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– [Together] Happy Mother’s Day! – I’m back with my bestie, Elise. And we are answering some burning questions from (upbeat electronic music) – Here is the first round of questions. We’ll be doing three rounds. – Okay. – You can answer this questions
or you can take a sip. These are the easiest and the
questions will get harder. Alright. – Can we handle this? – I’m gonna answer a lot
of questions, I promise. – But when we do drink,
the drink we’ll be trying is a Christopher Robin from – Let’s see, is giving
birth as scary as it sounds? – So we both, like, had
C-sections with all our kids, so. – So, I think it’s a breeze. – Me too. Do you ever miss being pregnant? – Absolutely not. – Mine, I’m a little more
wishy-washy, believe it or not. Like, I had good pregnancies. Why, I think Michael kinda did me in. So, no, not really, don’t really miss it. What would your 25-year-old
self say to you? – Make sure that you
eat healthy and exercise because you think you can
lose that weight at 25, it’s easy, but you hit that 35 range, and it’s a whole different world. – My 25 year old self would say, wait, travel, take the
trips, save some money. All that before you have kids because. – You get busy.
– I’m in it now. – When did you actually
first feel like a mom? – When I was five. (laughs) I’ve always played house, so
I always wanted to be a mom. – I first felt like a mom when
I was left that first night. I mean, I was in the hospital,
but it was like, oh my gosh, what is going on, what am I gonna do? I had to take care of this child and they’re having like black poop. Like what is the black poop? – Cheers, sista! Round two. For this round, we’re doing
the myrecipes Mojito Cooler. First question of level two. What is the one pre-pregnancy body part you wish you could have back? – [Together] One, two, three. – Flat stomach. Wait, answer. – Pre? – Pregnancy body part that
you wish you could have back. – I heard pregnancy and
I was gonna say boobs. Sorry.
– Oh! (laughs) – What question could one of your kids ask you that would terrify you? – I don’t wanna answer. – A question that would really terrify me if my kids ask me what I
was really like in college. – That’s a good answer. Are you doing a better job raising kids than your parents did with you? I mean, I’m gonna say no. You know, my parents did a damn fine job. – I think, I’m gonna take a sip. – Love it. Oh, is there a sex life after kids? Just be patient, husbands. – Yeah, next. (both laughing) Is there anything you do that your mom did that swore you’d never do? – No, because I kinda wanna
do everything my mom does. – You know, when you ask
you parents a question, they say, I told you so. I mean, I say that all the time now. I hated that as the
kid, but now I say that. – Round three. – Round three. – Oh, which one of your
kids’ friend’s parents can you not stand? Oh honey. – Cheers! (laughs) No smart person would
answer that question. Who is your favorite kid? Are you really gonna answer it? There are kids that are easier, but there is no favorite kid. – Yeah, yeah, I love,
both, my kids the same. Do you completely lose your identity when you become a parent? – [Together] I’ll answer that. – [Together] No! – Boom! – Boom, that’s why you
get a friend like this. You go out, have a good time. What secret about you does
your mom still not know? – I don’t know, can I still get grounded? I really don’t know if I wanna say it. – Yours is gonna be like, one time, I didn’t do my homework. (laughs) – One time in college, I went to Nashville for an Elton John concert with a boy. (laughs) I just felt so bad. Last question. – Okay. – Biggest regret as a mom? – Can I get a notepad? – Oh, because really.
– I need to write something. – There’s way more than one, right. – Right. (laughs) – Like there are not regrets ’cause everything happens for a reason. So therefore, I’m not gonna answer. – I’m gonna answer it because
I’m done with the shots. Alright, biggest regret
and I’m not saying a 100%, but part of me thinks
maybe I should have tried for a third kid. But yeah, I’m good, it’s
all good, but it is– – I mean, who knows. – Girl, I’m old. (laughs) – I’ll be old, no. – I think we did pretty good, right? – Oh yeah, we nailed it. – Thank you parents for the questions. If you have any more questions
you want us to answer, follow me, Parents, or Elise on Instagram and we’ll be happy to answer. If you want more videos like this, don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe to welldonefood and parents on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. – [Both] Happy Mother’s day! (glasses clink)

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