Mushroom Pulao in Tamil | How to make Mushroom Pulav in Cooker | Lunchbox Recipe

Subscribe to Amudhas Kitchen. Hit bell button to get instant notifications on my new videos. Greetings. Welcome to Amudhas Kitchen. Today we are going to see how to make Mushroom Pulao in simple and easy steps. It goes well with Aloo gravy, Gobi matar masala & Chicken gravy. Please note down the ingredients. Let’s cook. Add Ghee. Ghee gives good aroma to Pulao. You can also use other Oils instead of Ghee. Add Spices once Ghee is melted. Saute them. Add Cashews. Add Onion once Cashwes turn golden brown. Add Green Chilli. Add Ginger / Garlic paste. Adjust green chilli according to your spice level. Add Mushroom. Cut mushroom into 4 pieces so that they cook quickly. Mix well. Add Salt. Mix.. This pulao can be made in quick time. Saute for 3 – 5 Minutes. Add Coconut Milk. Add Water. Coconut Milk gives good taste & aroma to Pulav. Wash & Soak Basmati rice in water for 30 Minutes. Add rice. Mix well. Tip: Always mix well before closing the cooker with lid to avoid bottom turning black. Close the cooker. Allow it boil for Two whistles. Remove cooker from Stove. Pressure totally released. Let’s open the cooker. Mushroom Pulav is almost ready ! Garnish with Corainder leaves. Mix gently. Tasty and Yummy Mushroom Pulao is ready ! Hope you liked the recipe. Please give thumbs up (like) and share the video with your friends & family.

4 comments on “Mushroom Pulao in Tamil | How to make Mushroom Pulav in Cooker | Lunchbox Recipe”

  1. PRABAKARAN G says:


  2. sakthimurugan vengatesan says:

    very super mushroom…

  3. Uma Sundaresan says:

    Awesome 👏🏻 your recipes r completely different and uniques from other YouTube channels . Keep going . Also please share a vlog for idli batter that can be made through grinder. Mainly share the water and other ingredients measurement while you grind

  4. sivanandam subbiah says:

    Pulav taste is still stuck in my toung. Very nice taste may be due to coconut milk ☺️

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