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Hey, everyone, this is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors show and our review today
is on the MoJoe Griddle. It comes in a box and it is heavy.
So opening the box up, the first thing you’re going to find is the owner’s manual.
Now, this is an extensive owner’s manual. It’s a 20-page booklet covering every aspect
of using your MoJoe Griddle whether on a kettle barbecue or a campfire pit or just on the
ground. Digging a little further first thing you’re
going to find are the handles to lift and move your MoJoe Griddle.
These I believe are made out of stainless steel.
They’re nicely made. They fit your hand very comfortably, too.
Digging deeper into the box we find our MoJoe Griddle, accompanied with 3 legs that’s going
to allow you to raise it above your campfire or even use it as a freestanding unit.
Quick observation on your MoJoe Griddle is it has the braces underneath.
This will help keep the griddle from warping as it heats up and it also allows it to sit
on the 22.5″ Weber kettle barbecue. This is one heavy bugger and it’s made out
of 1/4 inch steel. Now, take those handles that came with this,
put it in the precut holes and give it a lift. Do this about 10 times every day and you’re
going to have some seriously huge shoulders. As you can see it fits nicely on the Weber
kettle. The first thing you need to do once you get
it out of the box is give it a good wash. I just used a little warm soapy water, gave
it a good scrub, then rinsed it off with some fresh clean water until dried it, then I let
it sit in the sun for a good 15 minutes to make sure it was extra dry.
Now, there’s no need to clean the underside of the MoJoe Griddle.
So let’s put ours to the test. I took about 75 charcoal briquettes and fired
them up. And I want to spread them across the bottom
of my Weber kettle. I’m using the performer if you hadn’t noticed.
Now, before we get started one thing that you need understand is you always treat the
MoJoe Griddle as if it is hot. There are 5 pages of safety tips in this owner’s
manual. So take this seriously.
Now, place your MoJoe Griddle securely on the top of Weber kettle and you’ll see that
those support brackets help raise the MoJoe Griddle above the kettle for air circulation,
and you can always adjust the heat by adjusting your vent down below.
Less heat, closed. More heat, open.
Just simple as that. So, now that we have our MoJoe Griddle cleaned
and heated up, we’re going to test to see if it’s ready to cook on.
And we’ll do the water test. You sprinkle water on there and if it beads
up, it’s ready to go. Seasoning at first is as simple as applying
a little bit of cooking oil and just working it into the surface.
Always make sure you use a thick wad of paper towels and a pair of heavy-duty heat resistant
gloves. So let’s give this a cook.
Our griddle is seasoned. Added a little bit more cooking oil.
And I have some leftover chicken strips that I’m just going to throw on there and see how
it does. You’ll notice it’s relatively non-stick right
after the first seasoning and you know how difficult skinless, boneless chicken breasts
can be. Look at that.
Flips easy the first time. After just a couple of quick minutes, it’s
ready for some salad. Yep, that’s what I did with it.
Cleanup is just a breeze. Take a stiff spatula, scrape some of gunk
off, pour some table salt all over it and give it a scrub.
Got something stubborn there, take that special back and knock it down.
Once you have the food cleaned off your griddle, apply just a little bit more vegetable oil,
rub that in and it is seasoned and ready to go for next time.
If you’re interested in finding out more about the MoJoe Griddle, just go to
Check them out. Say hi.
Tell them Gary sent you. And thank them and buy from them because this
is great. I’ve a hankering for some Philly cheese steak
sandwiches coming up next. If you’d like to see your product reviewed
on the Cooking Everything Outdoors show, just drop me a line at [email protected]
I will see you next time.

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  1. TheWolfePit says:

    Great review Gary!  Never heard of these before…….the first thing I thought was Mongolian BBQ!!  Then quesadillas!  Then Sunday morning breakfasts of pancakes, eggs, etc.!  Then cheesesteaks!  I think you get my drift……it's great for tons of things!

  2. oldgravely says:

    three legs will make it easy to level.

  3. Slippery Chicken BBQ says:

    That is one nice large cooking surface

  4. michael landry says:


  5. Steven Youra says:

    Looks like a terrific product. Thanks for the review, Gary. 

  6. John Stone says:

    woohoo! Mojoe outfitters rocks!!!

  7. Tango Joe says:

    Sure looks like a heavy duty griddle.
    Nice review Gary.

  8. joed596 says:

    Good review, thank you   🙂

  9. GrillingAndSmoking says:

    Great review Gary. That puppy looks like it will last a lifetime.

  10. Tim AZ says:

    Very cool! I would love to see a Mongolian BBQ demo.

  11. Iamc Ex says:

    I want one. I looked. website not working!

  12. ahmet ozel says:

    hi there, i just wanted to ask, if is it iron steel plate or stainless steel plate ??? thanks…

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