Multigrain rice (Japgokbap: 잡곡밥)

(upbeat music) – Hello everybody! Today we are going to make japgokbap. Japgokbap is multigrain rice. Many, many people asked me,
“sometimes I see in your video, your eating scene, some rice, Rice color is purple
color, how did you make it? Our main grain to make
rice is short grain rice. It’s called mepssal. Some people asked me, can I make
your rice with normal rice? Actually, kind of strange
question for me because this is my normal rice. Ever since I was young, baby,
I have been eating this rice. But I’m going to add more grains today. Barley, brown sweet rice, we
need to soak at least two hours in cold water, so that’s
why, to make this video, I already soaked, everything is washed, color is like purple color, see? We are going to cook this
yellow guy, but I’m going to show you how to wash these, what
kind of grains I’m using. So, okay, I will set it aside. Let’s start with this rice,
short grain rice, one cup! Actually I have my pressure cooker. When I use a pressure
cooker, I don’t need to soak. Just I cook and then done. But a lot of people don’t
have a pressure rice cooker, so that’s why this is, we need to soak. We need to soak two hours,
two and a half hours. All you need is thick bottom pot. So it’s not going to burn on the bottom. Brown sweet rice, we call
this hyeonmi-chapssal. This is the funny thing is that
this is everyday I’m making this way and then when I
bought this package from Korean grocery store, I just cut it. But now I’m making video, but
so what a weird thing is that all this is upside down. It should be I should have cut like this,
so that it’s called brown sweet rice, brown rice. But kind of glutinous rice and more chewy. So, I always use this. It’s called in Korean hyeonmi-chapssal. So, I’m going to post all
this grain photos on my ingredients section on my
website, check them out. Half a cup brown sweet rice. This one’s barley. I love to add a lot of barley,
barley, half a cup. What makes this rice purple colo! It’s… black rice, this is also
same upside down I cut it. Black sweet rice, chewy,
I like chewy rice, so always I choose like sweet rice and black color, and you’ll see. So, this is black sweet rice. Sweet rice means glutinous rice. It has nothing to do with
the really taste sweetness. It is like a chewy, more
chewier than usual rice. So, this is black sweet rice. I gotta upside down. (laughs) It depends on how much
you like to make purple. You like lavender color rice, you need to add just one tablespoon. But I always use two tablespoons. Two, two tablespoons. This all grain, two cups
of grain, multigrains, plus black rice, black
sweet rice, two tablespoons. So, I’m going to wash these. Scrub like this with your hand. Then pour out this milky water. Little dark because of black sweet rice. This is the way I make rice all the time. Again, we’ve gotta
rinse a couple of times. Rinse and drain, rinse and
drain, a couple of times. This is final rinse, so clear And then let’s drain as much as you can. still wet. I’m going to use two and a
half cups cold water here. Like this. So, put your hand like this. This water is like
around this knuckle here. So, this guy, I’m going to set here. So, you guys may be, ooh,
what are you doing, Maangchi, you have two pots filled
with multigrain rice. Don’t worry. Just this is for you guys,
I’m just making this way. Okay, it’s time to cook. But I like to add green peas. The frozen green peas,
always I have a big package. Always I keep this in the
freezer and then add some. Later when this is cooked, really
pretty so I’m going to bring it. This is optional. Like this amount, around a quarter cup. So, let’s cook. So, we are going to cook
over medium high heat, around 10 minutes I think, until this rice is really boiling
over and then we are going to stir this and turn down the
heat to low and then simmer until we got a really
fluffy multigrain rice. I’m going to eat with my doenjang-jjigae, bean paste stew, Korean
some side dishes I prepared. A lot of people ask me,
“Maangchi, I know how to make one side dish, but how do you
make arrange the Korean meal” Today this is a good chance for you guys. You will see my lunch table setting today. Stir this, look at this!
beautiful purple color. And then we are going to lower the heat. Very low heat from now. My doenjang-jjigae’s almost done. So, this is dried anchovies. I’m not in the mood
for eating my anchovies so I will take them out. Let it boil. I’m going to prepare some side dishes. This is Korean typical
way of table setting. And then kimchi. Ten minutes passed, let’s check it out. Very fluffy looking but let me taste it. Mmm! Oh my god, delicious, mmm. Wow, awesome. Okay, this is my usual meal. So, I made doenjang-jjigae stew. This is stir-fried anchovies and peanuts. And this is young radish kimchi. And this is my cabbage kimchi. This guy is yellow corvina. This one is spinach and eggs and Asian chives, buchu, buchu-jeon. So, today we made
multigrain rice, japgokbap. Let’s eat. I love this kind of a typical Korean meal. Every day, never get tired of this. Today we made japgokbap,
multigrain rice. And I show you how to make table setting, everyday table setting like this. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye! (upbeat music)

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