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Hey everybody, I’m Chef Tom with All Things Barbecue, and today we’re making some mojo pork Cuban sandwiches. So, a little while back, on our podcast, Cooking with Fire, we were going through some of our favorite foods from movies. And one of those items
is the Cuban sandwich from the movie, Chef. Now, that podcast recipe
turned out so good that we figured we had
to share it with you guys here in video format. But if you missed out on that podcast, it’s not a bad idea to
go back and listen to it because there’s some really unique history behind the Cuban sandwich
that you can get into. And you can find that
at For now, let’s jump into this pork recipe, by making our mojo marinade. I’m gonna start by getting some zest off the orange, before we get into juicing this orange and some limes. (tapping) So for this recipe, I’m looking to grab about three-quarters of a cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice. (slicing) Now we’re gonna go for half of a cup of lime juice. Next, we have three-quarters of a cup of olive oil. Now we’re gonna get into our herbs. I’m gonna shoot for about one cup of mint cilantro. We don’t need to go super fine with this, but we do want to get
it chopped down a bit. Next step, we have some mint, and we want about a quarter cup of mint. And the last herb we’re going to feature in this mojo is some oregano, and we’re going to get this minced down and measure out about a tablespoon. When you guys are mincing
up your herbs like this it’s always a good idea to try and slide the knife through, rather than chopping straight down on it, because it actually damages the leaf itself when you just chop down on it. And it releases those oils, and those oils are where all of that aroma comes from. Now, of course, with mojo, we’ve gotta have some garlic, so we’re adding about three tablespoons minced garlic. And we’ve got a couple teaspoons of cumin. And before I get into any salt and pepper, I wanna whisk this up and give it a taste. Mmm, love all those bright citrus flavors. So we just wanna get a little bit of salt in here, some fresh cracked pepper. Taste this one more time. Alright, just a little bit more salt. I’m gonna say that’s a couple teaspoons, maybe a tablespoon total. And now we’re ready to prepare the pork. This is a seven and a
half pound pork butt, bone-in, but I want boneless, and I only want about
three and a half pounds, so what I’m gonna do, is find where that bone is, inside, I can
feel by, there it is, and there it’s not. So I’m gonna go straight
down in the middle until I hit this bone over here, work around the end of it, and there we go. We have a boneless pork butt. Or half of one. The other half, stick it in the freezer, put some barbecue rub on it, do whatever you want, but this is gonna come in handy next time you need a pork butt. And then we’re just gonna place this right into our marinade. You wanna try and get it as submerged as possible. If you want to, you could put this in a zip-top bag. Or you could just leave it in this bowl and cover it. Place it in the refrigerator. This needs to marinate overnight. And if you do decide to
leave it in that bowl, make sure that at some
point you flip it over so you get some evenness
all the way around. So even though we had that one butt prepared ahead of time, I do want to show you guys what it looks like when it comes out of the marinade. So this is the next day. I’m gonna show you how to pull it out of the marinade, then get it seasoned up, and ready to go on the grill. Alright, so here’s our roast. You can see on the surface, that that acid has worked on the meat. It’s changing color a little bit. That’ll just be on the surface, but it will impart that flavor. As far as seasoning goes, we’re just simply using kosher salt, and some fresh cracked black pepper. (pepper grinding) So it’s as simple as that. Now all there is to do, is to get in onto the grill. We’re cooking on a Yoder
Smokers YS-6 Pellet Grill and it’s set up for direct grilling. But we do have the second shelf in place which is where our pork
butt has been sitting for the last 45 minutes. During this time you
can see we’ve got some nice color on the outside. So now I’m gonna turn
it down to 400 degrees and let it ride for a couple more hours until it reaches about 170 internal. So we’re right around two hours of total cook time, so
that’s 45 minutes at 450, now an hour and 15 at 400, and the internal
temperature in the deepest part of the roast has reached 170 degrees. Now this is ideal if you want to slice. If you want to take this
to a pulling temperature let it ride. Just let it keep on going until it hits 200 or more. But for today, we’re gonna be slicing, so we’re gonna pull it off at 170. You see it’s got some
really beautiful color on it. It’s gonna add a lot of flavor. I’m gonna pull this off and let it rest before we slice it. If you got the time, it’s a great idea to throw that pork roast into the fridge to cool it down, which is what we’ve done. And this has been in there just about an hour or so, but it’s cooled down enough that it should make it easy to slice. You wanna try and shave this fairly thin. So, still lots of juice
there in the middle. And this is cooked enough that you see, you can pull it apart,
so it’s nice and tender, but it holds together in a slice as well. I’m gonna snag a little
bite, get a preview. Mmm. This is succulent. So juicy. Alright, let’s get to
building these sandwiches. Let’s kick this off by toasting our bread, slow as our pork and our ham. (pork sizzling) (ham sizzling) Looking just to get a little bit of crisp on the surface here. Alright, we’re gonna hit the bottom bun with a little bit of mustard. This is just yellow mustard. Give it a good slather. And then we’ll start
building with the ham. Get a couple slices of this on there. A couple, three maybe. Then we’ve got our pork. Nice and crispy and all that mojo flavor. Then we’ve got our Swiss cheese. And, of course, we need some pickles. Alright, we are going
to griddle press this on the grill. So let’s cut this in half. And we’re gonna take this to the grill and use our grill presses
to griddle press this. Now crucial step before we get this onto the griddle, we gotta
hit it with some butter. Now a little bit of butter for the griddle as well. (sizzling) And we have our preheated grill presses that have just been
sitting here in the cooker. We’re gonna smash these down. And this won’t take long,
just a minute or two for us to get a nice crisp on the outside and to start that cheese melting. Perfect, look at that brown. I’m gonna cut this up into three portions today because we happen to have a couple special guests drop in. So we’ve got Troy from T-Roy Cooks as well as Justin from Baby Back Maniac happen to be passing through town, I figured I’d give them
something to snack on. Come on over, guys. Appreciate you having us, man. Yep. Alright, why don’t you line them up, see how we did. Wow. (crunching) Mmm. Awesome. I love all those flavors together. The way that the pickle and mustard works with the fattiness of the pork, fantastic. Gotta love the Cubano. Man, this is great. We rode through town at the right time. Man, of the combination of flavors, you got the pork, the ham, the pickle, the cheese, and the bread itself is what really makes this absolutely amazing. Good stuff. Perfect, perfect. I’m gonna take this and run. Hey, thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the subscribe button. And if you have any questions or comments, if there’s anything you’d
like to see me cook, let me know in the comment
section down below. For more recipes, tips and techniques, head over to All Things Barbecue,
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