Mom of 5 Tested the Instant Pot: Here’s What She Thought | The Rachael Ray Show

So, we’re checking out a bunch of new trends, we’re having them, a test-drive really, by our viewers, and some of our friends, and even our staffers. This next lady, Stacie, she’s awesome, she’s a great cook, and that’s a good thing, ’cause she has five children that are hungry, all the time. So we wanted her to try out a new thing, it’s kind of the opposite of a slow-cooker. Its’ called the Instant Pot, and it claims to cut cooking time to, up to 70%, ’cause it has seven different functions. Let’s see if it’s everything it’s supposed to be. Hi, I’m Stacie Lange. I’m a mother of five kids, living in Orlando, Florida. I have a food blog, because I love to cook. And I’ve been hearing a lot about Instant Pot. It does slow cooking, it does pressure cooking, it even makes rice. I read the directions, it said equal portion of rice, to water, so I’ve got two cups of rice, to two cups of water. And there is a function that says “rice”, and there we go. And it’s looks good, nice and fluffy. I think I’ll be serving this alongside some ribs tonight. Usually it takes about two hours to make barbecue ribs, so I’m anxious to try this recipe out. We’re gonnna start off with two cups of apple juice. About 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. Next thing we do, is we just wanna get this warm, we’re gonna go ahead at this point and put the baby-back ribs right into the pot. High, 32, and let it go. Let’s see how these ribs turned out. We’re gonna dress ’em up with barbecue sauce. And we’re gonna finish ’em off in the broiler a bit. So there we are, five minutes. Looks delicious. I think I have a few taste testers here that are gonna love trying these. Right off the bone.
Yeah. Go ahead and try it and let me know what you think. Mmm. You guys give it the thumbs up? Mmm, yes. These are good. (audience cheers & applause)

48 comments on “Mom of 5 Tested the Instant Pot: Here’s What She Thought | The Rachael Ray Show”

  1. Lorie Merry says:

    Time to paint your doors on your set Rachel….:)

  2. Solitaire says:

    Go Vegan! Leave the ribs on the cows.

  3. DTmama says:

    Did I miss something? why did it end so strangely? No recap on if she enjoyed cooking in it or not?

  4. Kitchen Lady says:

    Your so obnoxious RR

  5. Jess Yates says:

    There was no talk of how much time was saved with the rice or ribs. 🙁

  6. momfrom NJ says:

    I live in the Orlando area too.. I have two of these bad boys.. Love this thing!!!

  7. Brothersall says:

    What instant pot. It's a pressure cooker period. You still have to wait for the pressure to come up before the countdown begins. Don't make it more than it is.

  8. gigharbourite says:

    Rachel Ray got Fat

  9. Eric Payne says:

    Stupid and incomplete.

  10. Michael B says:

    I felt some vomit in the back of my throat when I seen her cooking ribs in the Pressure Cooker! 🤢

  11. Luvbuz01 says:

    What was the point of the broiler if it could “do everything”? And the rice was burnt on the bottom.

  12. Uwe Schroeder says:

    Instant Pots work for certain things, but to be honest: in the end all you can do is still a one-pot meal. Plus, they're useless if your power goes out. Plus they burn your rice. They're an improvement over regular pressure cookers because they have better temperature control, but to be honest – I don't own a pressure cooker nor an instapot as both are pretty useless appliances in my household. But then, I take the time to cook. People always tell me that cooking takes to much time, effort and money. None of that is true depending on what you cook. Time could be the only constraint, but in a society that spends an average of 5 hours / day in front of a TV and at least another 2 hours tending to social media I have no problems cooking even fancy meals since I don't have a TV nor do I use social media a lot.

  13. phoggee says:

    this woman is a great cook? steamed ribs?? besides they look nasty

  14. afro brit Happy at peace and content. says:

    Does it wash the rice for you or the starch is a bonus….

  15. Sleepy Fingers Dupree says:

    So are we going to ignore the fact that she didn't season the ribs? She just slapped some bottle BBQ sauce on it. Her poor family. And she has a food blog? Ok.

  16. Roberta Crochet says:

    RR is a fucking HAG!!!

  17. Solenya. Pickle man Ur gay if ur reading this says:

    MILF! Id lick her vagina and fuck her and never talk to her again

  18. Romy B says:

    Does she own stock in this company? She talks about this pot too much. She also soubd drunk.

  19. Porkchopper says:

    Yeah… Stacey looks like she could afford to hire a personal chef. Way to keep it real Rachael.

  20. Sparks and Bubbles says:

    Is this a 6 or 8 qt ?

  21. Michele Shields says:

    Why didn’t she season those ribs?

  22. Worm Hole says:

    Should have put on the sauce AFTER the broiler.

  23. F L says:

    Does anybody cook anything else but ribs and rice in this fucking thing?

  24. David Merino says:

    I think the ribs looked horrible

  25. Jeff Stanley says:

    Rachael, slow down you are porking up.

  26. hkz I says:

    She's living off her husband!!! Oh I'm bored today! I got off my ass early let's make a video! I have 5 kids that the nanny takes care of why I pretend to cook. Please look at my schedule and kitchen

  27. Marie TUCKER says:

    rice was not cooked properly, burnt and didn't use enough water.

  28. Asia Mitchell says:

    All the negative comments come from people who don't have an Instant Pot. Don't knock it til you try it folks!! I didn't think an Instant Pot was so grand until I was gifted one. I have used it almost every day since.

    Steel cut oats are my favorite thing to cook in it because there's no need to stir or worrying about it boiling over. The texture comes out exactly the same every time. I love the predictability, knowing every morning my oatmeal will be perfect and clean up will be simple.

  29. Elvira Donaghy says:

    Good Show MOM! Happy Dad Happy Kids!

  30. Shidling says:

    Okay I had to clear up the rice confusion. I went back and looked at the video showing the rice. If you stop it where people are saying the rice is burned, you will notice the sides of the pot insert are also “burned”. It’s the way the video is shadowing and creating dark spots. The rice is fluffy and definitely not burned. Give it up. This is a fantastic product.

  31. Michele Pace says:

    I agree they cook ribs like a dream and anything can be cooked and on the table from start to finish in an hour or less even while frozen. This machine is the very best there is for us busy moms, freezer meals moms, or those out to eat healthier and lose weight as well. Total win!

  32. Steve Carrillo says:

    No seasoning?

  33. Linda Anne Calderone says:

    It’s a pressure cooker. I’ve been using them for over 50 years. They’re priceless for many foods.

  34. misslori66 says:

    Wow! she made rice. She's a super mom alright! lol!

  35. ja da says:

    Mother of 5 tests a cooking pot that is suppose to be able to do seven different things or functions, but only shows two of them. Not really a test of the pot then, if you miss more than half the options. Lets be real here, would Rachel Ray of used this pot regularly if it had been available on her cooking show? The answer is no. And do you know why? Because it doesn't work, not as advertised anyway.

  36. Paul Grimm says:

    Why wife loves this pot! It’s fast and easy . Makes healthy food fast

  37. jrnyman1957 says:

    there is a learning curve…I have learned to love it!

  38. Nicole Gonzalez Marrero says:

    This clip is incomplete. She never gave the review. I have an instapot and it’s great for lots of things. I love to cook and do most of my cooking from scratch ol school. It is fun to play with though. Now instead of slow cooking a roast for hours I can do it in there in under 45 minutes. Great for super busy days too!

  39. Robert Accardi says:

    I don't get it. I've had a pressure cooker for decades. You put it on your high BTU cooktop and it cooks twice as fast as an instant pot. It never takes so long to bring it up to pressure. It seers 3 times as fast since it's on a stove top. It has the same grommet and pin used as a float safety valve plus steam is always being released by a rocker, making the stove top PC safer. You don't burn yourself by touching a steam release valve to bring down the pressure – you can put the stove top one under a faucet for a few seconds. And all the recipes I see use the pot, and then the oven to dirty more posts and make cooking more difficult. Just put the rbs on the grill, sear them and put them on indirect heat and they come out ten times better than boiled ribs covered with ketchup. I also take offense to all the recipes that make spaghetti sauce in the pot at the same time with the spaghetti. If I wanted mush I'd open a can of Chef Boyardee.

  40. Cherry Gorilla says:

    Uh….you're supposed to salt and pepper the ribs and add 1/4 cup of BBQ sauce, and then broil it in the oven at 425 for about 25 mins. This is my fav insta pot meal, trust me it comes out so soft, it falls apart, and the taste is amazing.

    This video was terrible and uninspiring

  41. Kathy Fann says:

    I am absolutely grateful for my Instant Pot it works great for me

  42. Jason Rose says:

    I make yogurt in this, steam veggies, make oatmeal, rice, eggs, chili, soup, almost everything in this.

    The instant pot, cast iron, and blender are my keys to happiness in the kitchen.

  43. Randy Weaver says:

    If I had 1 thing to cook with I would take the instant pot.

  44. bob brown says:

    I've got the same thing (crock pot express) and I really love it.

  45. GARY JACQUES says:

    What happened to Rachel Ray?… she’s gained like 1 ton of weight

  46. spjunkies says:

    The Ninja Foodi is better than this thing.

  47. Pink Sands says:

    I have an instant pot and ninja fryer but I feel like rachael Ray could pour a cup of water and go yummy! I mean come on bam! and everyone would be floored by her.
    those ribs didn't even look that good, should have made broccoli cheese soup the IP is perfect for that s nd it's kid approved

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