Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 ( Parmesan Cheese ) ( Gruyere Cheese ) Heavy Cream ( 2 Cups ) ( Salt ) ( Black Pepper ) LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! Yummy!! Homemade Alfredo Sauce>store bought any day! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Gacha neon knight says:

    2020 that guy was fat bro i love your vid its make me full

  2. Bebe 123 says:

    Can you please send me some of your food it looks soooooo gooooood your like the best cook

  3. Hacernaz ŞENSES says:

    Fack u

  4. DeadPool 554 says:

    Omg cheese omg fuk u is My cheese🖕🖕🖕

  5. Dony says:

    Zac looks so happy while eating

  6. Laura Daniela says:

    You are qpark? 🤔

  7. Lurdes Mendes says:


  8. DEAD INSIDE says:

    Ля вот он лыбу давит мне б таким счастливым быть

  9. 赤青 says:


  10. SpayS says:

    I miss the old comments 🙁

  11. pubg gamer says:

    Dude that is what you call an asmr! So satisfying!!!

  12. Amwag says:

    Have you guys ever had onion rings before

  13. Smart dark Zara’s ชัยยะบุญธนิตย์ says:

    WOW! This good time

  14. Sahri Hisoka says:

    Il me donne envie de manger ce mec

  15. Karan Sandhu says:


  16. Kuri Hana says:

    Wonder if you're all here for the comments or the video 🤔

  17. FNAF: Draw so cute says:

    drowls in Gucci

  18. Kimberly Murray says:

    This is like the only,only video he have drunk his soda throughout the video!🤷

  19. Niki R6 says:

    Come in Italy and taste REAL pasta alfredo and REAL parmesan cheese

  20. Whitelas says:

    How is he still alive?

  21. julio quezada says:

    Like por si te da ambre con estos vídeos 👍🍕🍉🍉🍒🍇

  22. Agatha Millena says:

    esse cara deve ta com um Colesterol tao alto pqp

  23. Nizi Agayev says:

    The dishes might have been a little more.😓😓But it's very beatiful!👍👍

  24. Zelah Sandoval says:

    I’m in class and this shit is making me so hungry fuck

  25. Janica Leona says:

    It’s 3am here in my country, but here i am, watching a MUKBANG. Mygash! I’m hungry

  26. Slick pick says:

    He reminds me of that one guy from FNF Tokyo drift with the black race car 😂

  27. KING OF CHICEN says:

    Like se siete italiani ❤️🇮🇹

  28. Caro _lfrc says:

    C'est quand que tu viens chez moi et que tu me fais à manger ? 😂😂❤❤

  29. Caro _lfrc says:

    I am hungry !!!!😣😩

  30. Melønde :3 says:

    Who is just laying in bed starving?


  31. Tereza Jandusikova says:

    Je tady někdo z Česka????????

  32. YolandaLovesComfortFood says:


  33. Mysticwarrior33832 _ says:

    To everyone using 👍👈👉☝️, 流蔓を見る! 🖕

  34. Only1loveCapi says:

    Wenn dich das aggressiv macht


  35. Sudenaz Korkmaz says:


  36. ฟีม ຫຮຮມໃຫຍ່. says:


  37. ShinaFree Firee says:

    Su cara es traumante

  38. M4ZK3N says:

    His lucky his a asmr YouTube everything he need is just food camera and mic

  39. Scarlett Azzopardi says:

    i dont wanna see the macros on this…. 👀

  40. chambo rata says:

    Come bien weon imbecil sacowea

  41. Frisk {14, human} says:

    No one:

    Yup not even the people who does:👆✋👏

    People: STOP DOING👆👈👇👉👆👈👉

  42. Lisa Fabbri says:

    Where you found this corn dog mozzarella ?????

  43. Skinny Sam says:

    Wow. I would be full just after like one of these rings lmao

  44. Kevisha Ramye says:

    You love bts or blackpink

  45. Cesare Botner Picecco says:


    People who are hungry as fuck

  46. An Nachel Rasidi ikhwan says:

    Indo like

  47. Diego Nonell says:

    A ese wye le gusta mucho el sprite

  48. Hemlin Kunduru says:

    Sa pas relaxants il mâche trop vites

  49. Hernán Valdez says:

    Hola tengo 64 años y me gustan mucho tus videos porque cuando comes veo yo la comida que nunca pude comer

  50. Medalyn Cisneros says:

    Reporter: Zach how did you get famous

    Zach : well I ate food and posted it on YouTube


  51. Trevion Taylor says:

    Voice reveal like if u agree

  52. Jess Liu says:

    nikacado is shaking

  53. Katherine Kaza says:

    Some people might be triggered by the double dipping but it actually spreads no germs at all!

    (This is why i research because I wanna be a doctor :3)

    Btw thanks if ya like 😀

  54. •cat- kun08• says:

    Zach:Asmr eating salad
    Me: :0

  55. Addison Broxterman says:

    Am I the only one eating snacks and now craving real food

  56. فوفو المشاكسه says:


  57. Sienna Cattapan says:

    he looks like a little kid when he eats it’s so cute

  58. xXAva_ ChanXx says:

    Zach: uploads

    Me: clicks on the video at the speed of sonic

  59. lorenzinhopão gameplay says:


  60. Haylee Johnson says:

    Does anyone else get nervous when he cuts the garlic

    No just me ok…

  61. Ali Saab says:

    Mate you should do moukeh

  62. Douglass Brown says:

    How he not fat?

  63. Leigh Ernstzen says:

    Ur new profile pic should look like u eating ur favriote food

  64. Roxy_the hell gurl!. says:

    Now I am hungry

  65. Nkbeast the 1st says:

    Eating noodles while watching to enjoy vid

  66. Thịnh Trần says:

    Nhìn thấy ngon quá đi

  67. Mitsuha Miyamizu says:

    Você é um completo idiota que não tem nada pra fazer no YouTube né?! Só pode mano por que em vez de arrumar um emprego de verdade quer ficar de palhaçada 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  68. Mitsuha Miyamizu says:

    E tipo mano quem quer ficar vendo os outros comer?!?!?!

  69. Mitsuha Miyamizu says:

    Coisa idiota 🙄😒🖕

  70. GoOdFlY Op says:

    Ok where do you find them

  71. Geovana ASMR says:

    Hi guys, I posted a new video on the channel, consider a peek there, subscribe to help me and how please ❤❤

  72. kavin pryce says:


  73. Эмма Штоссель says:


  74. Life of Kamaya says:

    All that stuff is not healthy 👎🏽

  75. Asael Robles says:

    That loks so delitious I want to aat becaus it is so delitious

  76. day xool says:

    now these days, kids are defending zach choi, such painful

  77. Kup's Sauser says:

    We're all waiting for that one day his sprite overflows

  78. Sofia Moraes Rêgo Teixeira says:

    Achei esse vídeo muito satisfatório ☺️☺️❤🥐🥐

  79. Elishailee says:


  80. Lina Lynch says:

    He about to make a way to make Donuts crunchy

  81. Taila Davis says:

    omg so u know how listen and silent are spelled with the same letters,theire for while ur watching this u are silent because ur listening t…did anyone else think about that 🤣

  82. danidulce 23 says:

    I like ur new profile pic 👌

  83. danidulce 23 says:

    I love all ur vids

  84. danidulce 23 says:

    Ur one of my favorite mukbangers

  85. Kitty K says:

    How doesn’t he weigh 600 lb lol I just look at all this food and I’ve gained 50 lbs lol

  86. Victor Chico says:

    Everybody gangsta….

    Til the first bite is all yours

  87. Marcus Bui says:

    Why you keep looking at the camera desperate for the corn dog

  88. arely hdezz says:

    that alfredo sauce that man eats and does not gain weight I breathe and I already have type 4 diabetes.

  89. ELICRACK1313 GO says:

    Reason one to like Zach Choi

    He’s Zach Choi!

  90. Ting Ha Wong says:

    I hope you drink hot tea after each meal to melt the grease out of your body.

  91. Tiger 844 says:

    See, I don't actually feel asmr. I just watch the videos because I like the sounds, and the food makes me hungry

  92. Mia Sarkinen says:

    Does anyone else wonder if Zach has any other shirts besides black?¿

  93. Riley McCallister says:

    Eiskauwuwnsnws nine nine NINE NIE

  94. Alexander Leon says:

    Is I me or every time I watch this on bed I get so hungry

  95. 一木彩乃 says:


  96. Malena Marquez Moyano says:

    SOS vegetariano o vegano

  97. Malena Marquez Moyano says:


  98. Gracie wKindall says:

    He must get really bad hiccups 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  99. jacob wallbank says:

    Who's only here for the food not the asmr😂?

  100. JulinhaSashimi GamesPlay says:

    My sleeping problems: a

    Zach Choi : most popular foods for asmr
    I: zzzZZZZ 😴

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