16 comments on “Ms Cheap Shops the LeCreuset cookware Factory to Table Sale”

  1. benzman500sl says:

    I wish they would do something like this in California.

  2. rush fan says:

    I see my Palm green!

  3. Stacey Ezell says:

    Omgggg im dieing over here !!! And great cause …arggggh cm to NYC

  4. andrew ysk says:


    is there also a Le Creuset factory sale here in germany ? ! i want to buy some.. love it. !

    tell me if there is .. thank you very much.


  5. DB Cooper says:

    i have a LeCreuset dutch oven it cost over three hundred dollars and it has a chip inside that keeps getting worse how disappointing

  6. Evan Chan says:

    I guess i'm too late for this

  7. Evan Chan says:

    Thanks YouTube for adding this to today's feed

  8. Ophelia Owusu-Adjei says:

    I am in newyork where can i get this kind of sale .can the location be given to me please

  9. Zaika Secret Recipes Ka - Cook With Nilofar Sarwar says:

    Very nice

  10. MadamMorgan says:

    Awesome sale from an amazing brand for a wonderful cause. I hope Le Creuset continuous these events throughout the US. If this sale comes to the metro NJ/NYC area, I'm in 👌🏻

  11. Gisele Belarmino como faz pra comprar says:

    Vcs manda po BRASIL e meu sonho ter uma desa

  12. belaynesh tsegaye says:

    I am in Ethiopia where can i get this kind of sale .can the location be given to me please


  13. Fred Flintstone says:

    Le, not La Creuset

  14. Todd T says:

    If you keep pronouncing it "La Creuset", someone is going to make a knockoff with that name and all the folks that have heard it pronounced incorrectly are going to think they bought the real thing.

  15. Jen Jayne says:

    Oh snap I missed it lol

  16. Marsh Jordan says:

    It has changed. Now $30 for the "VIP" session. This is the only session where you can purchase a mystery box. They no longer let you pick your mystery box, they hand it to you. The mystery box is now $50. Also, no more free days. Now $10 for subsequent, non VIP sessions.

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