Mutton Yakhni Pulao ~ Mutton Yakhni Pulao Indian cuisine ~ মটন ইয়াখনি পুলাও ~ With Eng. sub

Basmati rice (4 cups) washed, strained and air dried.One tbsp saffron mixed milk is spread over it & the rice is mixed gently with it .The color of the rice is turned yellow now 300 gm mutton is put in the pressure cooker along with 6 cups of water,1bayleaf, 1 tbsp whole garam masala & salt (to make the water salty) & cook with 3 whistles The semi boiled mutton is separated from pressure cooked water & kept in a bowl The water in which the mutton is cooked in pressure cooker is called, “yakhni”, is kept in another bowl The paste is made with all the spices as shown for cooking the mutton Other ingredients for pulao are 10-12 green cardamom, 8 cloves, two 1″ size cinnamon & three bay leaves The cashew nut, peeled groundnut, pistachio & raisin will be taken in an amount as per individual`s choice The raisins should be kept soaked in the water before adding to the pulao We will use total 4 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp clarified butter to cook mutton & pulao 3 pcs green chili slits are there to add to pulao masala Add 3 tbsp oil in the pan & let it be heated Add few green cardamoms, cloves, small cinnamon piece & 1 dry red chili as seasoning Add pasted masala in it Saute a little The masala paste is fried & now we add the semi – boiled mutton in it Stir to mix it with the masala Reduce the flame to medium low Cover the lid The steam producing inside will help to cook the mutton & the masala & the mutton will be mixed nicely With the spices After 3 minutes open the lid Stir the mutton The mutton is almost done. Fry a little more In low flame.The oil has been separated from the mutton & the color changes We should not add water in the mutton for pulao.That`s why we boiled it previously. The mutton will remain dry fried The mutton is done & now take it out in a bowl Take a separate pan for pulao Add 2 tbsp clarified butter & 1 tbsp oil Put all the whole masala ingredients in it Saute a little Keep the flame medium Add cashew nuts, peeled ground nuts, pistachio & green chili slits Stir a little Fry all the nuts a little Add saffron mixed rice for pulao in it Stir thoroughly Fry the rice to mix it with all the ingredients in the pan In this stage, a beautiful aroma of basmati rice will come Add the separated fried mutton in it MIx it thoroughly with rice Take out the soaked raisins & put it in the rice Mix everything & stir for 2-3 minutes The rice is now fried & you can also see it & the color of the rice has also changed Now add a little amount of yakhni water which we kept separated in a bowl First mix the rice with this little amount of water Now add the rest of the yakhni in it In this stage please taste the salt in the water as per your requirement but keep it in mind that salt is already added to the yakhni water Close the lid & Cook the rice in a low flame for 10 minutes Check frequently whether the water dried up & also check the rice. Rice will be neat, well done & dry If you find the rice is still hard then add lukewarm water again & boil up covered The Rice to water ratio in pulao is 1: 2. i.e. 1 cup rice & 2 cups water. But sometimes due to rice quality & difference in flame temperature, the amount of water may vary We opened the lid & found the rice is still hard so added 2 cups lukewarm water again & will cook closing the lid for another 10 minutes After 10 minutes we open the lid & the pulao is ready now We will take out the
pulao in a separate container Mutton Yakhni pulao is done. Nice aroma is coming out & the color is beautifully golden Try to cook it yourself & enjoy the dish Good Bye

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    Sagnik, your mom makes me crave mutton

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