Moroccan Chickpea Stew Recipe

Hello and welcome to freshly served, healthy
vegan recipes. Iím Heather and today weíre going to make morocan chickpea stew. You can
find the recipe for this over at If any of you have been following my blog
this week over on my nutrition website, which is, Iíve been
talking a lot about spices, herbs and the use of salt in cooking. So, today this morocan chickpea stew involves
quite a bit of spices and the direction Iíve mentioned that you can replace most of the
spices with an Indian spice mix plus some cinnamon. If you donít want to buy the individual
spices, if you donít have them ñ it can get expensive to buy all the different spices. But, I like to use the individual ones because
it gives me more control over the flavors in the dish. So, weíre going to start with
is sautÈing some onions and ginger. Iím going to get those going in a small pan, and
Iím going to use a slow cooker today, although you could also do this in a soup pot and then
get the whole thing going at once. So, either small and into a slow cooker, or
sautÈ the onions and ginger in a soup pot. So, you just want the onions to soften up
a little bit, they donít need to brown, they just need to get a little bit translucent,
which you kind of see through them. Then, weíre going to throw in the ginger.
The reason we sautÈ this vegetables before putting them into the slow pot or into the
soup is they cook very differently when theyíre in liquid. The flavor gets so much more diluted
when it gets into the liquid. When you sautÈ the vegetables it concentrates
their flavors, so we do that first to concentrate the flavor and then they go into the soup
where some of their flavors goes into the liquid but they still keep some of their distinct
flavors. Iím kind of losing control of my language
here, but thatís okay. So, we start with the onions and the ginger because they have
pretty sharp flavors and they take the longest to cook, and then we go with the next longest
cooking, which is the carrots ñ Iím actually just going to throw the carrots and the zucchini
together here. All Iím looking for is for them to get a
little bit of moisture on the outside, so theyíre kind of sweating ñ a little hot
in the pan so they sweat. Carrots are pretty cool because they get to
be a little vibrant state of orange when theyíre just bare warm up. So look for that, and then
the next thing to do is to add the spices. Iím going to use some cumin, some turmeric,
some paprika, you can also use cayenne here if you prefer ñ cayenne is much spicier than
paprika, so be cautious with it. Just a little bit too much for me ñ here
we go. In that directions Iíve mentioned, these three spices can be replaced by your
favorite Indian or cumin mix if you prefer, but the special unique addition to this recipe
is cinnamon. So, I have this screen, what Iím looking
at upside down ñ the mixing is pretty interesting for trying to see whatís going on in the
camera. Itís like when you try to do things in the mirror, sometimes you do them backwards. Weíre going to stir these spices through
the vegetables. The reason we do this is to get the spices infused into the oil ñ itís
just a little bit of oil that I used to sautÈ this vegetables, and if the spices gets infused
into that, they will also retain their flavor once they go into the liquid in the soup or
the stew. So they carry more of their distinctness with
them ñ distinct is the word I donít know, uniqueness. Iím just been playing scrabble
so I kind of get words on the brain right now. So, Iíve got some chickpeas in my chrome
pot along with some water, and then I will add a can of diced tomatoes. You can also
use whole tomatoes. I sometimes do that when I canít find diced
that are organic, and you can just like smash it up with a spoon or something. They often
come with thicker juice with them as well, that kind of make things interesting. Next, Iím going to add some saffron here
and this totally optional, but I just want to show you since Phil and I when traveling
in turkey and I picked up some saffron for his mom who loves to use it. They say itís
the most expensive spice in the world and it was pretty cheap there. So I picked up a whole bunch. With saffron,
you need to soften this with some water first. What you do is you take it in a little bowl
and add a little bit of boiling water or very hot water, not quite boiling and just let
them boiling until they expand a little bit. For those of you who havenít seen them before,
hereís what they look like, and them Iím just going to add a little bit of water here
and let them soften. Iíll add this whole thing to the pot. The next add is the vegetables that Iíve
sautÈed and added spices to. Get them all in there. You may want make sure that you
have big enough pot for all these deliciousness. Then I have some chopped apple, you can also
use pear. I was actually going to use pear but I accidentally ate the last pear for breakfast. Thatís what happened if you donít pay attention.
Iím also going to add some dried apricots ñ these one are very-very dark for some reason,
they almost look like dates. Dates would actually be another excellent
choice here as well or raisins. Then Iím going to zest and juice some lemon, so here
is a zester and what you just is peel off the very outer part of the lemon. This is going to add some really nice flavor
to this dish. Lemons are often used in morocan dishes, so very appropriate and I always take
an excuse to use citrus zest and juice whenever I can. I was just talking about zester today with
my mom and Philís mom, they were mentioning that none of their friends donít actually
have zesters. They said that in every video that I zest, I suggest that people pick one
up because theyíre pretty cheap – you can find one in thrift stores usually, but even
in the stores, normal store, you can find new ones were pretty cheap. And they so such a great job, you can also
grate the outside of the lemon but it doesnít work quite as well and usually be careful
not to get any of this white part, thatís the pith, its very bitter, you donít want
that. Then you chopped your lemon in half, use a
strainer or you can juice this in a juicer, but I just use a strainer over my pot and
poke it with the zester and squeeze out the juice. With everything in there, weíre throwing
in this saffron, which again, is totally optional, because we actually have a jar full of saffron
over here which is totally unheard of. We become a bit of saffron-holics
and last but not the least, some pepper ñ put as much or as little as you like and some
salt. Iíve got a blog about some salts as well
as the herbs and spices over at Go check is out if youíre concerned about
salt intake. Stir that all together, and if this is in
a soup pot, youíre going to bring it to a boil and then turn it down to simmer for half
an hour. If youíre making this in a slow cooker, turn the slow cooker on to high, to
get it to a simmer and then leave it, kind of as long as you want, but the chickpeas
will expand a little bit, even though theyíre cooked, they still expand a little bit if
you let them. So, if you leave this for too long, they start
to fall apart a little bit. I recommend anywhere from two to four hours to leave this going.
And then, the last thing you do right before you serve is to stir in some fresh parsley,
or mint is excellent in this dish. If you can find some fresh mint, go for it
and then sprinkle a few sesame seeds on top if you like. Youíll have a wonderful healthy
and hearty morocan chickpea stew to warm you up in a cold winter night. Hope you enjoy
this, you can find the recipe over at and Iím Heather, this is freshly served.

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  1. jesse2900 says:

    this looks SO good

  2. Nathaniel Solace says:

    You are so amazing! and ADORABLE!!! Have you ever done the Raw/Vegan experience? Spices.. YUM.. this looks great, i love cooked vegan dishes as well, and you do them AMAZINGLY! Thanks for all you do! : )

  3. kikiGlOW says:

    this lookso yummy. 🙂

  4. Lindsey Pindsey says:

    I love Moroccan food. And I REALLY love chickpeas! 🙂
    I'm calling my boyfriend right now so he can pick up a few items at the grocery store before he gets home. We're definitely making this tonight. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Lindsey Pindsey says:

    @healthyvegan Yes! It was AMAZING! I'm pretty excited to eat the leftovers today. Haha. 🙂

  6. Alison Ma says:

    i wish u would taste ur recipes at the end of the video

  7. anthonynewsome says:

    I made this yesterday & it was delish – thanks for sharing – getting into the winter months having warming foods is important as I have Raynaud's and really feel cold even during summer but especially during winter – I make a lot of stews and love looking up new ones – have you many vids posted on UT – do U own a cafe – here in Dublin Ireland we have a few places – Cornucopia/Fresh/Blazing Salads/Govinda's/Juice are wholefood Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants based in the heart of Dublin City.

  8. RoverRollOver1234 says:

    I gotta figure out how long to do this in my crock pot. I haven't used it that much, and I should… you gave me an excuse! 🙂 I am used to doing my beans the slow way on the stove. 🙂

  9. Dave Warren says:

    Will you marry me 🙂

  10. anne marie says:

    Hi Heather, We made this dish today and it is GREAT!!!! I really really LOVE it! I made it together with my boyfriend and he wants you to know that you did a real good job telling us *how to make it too. No problem following your directs. We now have one more wonderful recipe in our growing collection of new veg/vegan recipes! Best wishes!

  11. wca1234 says:

    Hey there your dish looks great. I've just bought a slow cooker so will defo try this out. One question: are the chickpeas pre-soaked or can you cook them from dry?

  12. QueefJuiceOverflow says:

    What a charming young lady.

  13. jadenar says:

    This is good, but needs a little heat. I added some red chili flakes.

  14. Tanya Philipovich says:

    I loved it! I Made it about a year ago and am making it for friends this weekend!!! What kind of bread can I serve with it?

  15. Heather Nicholds says:

    search my channel for 'sweet potato biscuits' – so phenomenal, especially with this stew 🙂 hope you enjoy!

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    You are like a prettier and cuter version of Pam from The Office!

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    Delicious! I made it today! Thanks!

  18. Queen Avacado says:

    I made this yesterday. I do a lot of Italian and Asian cooking so this was very different for me. But so easy. Definitely healthy. We used raisins in instead of apricots. Absolutely delicious!

  19. Kathryn says:

    You remind me of Pam from the office

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