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  1. Lord Dracul says:

    I can make a Philadelphia cheese steak that will knock your socks off


    Is the A5 any good raw? You must have tried a piece.

  3. braf zachland says:

    this is the only channel i will let get away with bastardizing my city's sandwich. i like the way he rolls so he gets a pass. also a little tip from your uncle larry here, get regular cheese not whiz, like american or provolone and put mayo on the cheese steak. the american/provolone combines with the mayo and grease into this creamy goodness that is like a white cheese whiz

  4. CIA says:

    Where is the gold?

  5. Mr Dart says:

    We don't have anything like this in the UK and Iv always wanted to try authentic philly cheesestake, iv not even experienced wagyu. You boys know how to make me jealous and hungry.

  6. Count Tubula says:

    With all that beef Tallow you should be able to make some incredible french fries.

  7. John Wendell Escoses says:

    Nice cheesesteak guga.

  8. John Wendell Escoses says:

    Lucky angel

  9. にたい私は死 says:

    “so let’s dew itt” is basically his catchphrase at this point

  10. Nam Le says:

    i got too hungry watching him make that juicy meat

  11. WeRND says:

    We need a video about steak mushrooms don't we?

  12. Owen Kile says:

    Best cheesesteak is from penn station

  13. A. Zayed says:

    Breads…The BREADS PLEASE Guga 🤤

  14. Shaan Savani says:

    All I'm gonna say is I LOVE GUGA FOODS SO MUCH

  15. Myron Moler says:

    The truffle is probably what makes the restraunts version more expensive.

  16. Dylan N says:

    i make all sorts of philly cheesesteaks. All sorts of combinations lol. I even throw bacon into it.
    It's one of the best ways to bulk

  17. Philip J says:

    Can I be your nephew?

  18. Dominic Albright says:

    Ishkabibble's is another Good cheesesteak near South street……

  19. ResiseS says:

    I Love Ur Videos !

    Im watching These From Germania, please make „the Most expansive BRATWURST“

    jk hatin Bratwurst

  20. Alexandre H says:

    o melhor video seu! Do caralho!

  21. supermexican 1969 says:


  22. waifu breaks says:

    You have to use an Amarosso roll.

  23. Pete Vandenberg says:

    Looks phenomenal, doing Philly justice!

  24. BagTagMike says:

    I'm from Philly. Pat's and Geno's are tourist traps. Nasty ass Cheesesteaks. Jim's is the way and others.

  25. Mr Squirtless says:

    I'm interested in making my own Cheese steak, obviously not as high caliber as yours, but I would love if you could give me the recipe for the first bread shown in the video.

  26. Movies by E says:

    Is the narrator a robot?

  27. softgoddessTM says:

    8:22 nutted roast beef

  28. Zach Mobbs says:

    You should do dry aged philly cheese steak

  29. Gregory McGhee says:

    You forgot Tony Luke's.

  30. TheFallsCapone says:

    Anybody who spends $120 on a sandwich needs a psych assessment…….that's just ridiculous bro..

  31. kkawesome1234 says:

    0:45 "Pats and Genos are fantastic" What?? Everyone in Philly knows Pats and Genos are awful

  32. al1nonly says:

    I made this, and he was right..
    it was incredible..

    definitely worth my house.

  33. Mike Bell says:

    What a waste

  34. Written says:

    I just decided this is my favorite youtube channel. Lets do it! 😎

  35. Tristan West says:

    Great job giving a proper overview of authentic cheesesteaks, you really did Philly justice Guga!

  36. CubanTamaleMan says:

    Publix Multigrain

  37. Eltwaino 15 says:


  38. mano chola says:

    With all the fat you eat better you get a checkup, if you continue like this you are going to die and we will be without the channel of Guga and Sous Vide everything

  39. LE says:

    Most expensive heartattack in da world.

  40. bonek350 says:

    I'm really impressed with Angel's ability to tell what kind of meat it is every time by the taste. Even when it's got cheese or sauce on it he can tell.

  41. Graeme Tooley says:

    Hey Guga! I just started following your channels last week, but you inspired me to try reverse searing a steak for the first time! It was the very first time I cooked a steak and it turned out amazing!!

    Thank you for the inspiration and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for us next!

  42. Lloyd Tate says:

    On your next trip to Philly try Tony Luke’s Front & Oregon, check out their menu on the web. Oh yeah, thanks for putting me in hock up to my Wagyu! Sous Vide rules!

    Tony Luke’s Front & Oregon

    39 East Oregon Ave

    Philadelphia, PA 19148

    (215) 892-1010


    Monday – Thursday: 6:00am – 12:00am
    Friday – Saturday: 6:00am – 2:00am
    Sunday: 11:00am – 8:00pm

  43. Hammad Anwar says:

    Guga can you try cooking Wagyu in Bangali style I mean make Wagyu carrie

  44. willythewave says:

    Man I was drooling.

  45. Eaterall Guide says:

    Guga Foods, you are truly amazing for producing amazing content. You have inspired me so much to start my own youtube culinary channel! Thank you for the inspiration! One day, I will as inspirational as you are!

  46. The Gamer Dragon says:

    Store RIP off

  47. Tiny Room Studio says:

    after the last PCS video when I said guga should make his own cheese sauce, i should have known he wouldn't do just any old average cheese sauce. but he still kept it quick and simple.

  48. Mercella Manukau says:

    Man can I have sum it looks so so so nices .

  49. Lasse loft Elgaard says:

    Let's do eeeeeh

  50. Antonio Lorenzo says:

    italian bread please!!!!

  51. Tam Chompson says:

    Check out John's Roast Pork in South Philly if you want some a damn fine cheesesteak. Best I've ever had.

  52. Charlyvk Charlyvk says:

    porque pone el titulo en español y luego habla en ingles siempre hace lo mismo

  53. Catra Mallet says:

    Do you eat then when the vid is over or do you just throw it out

  54. Hivu says:

    Angel is a lucky boi

  55. Superchuyito 1195 says:

    Million dollar cheeese steak sandwich and here I am trying to see if I can afford some beans for my dinner

  56. Ace Hardy says:


  57. michael gonzales says:

    Whenever Guga says "the most expensive steak in the world" i get butterflies

  58. Mcwaff says:

    You need to invite Gordon to come and taste your food

  59. RecreationalHazards says:

    Do u not own a stovetop? Put the time in making charcoal, yet use a cast iron….seems pointless and waste of money….but u making waygu cheesesteak…..u don’t care! 😂😂

  60. Josiah Samaroo says:

    You think you know everything

  61. dreamcode dreamcode says:

    who eat truffle , I hate it

  62. Josh Rubio says:

    Guga, the A5 uncle.

  63. Redka - says:

    Look so dawm good

  64. Matt Wunsch says:

    Bread recipe please!

    And thank you for the great show

  65. Travis Robbins says:

    I love philly cheese stake sandwiches & lobster with scallops

  66. Marlon Corea says:

    Media noche recipes

  67. xPoDaH says:

    Ngl the cheese kinda looks like cum

  68. Brooks Smith says:

    Talking filets with the truffle butter. Fresh sheets and towels man she gotta love it

  69. Demi Smith says:

    Loves these 2

  70. the gamer says:

    2:42 FRAGRA

  71. Chainz says:

    The best wagyu is from Australia!?!??!

  72. Axel Gren says:

    Of the chain

  73. Yamy Music says:

    guga you should definately check this out a smoked habanero burger!
    heres the deal its all about the habanero. first somke a whole habanero then remove the seeds and grind it add it to your ground beef or even wagyu and simply season it with salt and coreander make some nice burgers out of it and let the magic do its work trust me its hot but tastes absolutely delicious<3 i love it cuz it is not too spiecy

  74. Kazi Ara says:

    What do you want to be?
    Me: "be one of guga's friend who taste the food"

  75. pccalcio says:

    5:15 – is that what paradise looks like ?

  76. yowmemperor says:

    I have a great gif for this Guga vs Philly, but i cant use gifs here

  77. yowmemperor says:

    Guga, when you going on first we feast for beef things and hot wings?

  78. Bora Yazıcı says:

    How much did it choset you ?

  79. 0__0 says:


  80. Crazy redneck 04 says:

    You should try to make ham and cheese loaf

  81. Corey Lear says:

    You forgot to hit up Sonny's

  82. oh yeh yeh says:

    No onions and peppers


  83. alamoaudio says:

    I think taleggio or fontina would be much better than provolone..

  84. QuashTag says:

    If you want 100% pure Japanese Wagyu reply to this comment. I have the website where you can buy any Wagyu product. From Jerky to steaks to Wagyu brisket. But I don’t want to post it and you think it’s spam. Would love to see what you guys think of this product. It’s the real deal.

  85. Foodies Passion says:

    So yummy cheese steak

  86. Gamegangstertje 7 says:

    I didn't see unions…

  87. Precision Zayy says:

    Nice man keep it up

  88. MOG says:

    Boi I know dat I'll never do this becuz it's expensive but I saved it on my watch later list anyway

  89. Feybred says:

    damn… guga is whispering in my ear in this video…
    so calm and tender his voice is

    starts rubbing wagyu

  90. XrossFixtion says:

    i live in philly and let me tell you… steves, lees hoagie house, lees deli (hole in the wall) maxs, larrys, gooey looies, simons chicken cheesesteaks, cleavers offers THE best cheesesteaks pats and genos are tourist attractions… hell even a chinese store or papi store gives you a decent cheesesteak with fries and a drink for 6/7 dollars

  91. Drew Tunstable says:

    Coming to my town!? Welcome Guga, I love this channel.

  92. tviv1 says:

    Better, picahna or tri-tip?

  93. Fishysteve Plays says:

    I love how during the taste test, angel is always super serious and Guga just lets all his happy emotions out.

  94. Jesse Velasquez says:

    Guga love all your videos keep up the awesome job. “Let’s do it “

  95. IntoIt Reviews says:

    Philly Cheese-steak ASMR… at the beginning… so HOW MUCH DID IT COST? You never say… 🙁

  96. Moe Mohamad says:

    Love it 🤤

  97. RustyTheGreat says:

    Could you try making homemade linguiça?

  98. King Chop says:

    You forgot about Max’s Cheesesteak🤦🏾‍♂️

  99. Karim says:

    Honestly, the most expensive phili one you made was a fat sandwich. I feel like it needs something meaty to cut it.

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