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Hey awesome ones. Well you know there’s a lot of people out there that are just waiting for winter to be over. They want
that groundhog NOT to see his shadow and for there to be an early spring. Well you
know what? That’s one way of looking at things, but for me I found some ways to
kind of enjoy this winter season and put me in the comfort zone. I’m going to
share it all with you and it all starts in just a few seconds. So one thing I’ve
learned in life is you have to make the best out of really any situation and
since I’m not an avid skier, snow skier, I’m not an avid snowmobiler and I’m
certainly not one of those ice fisher people, I’m none of those. So I really
do have to make the best out of a cold situation. So I think before you buy
something that’s…you know…a little expensive maybe for some comfort, we’ve
got to make sure that you take care of the basics. So if you’re driving, you’ve got
to have the snow tires if there’s lots of snow, you’ve got to make sure your car
battery is really good. Walking get those boots with lots of
tread, warm clothing and also get something for those icy patches…there’s
sand and all kinds of things that you can use to make sure that you’re nice
and safe out there. If ya checked all those boxes then you can start going
into the comforting things. So if you checked off all the safety things it’s
now for a lot of us time to do a little bit of cocooning and relax and
rejuvenate. And that really does mean maybe sitting back reading a good book
watching a movie. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been in the morning with the covers over your head and wait for
somebody to turn the heat up hey that’s all part of it. But let’s start with
comfort food. Not just comfort food but food that’s actually really good for you.
Bill we’re really lucky. We’ve got a corner grocery store and we don’t have
to always white knuckled drive you know to the big grocery store and we can get
some fresh broccoli and vegetables and carrots all that sort of thing there. So
you know make sure that you’re eating right and that’ll help you get through
winter too. You know there’s something really relaxing about chopping
vegetables and especially when looking out the window here in my kitchen and
it’s like freezing out there and the snows up to here, but inside for warm and
toasty and we’re going to be even warmer and toastier when we have this potted
chicken…er….chili tonight and this is my number-one comfort item. I know I’ve
mentioned it before, but in the winter and it’s so important, it’s a slow cooker
and you know there’s something about putting something in a slow cooker. Maybe
you’ve got some tomatoes and some garlic you might be making spaghetti or a stew
and you’re out there shoveling the snow and you come in and it’s…aahh…there’s my
reward you know you have that sent you have that that aroma, that you go, I’m
going to get a reward for this and you know that pot of whatever it is is on
the slow cooker. Now one thing that I found is a hundred and one ways to use a
slow cooker and it’s fantastic. You know you won’t believe all the
different things that you can do in this and basically you’re just cutting up,
pouring in all the items and letting this sit for maybe four or five hours.
And by the way I’ve been told I make a pretty good chili. So what I’m going to
do is put that recipe in our blog and that’s at if you want to check it out. So what happens if I don’t have all
day to wait for our meal or I want to have maybe a healthy lunch, maybe even
something I can take away in a thermos. Well if you haven’t got one of these. I’m
going to tell you this is my best comfort healthy eating item that I have.
It’s my Vitamix and did you know that there are certain brands of Vitamix.
I think this is the 7500 series. We’ll make sure that we link them below and
also on the blog, but it makes soup in under like seven minutes. So it’s just
absolutely fabulous and what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to make a
cheese broccoli soup. And like I said in six minutes in here it’s going to be
piping hot. I don’t know how it does it but it makes it absolutely piping hot. So
let’s get started putting in the ingredients. All right I almost forgot.
You know it makes smoothies, but also it can make ice cream, gelato…
it can make salsa and it also makes a wicked pina colada.
Anyway let’s get back to the soup. I also…when I bought this you can see all
of the recipes that I’ve earmarked here, but you get this great…make sure that
you get it or you can find a lot of the recipes online as well. I’m doing the
broccoli cheese soup and I find that when you do do anything in here it makes
it a really kind of brothy consistency because it’s actually going to blend for
about six minutes. So what I do is instead of the skim milk I’m adding half and half cream. I’m gonna put this recipe…there’s cheese there’s broccoli there’s onions. I’m going to put it also in the blog and the way that I do it and let’s
just kind of put everything together. So we need…they want a cup of the broccoli,
but what I’m going to…these are sort of steamed. I do a half a cup and then I save
a little bit of a broccoli for later because like I said I don’t like it to
brothy. I like it a little bit thicker so I’ll show you what I do with that. You
can put the onions in here sorry you know you know I’m not the cook person. I
make pretty good food, but I’m not a big measure or anything like that. So I’m
also going to put in they said one cup of skim or milk, but you know what, yeah I
like it creamy. So we’re going to do that and thanks Bill. Bill went ahead and graded a
whole bunch of cheese for me. So we’re gonna put that in there and all we do
now is we put the lid on and we’re going to put this on the required…they show
you about variable one variable ten and you let it sit for six minutes. So I’ll
be back in just a second. So as you can see I don’t know how it
does that. Make sure everything’s turned off. But can you see the steam.
Bill are you able to see the steam coming out? Ooh yes nice and hot and also
what I’m going to do now this is my little trick that I like to do. Some of
those steamed broccoli florets I’m just gonna throw them in now and put them in
for just a real quick…just stir up a bit and like I said it kind of gives you
that consistency. And now I have my cheese and broccoli soup here. You can
see the nice bits. I don’t know if you can see the nice bits going in. This is
gonna make a really healthy lunch for me and just to garnish it off I don’t know
if you can see that Bill, but a nice little garnish of some florets and bone
Appetit. So hey if you’re thinking you know what. I’d like to see some more of
these kind of videos. Well don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell
and you’ll be notified when we have our videos out. And usually on Tuesday it’s
food, fun, there’s travel excursions all kinds of things…kinda lifestyle and
also on Fridays…I was a former model…so I do beauty and fashion all that kind of
stuff. So right now we’ve had our soup we’ve got our slow cooker going in the
the background there. That’s gonna take care of the comfort food but what else
can we do to stay in the comfort zone? So I don’t know about you but I haven’t
owned a home yet that really has central heating.
There’s always places all throughout the home
that are like freezing and our office is absolutely the worst. Now Bill usually is
sitting there with a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I’m just kidding but it just
seems like that and hey at my age I’m supposed to be getting hot flashes and
I’m absolutely freezing and I’m kind of blowing on my fingers to keep them warm
so that I can type on the computer. So no more of that. I have got myself a
handy-dandy…it’s a space heater but it also has a…are you ready for it…
a remote. I absolutely love this and it actually really cuts back on the heating
bills throughout the whole home because Bill doesn’t have to crank it up just
for me. I also got one of these with the remote for down in the basement because
we’ve now made a studio for all of our filming for the videos in the basement
and yeah it’s freezing down there. So they say you have to be in the zone with
me doing videos and yep I’m in the comfort zone. So if you’re watching this
video and you’re thinking to yourself, I need some of these comforting things…hey
we’re going to link some of them below but also at our website which is our
amazon store front that they gave us at Yeah you’ll find the makeup and the fashion and a lot of those things but if
you scroll down you’ll also find an area for kitchen appliances, kitchen items.
There’s also pampering items there as well. So take a look at that and by the
way we do make a little bit of commission. I have to tell you that. It’s
one of those things that we’ve got to do with our videos and I’m happy to do that
because we make a little bit of commission and all of you who are going
to our storefront starting your buying there, maybe afterwards you’re buying a
book or something else we really really appreciate it and you know what it’s a
big big part of how we can keep going and making these videos for you. So let’s
say it’s night time and I finished my video. I’ve
done my blogging my social networking and it’s time to relax.
I finished eating some really good healthy comfort food and number four of
the cuddling up and comfort items is this beautiful faux fur blanket. And
nowadays they’re really inexpensive and little Hurricane he kind of thinks it’s
his blanket. So we’re going to share it but it’s really a nice addition to your
home especially for those winter days and you know what when it’s not in
use I kind of fold it up and drape it over one of our leather chairs of the
sofa, and it looks really nice as well. So last but not least. My fifth
comforting item. I know I’ve mentioned it before but it’s my diffuser and of
course I kind of like these automatic candles as well, but it’s the diffuser.
I’m just going to put this behind so you can see what’s happening here.
There’s a lot of moisture going up into the air and especially in the wintertime
when you have that central heating going on it gets really really dry and this
really helps. Now you can use it as just really like a humidifier for your room
but what I like to do and Bill you like this too right? Surprisingly I do. Buy
these essential oils for it and it really makes the room feel like you know
we’re in a spa or something. we have lemongrass, we sometimes have
lavender. You just put a few drops inside of it, but also in here one of these is
called a immune and it has eucalyptus oil in it.
And you remember when mom used to put that vicks vapor rub on you and wow you
could really…well that’s what this kind of does for you as well. And what I love
about this item is we have it in our bedroom and it
automatically shuts off in eight hours. So all night long we’re kind of
breathing in the moisture in the air not just the dryness and I I’m pretty sure
it’s helping to keep both of our sinuses really nice and clean and healthy. All
right so there you have it and it’s time for the he cuteness factor.
I almost don’t want to wake him up. He actually loves this blanket so much.
Hurricane…ahh look at the little guy. Are you just kind of waking up? Do you want
to go back to sleep? Sorry guys I think that’s all you’re
gonna get of the cuteness factor, but today he’s way too comfortable. I hope this video really
helped you to maybe brave through some of those winter days and maybe spend a
little bit of me time on the snow days as well. And you don’t need one of those
snow days where you don’t have to go to work to do this.
Just pick a Sunday. Do you remember how special…like if you’re my age you
remember how special Sunday’s were especially Sunday nights when you’d all
kind of gather around to watch the Wonderful World of Disney or maybe you
are all sort of sitting and waiting in anticipation because you’re watching the
Ed Sullivan Show. I really remember those times we would have some good food
we’d snuggle up and and just watching something on the television and somehow
I think we’ve got to get back to those days, those days where we’re just sort of…I
call it me time where we’re happy, you don’t even have to be with somebody else
but you have me time. By the way, I did a video a whole video on me time. I
think it’s really really important and I think you deserve it. So anyways I hope
this helped you to look a little differently at all this time we spend
hibernating in our homes and by the way if you have
something that you just love at this time of year that really really helps
you get through the winter blahs, put it in the comments. We would really like…I
love it when everybody is kind of sharing their ideas and or maybe you are an avid skier and you want to tell us about you know how you go
skiing in the Alps or something along those lines. Let’s just share with
each other in the comments here and hey if you’re new to this channel…I’ve had a
long life, life my mum passed away in my 20s, I’ve
had a lot of hardships in my life and I’ve been a single mom. I mean there’s
lots of stories that I’ve told and maybe you know on one of those snowy days you
might like to look back at…just in YouTube just search AwesomeOver50
You’re going to find videos on pampering, on being your authentic self, even how
Bill and I met later in life when we were single parents. You know there’s…there’s
a lot of stories there that I don’t know you might find a little bit comforting
as well. So until we meet again embrace this time of year. You know maybe make
some soup and share it with a friend or maybe even one of those elderly
neighbors that can’t get out this time of year and walk around at all you know
that would be a really nice thing to do. Until next time keep warm,
Keep in the comfort zone and keep it awesome. Everyone’s invited to subscribe
and join us on our videos.

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  1. Christi Gallup says:

    He didn't see his shadow! We still got snow dumped on us this week!! I'm ready for spring! I'm not an ice princess either. Lol

  2. Christi Gallup says:

    I made chili last night!

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    Yep, Sunday’s are gone now, not literally of course, but just that one day that was a β€˜day off’ !

  4. Robin Lewis says:

    Love the diffuser with eucalyptus oil. Good recipes too! Thanks!

  5. Brett Nine says:

    Lovely recipes, Heather. I also like the comfort of the candles, the diffuser, and the furry throw. The best part of Winter for me is the feeling of walking through the hall door, to the warmth, and light, and comfort of home, when it's miserable out (usually very wet here!!!). Hubby loves his soft furnishings, blankets and cushions etc., and would hibernate for the Winter, if permitted. Little Hurricane knows how to enjoy comfort; we could learn from him. Lovely cheery, video, Heather and Bill. Great advice. Thank you both very much.

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    the soup looked really yummy, you look all comfy and warm… wishing every day were Sunday.

  7. Mary Lou says:

    Love my slow cooker! πŸ™‚ Mary Lou

  8. Hunnie B says:

    Hey Heather…….the older I get, the more I hate the snow and cold weather……so thank you so much for sharing some ways to make winter more enjoyable. Your soup looks so delicious, as well as your chili…….I love my slow cooker, it is perfect for this time of year. I work outside my home 5 days a week, so when i return home in the cold weather it is so nice to get in my comfy clothing, and have a little " me time " before I do my daily chores………thanks so much for sharing girl, wishing you a great day XO

  9. Awesome over 50 says:

    Hi everyone, Heather here… If you want to see the recipes, they're here at the blog (scroll down on the page to find them)

  10. Christine C says:

    Hi. Here in Hamilton it went from -19C to over +10C … almost feels like spring. I spend my wintry evenings knitting curled up on the couch with my dog. Looking forward to trying that broccoli cheese soup.

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    I agree soup is a winter wonder! Enjoy watching our 4 pups play in the snow. I love a white Christmas but then I'm pretty much ready for tulips. πŸ˜„ Love your nail polish in this video, such a pretty color with awesome shine! Thank you for the tips.

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    Love the winter comfort presentation! I'll go "get" the recipes, for sure. And, yes! I'm definitely watching for the spring moments that are soon to be upon us! Stay warm!

  13. Barbara Ruth says:

    Because I am always cold and my husband isn't and heating a large house gets expensive, I discovered electric blankets!
    I have a smaller size electric blanket or throw ready to go in my favorite spot on our sofa. That way we only have to heat ME!

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    Will check out your recipes. I love chili. I love chili omelet so good. I also like broccoli and cheese soup so good. ❀❀❀😊😊😊

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    I hate to even say it, but I would LOVE a snow day. Just one. It’s been near 70 where I live for several days.

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    Love your recipes as I'm sitting here in cold Colorado with my similar space heater with my remote! !πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ ahhhhh

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    Hurricane looks like he's had a busy day. Time to sack out, lol. I love my slow cooker. My mom gave me her's when I moved away from home & I've never been without one since. I've got a southwestern vegetarian chili that I'm proud of.

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    You made me hungry, Heather! πŸ™‚ I love your ideas! I do like binge watching your videos when I have some time to myself. I make homemade rice warmers with dry white rice and fabric. You put them in the microwave for a few minutes and put them on sore muscles or just use them to warm up a bit. I use essential oils on them as well. πŸ’—πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  21. Rebecca Dietrich says:

    Even though I'm in Florida, it's been in the 40s here! I recently make some chili in the crockpot and it was so good I was asked to enter it in a local chili cookoff in 2 weeks! Thanks Heather, for all the "comforting" suggestions.

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    We are big lovers of cheese broccoli soup and cauliflower cheese soup. We live in TX and it's nice here, even in the winter but this year has been brutal. We have central air, which we cannot do without in the summer but we heat our bedroom and the living room with space heaters because we don't need them too often. We don't have ice or snow but we do have some cold air. Hurricane is like my Miss Kitty, she loves an afghan that I have laying on the couch and don't bother her, she looks at me like Hurricane looked at you. I remember those long Sunday nights with family and watching TV together, they were great times. Mary

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