MY FAVORITE COOKWARE | best pots and pans worth the money (on black friday and cyber monday)

– I can’t believe we’re
already at the end of November, but it’s that time of
year that we’re gearing up for Black Friday and holiday
sales and trying to figure out what we should put on our Santa wishlist. Now if you’re anything like
me, that wishlist is usually dominated with kitchen gadgets,
cookware and home decor, all of my favorite things. And since I know you’re
probably gonna ask me what all of my favorites are
in each of those categories I put together a Holiday
Gift Guide on my website so make sure you check that out. But today I wanted to deep dive into my cookware specifically
and chat about the pieces I use the most, why I love
them, and why they’re worth investing in or not investing in. I should also mention that
this video is not sponsored by any of the brands that you’re
gonna see me highlighting. I’m just sharing what I truly
love and use in the kitchen. So let’s jump right in. My All-Clad pots and
pans are most definitely my workhorse cookware in
the kitchen and what I use on a daily basis for
pretty much everything from frying eggs to sauteing
chicken and vegetables. The set you see me use
in virtually every video is the same set that I
bought right out of college almost 20 years ago and
it’s just as good today as it was back then,
even if it’s not quite as shiny and clean. But that’s okay because
it just means it’s been lovingly used in thousands
of recipes over the years. The great thing about All-Clad
is that it’s long lasting, durable, provides uniform
heating across the pan and it doesn’t react with
any foods or ingredients. And while it’s not cheap,
these posts and pans truly will last a lifetime so they’re
worth the investment. I originally bought an All-Clad set which included various
sized pots and pans, but you can also buy
individual pieces depending on how many people you cook for
or what type of cooking you do and create your own set. Either way, just know that
investing in high quality stainless steel cookware
is always a smart choice. When it comes to enameled
cast iron I always have a hard time choosing between
Staub and Le Creuset. I just love them both
and I have several pieces from both brands so don’t
ask me to choose a favorite. Enameled cast iron is durable
and incredibly easy to clean. In fact most of the time I
just use a sponge to clean it. And unlike regular cast iron, enameled cast iron doesn’t
have to be seasoned. I use my enameled cast iron most often in the fall and winter
when I make soups and stews or braise meat, and it can easily transfer from the stove top to the oven
just as stainless steel can. If you take good care of these pieces they can certainly last a life time so they’re worth the investment. Simple non-enameled
cast iron takes us back to an older time and that’s
because it truly has been around for over a thousand years. Cast iron is sustainable. It’s probably the most durable
cookware in my kitchen. It’s inexpensive and it’s
healthy to cook with. It may take a bit longer to heat up but when it does come to temperature it can maintain that heat perfectly. And when it comes to searing a steak or getting crispy chicken
skin, it’s really hard to beat. But the best part about cast iron is that it’s the original nonstick cookware. A properly seasoned cast
iron pan will easily release eggs, meat, and pretty much
anything else you toss into it. You do have to be a little
careful with acidic foods, so I recommend enameled
cast iron or stainless steel for things like shakshouka. But with how cheap cast iron pans are it definitely makes sense to have a couple pieces in your kitchen. When it comes to baking and
roasting you’ve seen me use both glass and ceramic pans in my kitchen. Brands like Pyrex and
Corningware are inexpensive, they don’t release any
chemicals or toxic metals into your food, and they’re
pretty durable as long as you don’t cause any rapid
change in temperature. I use these all the time for casseroles and baking chicken breasts
and they can easily go straight from the oven
to your dinner table. So I definitely recommend
you have a couple of these key pieces in
your cookware arsenal. All right, I’ve left this one to last because many of you know
that I’m not a huge fan of nonstick cookware due to
health and safety reasons. But, nonetheless I continue
to receive requests asking for my recommendations on
nonstick cookware brands so here is my honest opinion. Nonstick cookware pans
fall into two categories. Those coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, better known as PTFE, and
those coated with ceramic. PTFE is the classic
nonstick cookware surface that you might know better as Teflon, and ceramic pans are
often known as green pans or diamond coated pans. Historically PTFE pans also
contained another chemical called PFOA, but this was
deemed to be cancer causing and affect growth development and reproduction among other things. So for several years now,
PTFE pans no longer contain PFOA which is good, but that
chemical was simply swapped for another called GenX
and we don’t yet know the long-term ramifications of it. The problem with PTFE cookware
is that at high temperatures the nonstick coating can
break down and release toxic fumes and chemicals
into the air and food. And if the surface coating
starts to scratch and wear it can also release toxic
chemicals into your food. So you might be thinking, “Well ceramic pans must
be better then, right?” Well, not so fast. Ceramic pans might be
marketed with buzzwords like green and healthy, but the
surface of ceramic pans actually doesn’t last as long as PTFE. The big gray area with ceramic
pans is that they contain nanoparticles which can enter our cells and there’s just not enough research or scientific studies
yet to fully understand the potential adverse effects
on our bodies long term. So for all of those reasons
I’m not a proponent of nonstick but I also like to keep things real and I do have a couple of pieces
of nonstick in my kitchen. But I just use them very infrequently. But if you are gonna use nonstick, here are my three biggest tips on how to use them most safely. First, always cook on low or medium and never use a high temperature. Second, always use wood
or silicone spatulas so that you don’t damage
the surface of the pan. And third, replace your nonstick
pans every couple of years or as soon as you see the
surface start to wear. Because nonstick pans are not
pans you will have long term, I don’t recommend
investing in expensive ones with stainless steel bottoms. It’s just not worth the money. The ones I have, which are Ballarini pans have remained perfectly nonstick
for a couple of years now and so far there’s no sign of
destruction to the surface. But again, I’m super careful with them. So whether you choose PTFE
of ceramic nonstick pans from Ballarini, Zwilling,
GreenPan, SCANPAN or any of the other brands
out there, I think the big takeaway is that nonstick
cookware should not be viewed as the workhorse cookware in your kitchen. There are just far too many
more durable, longer lasting, and cost effective options
and healthier options that will last a lifetime. I should also mention that
there’s a 100% ceramic pan called Xtrema that’s been
getting a lot of good praise but I tried this pan for several weeks and personally I was not a fan of it. I’ll tell you why I wasn’t a fan or what I just didn’t love
about it on the full blog post. Lastly, when it comes to utensils, I do have a couple of favorites. I love, love, these
stainless steel utensils and spatulas from Crate & Barrel. I’ve had them for at least ten years now and they’re super strong and durable. They never bend or warp no matter how much
pressure you put on them. I also love my wood spatulas
and these silicone spatulas and I’ll link all of these
in the description box below. So if you’re going to invest
in cookware this holiday season I highly recommend you
invest in All-Clad, Staub, Le Creuset and Lodge Cast
Iron, and pick yourself up some extra glassware and ceramic pieces. And if you do decide to
purchase a nonstick pan, the one I have used and
can recommend is Ballarini. I hope you guys enjoyed
this cookware video and if there’s anything else you’d like to see my recommendations
on in the future, let me know in the comments below. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, eat lots of delicious food
and I will see you back here in a couple of weeks.

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