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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I am going to make another dish of course Butter Chicken, Chicken Makhani whatever you call it but the speciality is i’m going to use
the gravy that is pressure-cooked makhani gravy I’m telling you once you make this kind
of gravy and serve or cook anything forget about butter chicken you cook even
vegetables anything in this makhani gravy I’m telling you that will be the best makhani you have ever eaten Dear friends first we have to learn how
to make this makhani gravy in a pressure cooker you know the advantages of cooking
anything in a pressure cooker is all the best flavors are extracted out and your
gravy will become fantastic first I’m going to add some butter
cardamom cloves cinnamon and bay leaf so I put everything in a muslin cloth
and then just put it in this butter add onion to add some sweetness to the sour tomatoes we’re going to add
some cashew nuts we’re going to saute this onions till they are slightly transparent In this add salt add ginger-garlic paste we’re going to saute this ginger garlic paste for one-minute lot of red chilli and
little bit of green chili in fact I prefer to add Kashmiri red chilies
that will give a very nice red color to your gravy just add tomatoes there is so much
moisture in this tomatoes and onions that you don’t need to add any
water just put up lid off for this pressure
cooker we’re going to cook this for about 15
minutes now you know after cooking this for
around 15 to 20 minutes that is almost 5 – 6 whistles of a pressure
cooker you know there’s no point putting
everything in a blender so first we’re going to extract all the
liquid that is coming from this and only the solids we’re going to put in a blender and just
make it to a puree. After straining all these blended paste all you are left with with
the seeds and the skin of the tomatoes you know
just add one or two teaspoons of sugar in this much gravy the real good flavor for your makhani comes by adding kasuri methi you can pretty much add anything, any vegetables
into this and they will taste fantastic this is a basic you know nice makhani
gravy but this is not truly a makhani gravy
and until unless you add cream and butter now the gravy is all ready so let’s go
ahead and cook the chicken and add our makhani gravy so for this i’m going to
take the chicken you know i have taken the chicken breast this chicken breast is nice and tender
look at how very thin slices I’ve cut this chicken into and in this add some
salt, pinch of garam masala powder, do not have too much very little to give a
nice flavor and some all-purpose flour just pinch look at this just the way i
added salt I’m adding some of the all-purpose flour, in this add just half a teaspoon of curd that is yogurt this is optional and then just mix all
of this with this chicken nicely that’s good and it is better if you can
marinate this in keep it for one or two hours but since my chicken has already
brianed that means the chicken is nice and tender I’m going to cook it right away. In the
pan take some butter and we’re going to first cook the chicken pieces take this
chicken pieces and just be going to cook this chicken pieces after cooking the
chicken until the chicken is nice and tender add the makhani gravy isn’t it
very easy Wow and just mix this and we’re going
to put the lid on because they want this nice flavors to go into the chicken look at this the gravy is all fantastic
the chicken is nice and tender just reduce the flame and then we’re going to
add some cream into this just one tablespoon of cream into this and just
mix all of this bring this to one boil and then switch
off the flame look at this perfect color and amazing The aroma hmm very surprisingly when the month of Ramadan starts whatever I cook whatever I touch that
comes out super and super tasty Dear friends I wish you all a holy month of
ramadan and let’s all enjoy with good food I’m telling you once you enjoy this
pressure cook makhani gravy along with this chicken am telling you
you will fall in love with this you know wow… Dear friends i hope you enjoyed today’s session of learning how to make this fantastic butter chicken murgh makhani with your VahChef but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to go so please post your recipes and cooking
tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking. Thank you ah

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