying over her stupid dog and making him die. At the beginning of the show I thought her guilt was misplaced but it was accurate she’s the reason he is dead

  27. NikkiS42 says:

    There's a difference?! Don't worry I've got crockpots at my house not slow cooker.

  28. Hannah Marie Poquiz says:


  29. Jojo1311 69 says:

    Gorgeous man!!!!!!

  30. Amanda Aubyn says:

    If it slow cooked Jack, it would be overrr 😂

  31. Chelsea Mrs. P says:

    The wounds you can't see… father had 4 inch brain tumor survived 2 brain surgeries. 1st to remove 2nd to remove Meningitis in his brain. We had him 7 weeks. We all thought he was going to make it. Went in for brain scan that he cleared. He died in the er after leaving the hospital doors. Cardiac arrest due to an infection in his heart. We were worried about his brain he died because of his heart.

  32. Yolanda Thunderwolf says:

    Milo is so handsome!

  33. Fransisca Emeline says:

    Dont get me wrong, i looovvveee Milo but heck he has a thin legs

  34. Hanna says:

    never in my life have i ever cried so much for a fictional character in my life i love jack pearson SOO much

  35. Harsimran Singh says:

    I just simply love this is us

  36. Regina Fela Adu says:

    Am I the only that didn’t cry?! I MEAN IT WAS HELLA SAD THI!!! But uptill now I haven’t cried on any episode. Am I dead inside lol?

  37. Mariana Ruiz says:

    Binge watched the show and I cried for days 😩 such a good show I can't believe how good it is!!!💕 loooooove milo!!!

  38. Laniya Pryor says:

    if only George would've took the hint from his wife!! damn you George!!

  39. jamiechu7 says:

    Omg I just spoiled the reason of his death for myself… I just wanted to see more of the cast in interviews after binge watching season 1.

  40. Navi Bailey says:

    I love Milo! He is one of the rare ones.

  41. Nasra Ali says:

    how are you gonna defend the crockpot it killed you

  42. cooki Allen says:

    I always record this, because I have to watch in doses. Too emotional

  43. Laura Plant says:

    Its ok. Jack is still alive!!! We are all going to be ok!!!!

  44. Marriam Shabbir says:

    Id give him an Oscar and Emmy for this beautiful performance! No character has ever had the same impact on me as Jack did.

  45. Joanna Herodotou says:

    Amazing actor, gorgeous man!

  46. Nicole Stegemann says:

    This is why I really love this show. Usually when a character dies in a tv show, like their contracts done you don’t see them. I’m so happy we still get to see Jack in flashbacks☺️

  47. Fanny says:

    Milo is such a beautiful man

  48. Christian Reese says:

    I get a knot in my throat and have to fight back bawling my eyes out everytime I think of that episode! I genuinely admire and love Jack. Even though I know this is a show it feels all too real. This Is Us truly is an amazing show and unlike most shows it is so real. It is one of the few shows that can captivate it's audience while addressing so many issues in the world today.

  49. bjg043 says:

    I still like him in the Fergie video big girls don't cry

  50. loomonda18 says:

    He is so sexy

  51. Jennifer Eddy says:

    Charge your camera batteries ladies…

  52. Jennifer Eddy says:

    I have never really watched Milo Ventimiglia.

  53. Jennifer Eddy says:

    What is Valhalla really?

  54. Angelina Stonebraker says:


  55. Jude Gharaibeh says:

    I just spoiled this is us for myself i thought its going to be a funny ellen episode and i was going to watch this is us ….i still am…but …no fun

  56. Swanay Mohanty says:

    I've been dead since the beginning.
    Jack just described my adult life.

  57. misn1ce says:

    Milo I love you

  58. Madison Andress says:

    I haven’t got to that part yet they spoiled it 😭

  59. ك ر says:

    Tryna make my hair like his

  60. doris garner says:

    Love that show

  61. Yesterday says:


  62. Its Chocolate Roblox Girl! says:

    Sooo in love with jack

  63. A. Banana says:

    People are gullible.

  64. Noor S says:

    'at least it didnt slow cook me' SIIIIIIIISSSSS 😂😂😂😂🤐

  65. bella dep says:

    Omg he is the best🔥🍓😍🍓😍🍓😍🍓🍓😚🍓😚🍓🔥🍓🔥🍓🍓🔥🍓😍🍓❤🍓💖

  66. Idgaf About nobody says:

    Jessssssssssss 😍if Rory didn’t want u could’ve had meeeeee❤️😍❗️❗️

  67. Tracy & Ponch says:

    I think way worse to use stove top to slow cook food. .as fire burns anyways

  68. Willie Parker says:


  69. Namtip says:

    i just got spoiled wtf

  70. mystic wood says:

    I just spoilered myself, great girl!

  71. John Walters says:

    If he doesn't win the Emmy this year, I am going to quit watching the show.

  72. Abdullah Mizanin says:

    Jack Pearson is in This is Us Season 3 !!!! 😍😍😍

  73. Syryu says:

    I love Milo now has three very prominent and memorable characters under his belt:

    -Gilmore Girls: Jess
    -Heroes: Peter Petrelli
    and now Jack Pearson

    He's doing very well for himself

  74. Taylor Reneé says:

    I will never look at Slow cookers or the Superbowl the same ever again.

  75. AnneMarie Wood-O'Rourke says:

    I have always check our batteries every three months. But after this, I check them monthly. And I always make sure we unplug our slow cooker.

  76. Jessie McKittrick says:

    Why does the crock-pot need defending?🤔

  77. Nia Cherry says:


  78. Madeline Jane S says:

    His moustache is so cute.

  79. Pat Noble says:

    He plays the most loving, caring, real husband and father ever. Great characterization and great writing.

  80. Jessica Flores says:

    Is he younger when he played as jackson than when he was in this is us?

  81. VideoFanatic02 says:

    I always unplug all of my small appliances. And I constantly test my smoke alarms to make sure they have fresh batteries in them. Same thing with my carbon monoxide alarm. 🙂

  82. amanda tucker says:

    I balled! 😭😭😭

  83. chakheni shedziina says:

    My ideal man Milo❤

  84. Alexa G says:

    I can’t stress this enough man was not this hot while he was on Gilmore Girls

  85. Dorottya Geiszl says:

    I don't hate the crock-pot I just hate freaking George, the neighbour.

  86. Avery Fisher says:

    I always check my slow cooker when we use one

  87. Jay Marie says:

    He's so hot. He did a phenomenal job in This Is Us. I cried in every episode 😢

  88. liala brasacchio says:

    he’s voice is so sexy


    A totally wake up call.. Unplug the devises!! Fire detector!!!

  90. SYDNEY HI says:

    Milo Ventimiglia net worth and salary: Milo Ventimiglia is an American actor who has a net worth of $12 million dollars

  91. Divyanshu Gupta says:

    I've my sem end tomorrow and I started this is us three days back. And after Three days of binge watching, sacrificing the sleep for two straight nights…I can say this is hands down one of the best shows I've ever watched and I don't regret a bit for losing the sleep.
    I was awestruck by the sheer brilliance of the show, its simplicity and yet genius is what makes our great. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions where you laugh, cry, smile, enjoy, mourn with the characters and every single scene seems so relatable that you feel like you're one of the them. You feel like this is YOU, THIS IS US.

    Not to mention the haunting background score that just makes you go through the ride with little more of feels and emotions.

  92. sam bragagnolo says:

    milo is an angel 💓

  93. Akanksha .P says:

    I feel the "hi hi hi hi" was from Gilmore Girls 😂❤❤

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    Oh my Gosh… I'm in Love with him😍.. This is Us is amazing..!!! Jack, I love you soooooooo much ❤

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    he’s so fine it hurts dear god

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    Does anyone remembers him on 'The Divide' ?

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