Mom Reviews 7 Lunchables | What are the Best Lunchables | Product Review and Unboxing and Taste Test

– I have no idea why, but
I’m about to taste test every Lunchable I found
in the grocery store. I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I’ve never had a Lunchable, or I’ve never fed my kids a Lunchable, so you’re not gonna get a lecture from me. I’m just gonna say that things have kinda gotten a little out of hand ever since a simple packet with just ham, cheese, and crackers. I now see some Lunchables that I’m a little bit skeptical about. I have not bought them for my kids because they just freak me out a little bit. This was probably my old
classic, the ham and cheddar. The cookie is a more recent addition, but these are the only
type I will buy my kids if I ever am in an emergency
and have to buy this, because these are usually
on sale for $1, $1.50 so you know, if we’re gonna go unhealthy, I’m gonna go unhealthy for cheap. Light bologna and American with a cookie, so these are like equivalents. The nacho cheese dip and salsa, I mean, Stella does like these. I have bought this one before too. Okay these are the ones
that kind of freak me out. The pizza. Who wants cold marinara
sauce on a cracker or bread? Not sure. And of course chicken dunks. I guess it’s just cold chicken nuggets. Then they have the big packs which is just the classic,
but they add a Capri Sun and they charge you like two more dollars. Then for those hungry kids, I’ve never bought this, this is a six inch turkey and cheddar sub. And finally, this as a new item. Lunchable breakfast. I just hope this does
not have scrambled eggs. It doesn’t. Thank God they didn’t go there. So I’m gonna start with
the oldie but goodie. Ham and Cheddar. So here’s the ham. It is a little bit not appetizing, but I’m gonna do it old-school style. Now, my kids, when they have eaten this, they eat like one compartment at a time. That is not the way to do it. They are made to build the perfect bite. Hello! I don’t know why I’m kind
of scared to take this bite. (crunching) The cheddar does not taste
like cheddar that I’m used to. It tastes more like Velveeta. I think I’m happy to report that my tastes have evolved over the years. I’m not really gonna bother
with the bologna and American. I think it’s gonna be the same scenario. We gotta break down the pizza. So this pizza is just pepperoni,
mozzarella, and crackers. So I mean, this is just
like a antipasto platter. This might be good with some wine. (crunching) This would be good for
happy hour on the go. Not a whole lot of flavor in there. Like, I would like the peppeorni to be a little bit thicker. I guess that’s why
these are only a dollar. I mean, hello, you get what you pay for. Now this one is called pizza. I mean, when I eat pizza, I want a hot, crispy on the bottom, chewy
in the middle kind of crust. From what I know, most
schools don’t really let the elementary kids use the microwave, so you’re just supposed to eat this cold, or room temperature. Extra cheesy pizza because
everyone likes cheddar on their pizza, too. Cheddar and mozzarella. And the crust. It’s browned on one side, so
this is clearly the bottom. Cold marinara, everybody’s favorite. I mean, my kids always want me
to buy this one at the store, and I’m like, y’all that is gross. Oh, gosh. Oh, I don’t know if I can do this. I bet teachers hate when the kids bring Lunchables like this kind. No. No, ma’am. Okay, here’s the deal. It’s not pizza. It’s not even just cold pizza. I don’t know, the bread’s kinda dry. It’s like a tortilla almost. But the sauce is so sweet. I mean, I can see probably
why the kids like this, and you’re probably not getting
much nutrition from this. Although it claims to
have 15 grams of protein. I guess that’s what
sells it to the parents. Not interested in the pizza sauce. Still will not buy this one for my kids. Sorry. Stella does like the nacho. So we’ve all had the nacho cheese like at a stadium or something. That’s all this is. It’s just straight out of the can. It’s not hot. But I’m okay with that kind of. Like, this one’s not
gonna really scare me. It’s just chips, cheese, and salsa which people have all had before. (crunching) These chips are cute, and
they’re pleasantly crunchy. This is a good one. But it is called Lunchable. To me, this is not a
complete lunch though. Like, they’re gonna need
some fruit on the side, and maybe a little, like
a half a ham sandwich or something to go with this. Chicken Dunks. This one also I’ve never bought. So this is a cooked chicken nugget. I mean, basically if you
wanted to make this at home, all you’d have to do is thaw out the frozen, pre-cooked chicken nuggets. Could you imagine doing that? No. You take them out of the bag, and you put them in the oven. 21 grams of sugar. Eight grams of protein. Looks like a chicken nugget. A processed chicken nugget. Mm-unh. It tastes like a cold chicken nugget. A little bit soggy on the outside. I think kids with not a refined palate would be fine with this. The ketchup just tastes like ketchup. But that nugget (groans). Okay, this is for those big eaters. And this whole thing is like, I don’t know, about four dollars. Okay so to build your sub,
you have this little packet of turkey breast and cheddar cheese, and a packet of mayonnaise. Some Pringles, a Hershey Kiss. I like the size of dessert in this one. I thought it was a water, but they give you the
Kool-Aid single for the water. So there’s your sugar. Wait, there are two Hershey Kisses. That’s still okay. I kinda thought one was actually being a little bit chancy. So this meal, if you
add in a little apple, is close to what I would make for my kids. And listen, I also know there’s probably gonna be comments
on the amount of packaging. That’s another benefit to making your own in your reusable packages. Okay, so we’ve got a little
sub roll, gonna open it up. Oh, it’s fat free mayonnaise. I’m just gonna leave it off. Fat free was so 1990. I feel like I’m working at Subway. It’s a substantial amount
of cheese for this sandwich, maybe not so much a
substantial amount of meat. Tastes like a plain
sandwich that a lot of kids, especially picky eater kids, would like. And they would love this part. That’s pretty good. All right, so this Lunchable
Uploaded is ideal in a pinch. And for my final trick. They get A Plus for the name. The Lunchable Brunchable. I mean, that’s pretty cute. We have to eat breakfast in the car a lot. So, I’m all about new ideas for grab and go breakfast especially if it’s a good source
of protein, which this is. 10 grams of protein. So this has Oscar Meyer breakfast sausage, Kraft cheddar cheese, flatbread, and a blueberry muffin. Only five grams of sugar in this meal. 260 calories, that’s pretty good. 27 carbs, and 400 sodium. So steppin’ up their game a little bit. If only we could get past
this cold meat situation. Okay so these little flatbreads are cute. They feel quite dry. All right, so you get two pieces of cheese for each little breakfast sandwich. This brings me back to,
like, eating yummy nummies. Think hot sausage. This is not as bad as I
thought it was gonna be. Don’t get me wrong. It would be 100% better
if it was heated through like 15 seconds in the microwave. If you can just close your
eyes and think about it just being a sausage sandwich that you let get cold, it is okay. And I mean, a little blueberry muffin. Pretty good breakfast in a pinch. That concludes this taste test. There are probably some varieties that I was not able to get, but I think by trying the
chicken and the pizza, and the breakfast, I’ve tried some of their ones I think they’ve taken just a tad bit too far. But in all honesty, kids, especially picky eater kids, would probably love all of this. So at the end of the day, you wanna give your kids food. And if this is all they’ll eat, then it’s not as bad as
I thought it would be. It does have a good
amount of protein in it. Not as much sodium as I thought, not as much sugar as I thought. And some of these are great options for emergency lunches. Your kid left their lunch at home, you stop by the store
and grab one of these on the way to school, it will work. Some decent snacks, and
some familiar favorites. So you know, I think we’ve
conquered the Lunchable. In the meantime, I’m gonna
stick to chips and salsa. (crunching)

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  1. alex caskey says:

    Why would you bring chicken nugget lunchables when you can get perfectly similar crappy lukewarm chicken nuggets from the school cafeteria.? 🤣

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    I love how irritated you are by these!! 😂😂

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