Nasi Lemak | 椰浆饭 | Steamed Coconut Milk Rice [Nyonya Cooking]

Hi everyone! Welcome to another video of Nyonya Cooking! Today, I’m going to show you how to prepare ‘Nasi Lemak’, a dish that is significant to every Malaysian All Malaysians love ‘nasi lemak’ We eat it We enjoy it and cannot live without ‘nasi lemak’! ‘Nasi’ in the Malay language means rice while ‘lemak’ means creamy So, from the name itself, you know that this dish is very ‘sinful’ but rest assured It’s so delicious that we tend to forget that it is very ‘sinful’ If you wish to know, a basic plate of ‘nasi lemak’ consists of rice, of course and there is also ‘sambal’ to it I have made a video of ‘sambal’ If you want to see how ‘sambal’ is made, click here Optionally, you may have it with meat or fish You may have it with fried chicken, curry chicken, fried fish or my personal favourite, ‘rendang’ Of course, I have a video on ‘rendang’ too which is over here Check out these videos I’m going to show you now how to prepare a very simple basic plate of ‘nasi lemak’ To cook ‘nasi lemak’, you must have the core ingredient, the main ingredient and that, of course it’s ‘nasi’ which is rice Here I have one cup of rice, 75 ml of coconut milk, You may use more To be honest, to have a good plate of ‘nasi lemak’, you would need need to use more coconut milk Of course, water will be added to it to dilute the coconut milk I’m also using 2 blades of pandan leaves which are tied into knots and one stalk of lemongrass which is crushed at the bottom This will ensure the fragrance of the lemongrass will then be infused with the rice As to side dishes for ‘nasi lemak’, very basic side dishes, we have eggs, fried or hard boiled, if you like, some cucumber slices, anchovies and also peanuts The first step is to cook the rice You may cook it in a rice cooker I’ve never had a rice cooker before So, I’m going to use just a plain pot and cook it on the stove Put the rice into the pot Remember to rinse the rice first as we want to get rid of all the dirt As mentioned, I’m using one cup of rice here So,1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water That’s the ratio to cook the rice Then, I’ll add the coconut milk As mentioned earlier, the water is used to dilute the coconut milk You may use more coconut milk, if you want but you wouldn’t want to cook the rice only with coconut milk Then, it’s not that delicious Now that we had poured in the water and the coconut milk, do not forget the lemongrass and also pandan leaves If you are just like me and do not have a rice cooker, don’t worry A pot like this would do I usually bring this up to maximum heat Then, tilt the lid Wait until it starts boiling Then, bring the heat down to the lowest You will have a very beautiful pot of rice The next step is really very simple as we’re just going to fry the peanuts I’ve just heated some oil In goes the peanuts We’re going to fry these until they turned brownish As you may have noticed, the peanuts are in a darker shade of brown That means they are ready We are just going to scoop them out I took about one and a half minutes to brown them After frying the peanuts, it’s time to fry the anchovies Rinse the anchovies and quickly dap dry with paper towel Just within one minute, these anchovies are now ready to be scooped up What we want to achieve is just to have crispy anchovies to go with the ‘nasi lemak’ After 15 to 20 minutes, you’ll noticed that the rice looks ready but it’s not time to immediately eat it We’ll now have to switch the stove off and let the rice settle for another 10 minutes before we begin serving it This pot of rice looks so beautiful It’s perfect! By the way, my house smells amazing now I always use a pair of chopsticks to fluff up the rice This is what I usually do Then, we can now start serving Assemble the rice with the side dishes This looks amazing, right? This is how I assembled the dish I have the rice, hard boiled egg, fried anchovies, peanuts, of course, a few slices of cucumber and the sambal Smells so good I can’t wait to dig in So, I’m going to enjoy my first bite of ‘nasi lemak’ I think it had been months since I last had it So, let’s see Hmmm…. I’m speechless It’s so delicious The crunchiness of the peanuts, the sambal, and the flavour of the coconut milk rice This is fantastic You know, something is missing The ‘rendang’… So, I’m going to add ‘rendang’ to this and enjoy the rest of the ‘nasi lemak’ You have to try this recipe Try the ‘rendang’ and ‘sambal’ recipes They go amazingly well together Simply marvellous If you want more recipes like this, remember to subscribe to Nyonya Cooking It’s free and you will always get updated whenever I post a new video Write to me your comments in the comment section below or through twitter, google+ or even facebook Send me photos of recipes that you had tried If you have problems with the recipes, write to me and I will help you out So, till then I hope to see you next time Happy Cooking!

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