Nachos Cheese Dip Recipe – How to Make Nacho Cheese Recipe

hello tonight I’m going to share with
you one of my super fast beef chili cheese dip recipes that I make in my
little crock pot that I use for dips great for parties watching college
football or just on the weekends in the fall when you want a nice warm dip
so I’ve already pre browned and cooked a pound of beef which is optional you
don’t have to put the hamburger into the dip if you don’t want to but we like it
that way and you will need one can of chili with no beans and your Velveeta
type cheese you’re only gonna use half of this so if you want to double the
recipe all you need to do is buy two cans of your chili and have a bigger
crock pot or a pot you can do it on this stove so we’re gonna go ahead and have
my awesome assistant here open this can of chili for me yeah he works out while he’s
doing that I’m going to you’re gonna want to cube the cheese and toss it into
your pot or crock pot pan whatever you decide and you want to cook it in okay perfect so when you go ahead and
dump that in you to might need to get a spoon to scoop all that goodness out
there you go you’re only gonna need half of this eyeball it the other recipe put
it into strips a little bit perfect chunks toss those in there romance
okay perfect so you’re gonna want to keep coming back and stirring it if
you’re putting it in a crock pot as well as cheese melts and the other
ingredients mix in with the cheese just come back from time to time and mixed up
cheese around so while he is finishing coming up that I’m going to go ahead and
toss in some of the put the lid on probably on high making
that cheese cheesy and I will probably take about an hour maybe an hour and a
half a little bit get the chili kind of mixed in with the hamburger does have to be perfect because it’s
gonna melt stick to your okay that should be good enough we’ll come back
and check on it and probably about a half an hour and see if it’s starting to
melt mmm cheesy okay there you go okay we’re gonna put the lid on this little
bag helps keep the lid in place like that we’re going to turn it on high and
we’ll be back to check on the dip okay so it’s been about an hour and fifteen
and I have heard it a couple times I’m gonna take that lid off looks good as you can see there are no real big
chunks of cheese in there nice and melted there you go
push it up you’ve got your beef chili cheese dip delicious perfect thanks for watching my
video hit like don’t forget to hit subscribe and hope you enjoy the videos you

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