MUTTON CHAAP ~ How To Cook mutton Chaap ~ মটন-চাপ ~ EASY COOKING ( With Eng. subtitle)

Mutton ribs for mutton chanp:- 1 kg Ingredients for marination:- Chili powder:- 1-1 & 1/2 teasp Turmeric powder:- 1/4 tea sp Black Pepper powder:- 1 tea sp Nutmeg powder:- 1/4 tea sp Salt:- 1 tea sp Tomato:-1 cup chopped Coriander leaves:- 1 cup chopped Oil:- 1 & 1/2 Tbsp Ginger paste:- 2 tbsp Water:- 1 cup (180 ml) All these ingredients would be mixed with the mutton and will be kept for marination for 20 minutes Ingredients for next step:- Onion 4-5 medium size:- approx. 500 gm Coriander leaves:- 1 & 1/2 cups chopped Green chili slits:- 8-10 nos Garlic:- 4 cloves chopped Clarified butter:- 3 tbsp Oil:- 2 tbsp or as required Tomato:- 500 gm chopped Yogurt 1 & 1/2 cup whisked Ginger paste:- 100 gm Garam masala whole:- (small cardamom -8 nos, star anis-1 big, cloves – 5 nos, nutmeg and mace small pieces, cinnamon – small pieces 3 Coriander powder:- 3 tbsp Chili powder;- 2 tea sp Garam masala powder:- 1 & 1/2 tea sp Nutmeg powder:- 1/4 tea sp Dry red chili :- 2 nos Black pepper powder:- 2 tbsp Salt:- to taste Mutton is kept marinated for 30 minutes Put the marinated mutton in the pressure cooker Add 1 cup of water in it Pressure cook the mutton for 5 minutes or with 1 whistle Mutton is cooked in the pressure cooker to make the bones little soft so that in the later stage during frying it will take less time to cook Mix all the spice powder In the whisked yogurt Make a smooth paste Put the pan in the high flame first Add 2 tbsp oil & 3 tbsp clarified butter In this recipe, we have to use a generous amount of oil, clarified butter and spices for cooking Add dry red chili and all the whole garam masala in hot oil Add chopped garlic and chopped onions Stir to fry the onions While frying onions it is observed that more oil is needed to fry the onions so 2 tbsp oil is added again Flame is kept high so care should be taken that onions don`t get burnt Onion has changed its color to light brown.Now add chopped tomatoes Stir a little Add ginger paste Tomato, onion and ginger paste will take time to fry properly so we will cook it by closing the lid time to time so that the process becomes faster The flame should be turned from medium to low so that when we add yogurt it does not stick at the bottom Add yogurt and spice mix paste Add a little water in the bowl to mix the residual yogurt and spice and add it to the pan Mix everything in the pan Add green chili slits Stir well This total mixture took 20-25 minutes time to fry properly Add pressure cooked mutton in it now Mix well Fry until 20-25 minutes more and the mutton will start to change color to reddish Keep the flame medium Stir continuously otherwise the mutton will stick to the bottom Close the lid After 10 minutes, open the lid and stir again Close the lid again The mutton is almost cooked & the oil starts to separate from the mutton spices & the mutton starts to change color Fry a little more, it takes overall 25-30 minutes to fry Oil has become separated from mutton so its cooked now Add coriander leaves and mix it well with the mutton Keep the flame low Now we will add water.First, add water which was the residual water kept from pressure cooker in which the mutton was pressure cooked & afterwards if required more water will be added Mutton in this recipe will remain a little hard not too soft so water will be added accordingly We will add 1/2 cup water again Stir well Close the lid & cook the mutton in low flame for 15 minutes & it will be ready & then switch off the flame Mutton chanp is ready now Mutton chanp is now ready & take it out in a bowl Garnish it with green chili & coriander leaves Serve it with biriyani or rice Good Bye

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