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  1. Barry Lewis says:

    Watch the rest of the mini foods and have a Barrathon by watching this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYWYPcnq2xk&list=PLfItiEY3o1mvPMJUE0PudpkKkWGUs9rPc

  2. Jeffer1926 says:

    Make mini chips

  3. lisa cherrypie says:

    Love it!! The egg!!! πŸ³πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ˜

  4. GB 80923 says:

    That little sandwich reminds me of the Monte Cristo Lasagna recipe that my grandma gave me, except no eggs are involved and the cheese sauce called for baby Swiss. This has me want to try the sandwich now πŸ˜‹

  5. Elijah Plummer says:

    Do a mini gorden ramsay recipe

  6. Roy McIntyre says:

    Barry make a mini Beef Wellington

  7. Sally May says:

    πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» you win

  8. twin mama life says:

    Would love to see mini steak with peppercorn sauce and mash and veg

  9. Taylor Baker says:

    I'm really upset you didn't show us you sucking the yolk out when the little sucker. Please do so. Lol next time you do it!

  10. Charlotte McConville says:

    Can you make a mini Eggs Benedict?

  11. Jason Torosian says:

    Another fun video. I know you mentioned making a mini Mc Rib. I was thinking it might be just as fun to make a giant one. You could use a whole slab of pork ribs for the meat. Just an idea. Thanks for the always fun and entertaining content.

  12. It's Conor Init says:

    Mini jaffa cake! I'd love to see it

  13. Conchita W says:

    The mini fried egg looked so cute πŸ˜„

  14. Septi Drex says:

    Mini spaghetti

  15. I Dream of Crafting says:

    That looks amazing

  16. sarah plunkett says:

    a giant twinkie?

  17. Rosemary Wilson says:

    The β€œHEHEHE” when you made the egg cracked me up (excuse the pun) 🀣

  18. P A-B says:

    That was one of the best mini's to date!

    I was just thinking you must have had a manicure when you mentioned it!!!! Thx for the vid

  19. Rachel says:

    What about mini Chinese duck and pancakes 😝

  20. Mandy Moo says:

    Can you do some gluten free recipes please πŸ™‚

  21. STRING BEAN says:

    Barry I would love to see you make pigeon pie that they eat in Scotland

  22. Based Beanus says:

    I have no idea why I’m obsessed with this. It’s great.

  23. Based Beanus says:

    Mini chicken and waffles.
    Mini egg roll
    Mini McRib(please do it.)
    Mini cannoli
    Mini tiramisu
    Mini poutine
    Mini fish and chips
    Just mini more please.

  24. kira w says:

    Ooo mcrib cool

  25. twocvbloke says:

    Maybe a mini-haggis as an idea? πŸ˜›

  26. Little Girl says:

    A quail egg would have also looked good =)

  27. liehere says:

    Omg I didn't realise that tablespoon of butter was in a mini pan πŸ˜‚ I thought you put a whole tub in

  28. Anne Smith says:

    How about mini eclairs?

  29. Sayan Gupta says:

    Hey Barry! I would love to see 'em Mini McRibs 'cause that just sounds sumptous. Maybe you can even make a giant one? (haha) I don't know where you'll get such huge meat πŸ˜‰

  30. AndyR072 says:

    Whats with the Michael Jackson laughs ? He- he

  31. Hard1yVisib1e says:

    00:38 erm. Computer says no

  32. Beth C says:

    It’s funny that this video comes out just days after Tasty posts a croque madam, which was the first time I’d heard of it LOL

  33. Pencliff says:

    I love them mini fried eggs, they look so good.

  34. DeaconTaylor says:

    havent heard of this before but it sure looks damn delicious.

  35. Darnia Taylor says:

    I πŸ’œ how excited Mr. Barry got while making this! 😍

  36. Livertia Haywood says:

    Cool. Make mini sandwich or hamburger or tramazzini. O, a mini chocolate cake, or a lemon meringue will be cool. Enjoy your day

  37. Livertia Haywood says:

    Can you please make a orange meringue tart. Please. Enjoy your day

  38. Leigh984 says:

    Very amusing how the pre-roll advert was about a giant pizza πŸ• being made in NYC

  39. Leigh984 says:

    Also flippin’ creepy how Alexa just interrupts you !

  40. Swanbear says:

    Barry! Try using quail eggs for these videos, they're much smaller so it fits with the theme!

  41. Jim Nicholas Sr says:

    Look Delicious,, I would suggest using a Quail Egg, but that would probably still be to big for the mini foods. LOL

  42. brianartillery says:

    Mini Beef Barrington?

  43. Dulce Rolindeaux says:

    I wonder if the mini food videos should be silent. Silent does seem to be the standard form. Just the mini food, mind you.

  44. Rachel Frumkin says:

    Did he ever make a mini pizza?

  45. kenkire says:


  46. Marie Salmond says:

    Mini cake!!!

  47. Connor Sillitoe says:

    Mini Meatball Sub?

  48. Caoimhe NΓ­ NΓΊnΓ‘in says:

    Where do you get the mini utensils set

  49. Abi Howard says:

    How about mini toad in the hole, or beef wellington?

  50. 10buffster says:

    All these mini foods would make great hors d'oeuvres.

  51. Sharon Hill says:

    Should of rolled the bread flatter

  52. Fouad Iwais says:

    Mini burrito

  53. Flamester Vance says:

    Can you do a mini creme brulee?

  54. Andy P. says:

    Please learn how to pronounce French correctly.

  55. virgomoonbeam says:

    Loved it and the fried egg looked perfect

  56. S Harris says:

    How can you call that butter? Everything else is great but margarine? Should slice your bread in half along the thin dimension, alla Melba toast to keep the proportions correct.

  57. Kay Hawkins says:

    You should have little manicures that would be awesome! Men wearing nail polish is becoming a new trend. Also if you were to do it you could do cooking related ones. Also you could get a peel off base coat for your nails so you can just peel off the polish when your done the video. I think that would be cool.

  58. MrsInAbox says:

    Mini pork pie would be awesome πŸ™‚

  59. MrsInAbox says:

    Still a runny yolk too! Great job Baz!

  60. Sonata says:

    Omg a Mini beef Wellington!!!

  61. YoYoMA _ says:

    Mini sous vide something Sir!!!

  62. YoYoMA _ says:

    Are you high?

  63. shamapes says:

    STONKING work Barry! Love how much effort :doing the videos, typing up the recipes for your web page, editing the videos, taking the pugs for their walkies, being a great dad and hubby….are you human?
    Have you done the 'what the fluff' challenge with Boston and Amy? If not- do it..hahaah

  64. Levi Ackerman says:

    It's like the most bourgeois cheese toastie I've ever seen

  65. Ione Taylor says:

    a mini toad-in-the-hole !!

  66. AnaEatsEverything says:

    Barry I saw "Small Appliances" linked in your credits and clicked SO FAST thinking it was where you got your tiny kitchen. Imagine my disappointment when it was just… normal kitchenware.

  67. Esther Warren says:

    I expected you to use a quail egg. But the way you did it is better than having to buy a dozen quail eggs.

  68. The shp says:

    Great idea, love this.

  69. TB8S says:

    Have you done mini or giant steamed dumplings? I’d love to see both with some sort of Thai sauce.

  70. Robin Wiley says:

    Try freezing a slice of bread then cut it in half with a tomato knife to make thinner slices

  71. Ottawa3453 says:

    I do like Ham and Cheese sandwiches πŸ˜€

  72. nmito says:

    mini croquembouche

  73. Phyro Scire says:

    I''d love to see a mini McRib, go for it!!

  74. Catherine Hawkwind says:

    Looks so yummy, I want a big one now!

  75. MrMoolahoola Moustache says:

    Do a mini pot noodle

  76. tildessmoo says:

    To be fair, that's a pretty energy-dense sandwich. I'm not entirely clear on the amounts that wound up in the food itself, but there's:
    butter (in the bread, from frying)
    cheese in flour in butter (about half of that also in the bread)

    All of that in, what, four ccs space? I'd love to see the results if you had that dessicated and burned in a calorimeter.

  77. Neil Grundy zeroster says:

    That shows an incredible amount of skill. Amazing to think how far your culinary skills have developed since you started doing these vids,

  78. Angel Sharp says:

    Can you make a carrot cake or chicken parmesan. Love your mini food videos

  79. Michael Stoneham says:

    This is the first video in the playlist

  80. Holly D says:

    Remember that xll cake that Barry made for his birthday.he should make one of those but mini food version.a extra large large mini cake

  81. xtinneee says:

    I love his excitement every time lol

  82. millie rose says:

    you should only eat mini food for a day πŸ’“

  83. Aisha Mukri says:

    How about a mini ice cream with cone

  84. Kayla Denbeigh says:

    Milk tart please

  85. leggomytoku says:

    mini lucky charms……box crunchy marshmallows and all……yeah that's right i am a mad man for even THINKING of this but barry…..are you enough of a mad man to ATTEMPT it?

  86. Polish English says:

    Mini food series is sooo great! πŸ˜€

  87. Ms. Teapot says:

    Mini food range naming idea: Perfect Bites

  88. Maurice-Mores says:

    This would work great as a quick snack at a party

  89. 1angelofthelight2 says:

    Why the mini stuff?

  90. Sam N. says:

    Have you tried bento cutters and other bento tools for mini food?

  91. Maxime Bedard says:

    Mini ribs with Mini french frie i realy want to see Mini french frie

  92. Tender Sheep says:

    Mini Hot pockets please?

  93. Truth_is_the _new_hate says:

    I know this is old but maybe you'll still see my comment.
    It'd be interesting to see you make a mini pot roast or beef stew.

  94. Jordan Armbrust says:

    I’d love to see a full size version of this!

  95. Eleanor Dickey says:

    Mini Mac and cheese!

  96. Maili Skillen says:

    Can you do a mini cupcake (if you haven't already done it).

  97. Angela Vlogt! says:

    Mini stroopwafels please!!!

  98. Kentucky Mama says:

    Its 11:30 pm and I have to be up at 6am… Yet here I am watching a Barry video… My 1st mini food video!
    Very impressive!!!

  99. Keely Bishop says:

    Do a mini spaghetti with angle hair pasta

  100. Nunya Business says:

    Should have used a quail egg

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