Mutton Kosha Bengali Recipe | Kasha Mangsho | Bengali Slow Cooked Mutton Curry | Kali Pujo Special

Kosha Mangsho | slow-cooked, caramelised mutton 1 kg mutton: pieces with a good proportion of meat, fat, and bones are essential; we’re using raan (leg), but we also like meat from the seena (ribs) onions 100g garlic 5g yoghurt 100g salt 15g, turmeric 5g shahi garam masala 3g massage! cover and marinate in the fridge There are no special ingredients for a good mutton kosha. All it takes is patience. big cardamom 1 pc | cinnamon 1 large | cloves 10 pcs | dried red chillies 4 pcs | bay leaves 6 pcs black cardamom 1 pc | green cardamom 10 pcs green chillies 20g, ginger paste 40g, garlic 10g coriander 3g, cumin 3g kashmiri red chilli 3g, water 100g ghee 5g 150–200g yoghurt depending
on how tart you want your curry sugar 10g, salt 8g sliced onions 400g sliced onions define the texture
of the curry; diced or puréed onions won’t
give you the same result crush garlic and green chillies to a paste heat 20g mustard oil until it smokes lightly and changes colour to a pale yellow temper with dried red chillies bay leaves cardamom, big cardamom, cloves, cinnamon cover and fry onions until brown colour of onions after 30 mins brown mutton on high heat; stir often beat yoghurt until lump-free keep frying on high heat salt (8g), sugar Be alert! This is controlled browning; stir often, or curry will burn and taste bitter. keep a 1 litre jar of hot water handy over the next 2 hours on medium heat, you will add water (~30 ml), stir cover (~ 1 min), uncover scrape browned bits, repeat browning is good! scrape and incorporate you will see the mutton getting darker when you’re happy with the colour… …add water based on how much gravy you want slit green chillies cover and cook until mutton is tender you should be able to tear the meat with two fingers ghee one last stir mishti polao

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  1. deepika singh says:

    Looks tempting.. however all this is done on high flame??

  2. Ujjwal Prakash says:

    Very well picturised and well edited. Don’t you think just 20 gms of mustard oil for 1 kg of mutton is too less?

  3. Shreya Sen says:

    For 2kg mutton do I need to double all the ingredients quantity??

  4. Rani Bhuyan says:

    Bengali recipes r always good… Main toh fan ho goyi aap logo ki…presentation.. Sound.. Lajawab.. No words…I love Bong eats recipes… Mu main pani aa jati he dekhte hi..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. music & palak says:

    Naga chiken rcpe pls…

  6. Palash Bhattacharjee says:

    If i use boneless mutton, wil it give the same taste?

  7. Sudipta Chakraborti says:

    It's my first time seeing someone cutting bay leaves with a knife.

  8. swarna mohanty says:

    Long slow cooking.

  9. lili mandal says:

    Nicely shown.

  10. neel_ pix says:

    Superb video ….. Adorable ❤❤❤❤

  11. fussion Edge says:

    Slice onion 400gm for 1kg mutton,,,,
    She is totally mad and bullshit in cooking

  12. Fahmida Ahsan says:

    Can we cook this with beef?

  13. Chandrimar Rannaghar - চন্দ্রিমার রান্নাঘর says:

    Beautiful Recipe

  14. Zubaer Ahmad says:

    The mishty polao ruins everything 😑😑😑

  15. Sumaiya Amin says:

    Excellent presentation and very comprehensive. Thank you

  16. RAKESH MITRA says:

    Wonderful cook,and very pleasant platting

  17. Dilip Mandal says:

    Didi tumi sob ranna te Lanka phoron dau kano

  18. Aditi Sengupta says:


  19. Raju Ghosh says:

    Can I come your home eat the recipe

  20. Moushomi Roy says:

    Really good n hygienic too..n ofcourse thanks to sound engineer..its so peaceful..reminds me of my granny's village..well done guys..God bless you both n keep going

  21. Pritam Das says:

    Most 3rd class… 1st learn cooking then make ytube vd

  22. himalay majumdar says:

    This is probably the best presentation I found on youtube with a great recipe, And so I would also like to add my critique.
    1. Some may find 2:19 and 4:56 artistic, but it gets annoying when you replay the video while preparing food.
    2. At 1:56 Instead of showing measurement in grams , viewers will relate more to teaspoon measurements.
    Having said that, I made one of the best goat curries following this video. I however cheated, instead of waiting for 2 long hours, I did pressure cook it for a while. Keep making authentic bong food videos.

  23. Abhinava Chakraborty says:


  24. Gowtham Bala says:

    I have onion and garlic 🙄🙄

  25. harish meghwal says:

    Bhut acchi tarik SE samjaya h

  26. Pinaki Chakrobarty says:

    Uposthapona tei ami mugdho.ranna ta sikhteo subidha hoyeche.sikhiye jan☺

  27. Let’s See Europe With Me says:


  28. Nadia Zaman says:

    Akana 2mi j blanderta use koraco otar nam ki?

  29. Vignesh Vigensh says:

    Super 😋

  30. Reid Smith says:

    1:05 Earbuds in and turn it up!

  31. puoja Samal says:


  32. The Hindu says:

    Very knit & clean cooking

  33. AllGeeksTV says:

    The editing(video+music+animation)of this video is excellent

  34. enmukee says:

    And someone said the other day that Confucius did not know enough about Bengali cuisine. What did he know?

  35. Aishany Saha says:

    Was the mutton boiled or directly cooked

  36. Chandan Chandra says:

    Again watching in 2019.

  37. Shreya Dasgupta says:

    This is real happiness ❤ iam bcmng a big fan of ur page ❤

  38. ara6 says:

    I tried this..followed exactly same steps as was awesome to taste..thanks a lot..

  39. Bicramjit Halder says:

    Eta murgi diye kora jabe

  40. 23brett132 says:

    Thank you bong eats for sharing this also the visual design was amazing!

  41. Basab Dowerah says:

    I run guest houses in Guwahati and I have made this recipe two times till now, absolutely perfect. My guests loved it so so much. This is most beautiful cooking channel. I see a lots of recipe video and only a few tempts to cook immediately, this is one of such videos. Thank you so much ❤🍖

  42. Amitava Kar says:

    Recipe ta darun … Banalam r khub bhalo holo… Dhonnobad..
    Jodi paren mutton roghan josh er recipe ta dekhben share kora jay kina kono ekta episode e..

  43. Minni's World says:

    Waooo this looks delicious 😋 ..good work.. Awesome video

  44. Ayan Mandal says:

    Most mouth watering !

  45. Amik K Ghosh says:

    The recipe looks yummy however there is HUGE DRAWBACK in this video. You have used the quantity measurement as mg/ml which is quite stupid. How can a person cooking this recipe at home measure the ingredients in mg/ml??? You should have instead used Tbsp/Tsp which is more simpler and easy to understand… Please get this rectified in your next videos… Thank You…

  46. Aarti Karmarkar says:

    Nice recipe but cooking time is too long but i will try this mutton recipe

  47. Lazy Panda says:

    এবার চিকেন কোষার রেসিপি টা শেয়ার হোক!

  48. Ayan Karmakar says:

    2 ghonta????

  49. Moiz Hakim says:

    Superb. Perfect. This is true Foodgasm. Bongs are perfect in everything.

  50. Pervin's Kitchen says:

    Very nice look

  51. Sangeeta Sengupta says:

    জিভে জল এসে গেল

  52. Arko Nath says:

    Watching this at 2am ina hostel after having maggi for dinner was a bad idea.,😩

  53. Sanchita'r Rannaghar says:

    Darun 👌👌👌👌

  54. Hasna Begum says:


  55. Kajal Saha says:

    Mutton kosha with misti polau 😍 best combination 😋😋👌👌.

  56. Maitree Das says:

    জিভে জল চলে এলো 😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  57. Ankita Ghosh says:

    Eta ki golbari kosha mngso r recipe??

  58. Ipshita Gupta says:

    Beautiful editing!!!!!! Well explained

  59. Mahbub Dawood says:


  60. Arindam Gupta says:


  61. Maruf Ahmed says:

    বহুত ঝামেলা আছে। তবে খেতে ভাল হবে নিশ্চিত। 😀

  62. nayan gautam says:

    Omg i wanna try this😍😋😋

  63. Muhammad Sharok says:

    Bst evr prsntation of deshi youtuber😍

  64. Priyanka Thakur says:

    রাত 2টোয় এই ভিডিও দেখে ক্ষিদে পেয়ে গেল যে। 😫😫😫

  65. Pritam Bhattacharjee says:

    The yellow rice, the glossy brown mutton kosha against the background of a glossy pitch black plate😍😍😍

  66. 2-Minute Recipes says:

    Beautiful presentation! Thank you for sharing such a good recipe.

  67. Bangladeshi mom mim says:

    Nice recipes

  68. Gourav Civil says:


  69. Raju Naju says:

    I love the way chopping thing aaahaaa the voice hmmmmmmmaaa

  70. monirul alam says:

    How to do egg biryani

  71. B mawlong Bmawlong says:

    Yummy food

  72. prasad pawar says:

    Superb Mutton superb detailed presentation …greaaaaaaaat

  73. A B says:

    ASMR cooking wow!

  74. Vinothini sankaran says:

    Try giving requirements in volume and numbers than weight

  75. Pranitha Gaddam says:

    okay, we just cooked this mutton delicacy. it is amazing. i must say this as a telugu person that we can never ever imagine putting sugar in our non-veg curries. but i believed in it. and we put sugar in the curry. it turned out of this world. the sugar complemented the spices. the balance in the taste was something i have never tasted. it is lipsmacking, fingerlicking good. thank you for sharing the recipe in such detail.

  76. Abhinav Misra says:

    I made this and it's the best home cooked mutton I've ever had, thank you to the creators for this

  77. Sonu Lohat says:

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I havn't seen such exotic mutton recipe. I keep looking here and there but this is the best. Hygienic, clean. Elite cooking, elite chef, elite kitchen, elite video. Unlike many other Indian rubbish cooking

  78. Saurabh Sikdar says:

    মা কালীর দিব্যি এরম রেঁধে দিলে ১কেজির বেশি একাই মেরে দিতাম 😭😭😭

  79. Sam sar says:


  80. shailesh shetty says:

    Woooooow. In love with the way u have presented the process. ASMR for belly and ears…

  81. 64deetee says:

    Satyanaash! Such a lovely kosha with mishti pulao ?

  82. Moto White says:

    Have been following cookery videos across the world but honestly mesmerised by the creativity of video maker.

    I never thought that the sound like chopping onions could be so wonderfully used.

    Hats off to creative team 🙌🏻

    And yes, mutton looks yum. Will try today only 😊

  83. Travelogue One-reel says:

    Dekhei mon juriye jay, khide peye jay. ❤️❤️❤️
    Dislike korar public gulo kara….my God, jealous people.

  84. Upasak Sarkar says:

    1:35 Confucius Satya Vachan.😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. Abu Naser Chy says:

    Beef ki use kora jabe btw Channel ta khubi vhalo lage…ranna korte khub pochondo kortam bt Ammu mara jabar por r rannaghore jaini kintu ei channel ti sei purono vhabashata jagiye tullo..apnari mosla ca ta baniyechi besh vlo legeche..dhonnobad, shuvhokamona ebong vhalobasha roilo #form Bangladesh

  86. Indian Vlogger Sonali says:

    Lovely food

  87. Val Gracias says:

    I feel bad for the ones who have to wash the vessels.

  88. Arpita Sen says:

    Very nice. Mutton dak banglo recipe dekhanor request roilo. 😍

  89. krripp kanojia says:

    The way the camera captures the happenings, the preparation… Looks visually stunning in 480p

  90. DEBRAJ PAUL says:

    why invest 2 hrs in cooking ? why not put it simply in a pressure cooker?

  91. Sunny Singh says:


  92. Arpita Bose says:

    Perfectly cooked mutton following the recipe.. Thanks.. Loads of ❤️

  93. Samiran Majumdar says:

    Bhalo radhune apni….

  94. Ananya Dey says:

    Mouth watering 😋

  95. SWAPNA SARKAR says:


  96. shashank says:

    Can't you simply mention the quantity in terms of how general population use. No one keeps weighing scale in kitchen.

  97. Priti Nath says:


  98. Kabery das says:

    Instead of 2hrs over gas we can use cooker n frst mutton curry seen without tomato puree

  99. biranchiprasad mahapatra says:

    What a delicious Recipe

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