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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai New Cooking Utensils I purchased this new utensils on Diwali Offer Price I mostly prefer for Prestige Brand Cooker I bought this utensils at Prestige Showroom This is a Pressure Cooker This is a Stainless Steel Cooker But, Stainless steel cooker is bit expensive than the Aluminium one The shape of this cooker looks catchy and different This is Cooker weight Just twist the round shape handle to open the cooker lid The Lid is made so weight to prevent the throw off during the increase in pressure. The cooker bottom shape looks like a Kadai (Fry Pan) This can hold 1/4 kg Biriyani in it This is an additional glass lid for the cooker This lid can be used during the non necessity of the pressure cooking Can be used to cook gravy The capacity of this cooker is 3.5 Litre Can cook 1/4 kg Rice Also can cook gravy for 4 to 5 persons It costs about Rs. 3050/- I purchased this in Diwali Offer price of Rs. 2500/- Our viewers might know that, I use to cook some gravies and side dishes in a pan like this That old pan is not a branded one It was a aluminium kadai and costs around Rs. 400/- to 500/- But those type of Pans get darken over 2 to 3years This stainless steel pan at Prestige showroom looked good and got an idea to purchase it. The bottom of this pan is heavy and so no food material gets hold on to the bottom while cooking. This pan can be used in both Gas Stove as well as in Induction. I bought this 3 utensils and got discount in price for that Only one lid is provided for this three utensils, which can be used to each other. But the metal handles provided may make your hands feel the heat while cooking. Even though I bought this utensils, I prefer Iron utensils for frying, which is good to the food and health. Check My video about the benefits of using Iron Utensils in my channel It costs about Rs. 2900/- At discount rate I purchased it for Rs. 2400/- This utensils are branded and I feel the life of this utensils will come long. This is a Multi use Pan The old Idly pan is a Indalium material, which can cook the Idly soon This Idly pan is a Stainless steel, it was catchy to me to buy this Idly pan Mostly I use a cloth on the Idly tray moulds, but here there is no need of using cloth in this trays There is also another two plates given with this pan This is Idiyappam Plate I can use this plate to cook Kolukattai This can also be useful to steam the vegetables The glass lid provided for this Idly pan also suits perfectly to the Fry Pans, which I shown you previously This Multi Use Pan Costs around Rs. 1600/- I bought this at an discount rate of Rs. 1300/- This pan can be used as a Idly cooker as well as gravy or Fry Pan This utensil can be used in both the Gas stove as well as in Induction Stove There might be stickers in the new utensils which could be challenging to remove it. Check my video tips to remove this stickers from the new utensils in my Channel To remove the stickers on the glass lid, just sprinkle some hot water above the sticker and wipe it with a cloth. I will be buying a New Stove, and also will make review on it about how to select a perfect Stove for efficient cooking. For More Tips on Kitchen Maintenance, Utensils, Cooking check my channel All this utensils can be used with Gas and Induction stove I am so Happy to share this Diwali Special Shopping Tips I hope you like this review and send us your valuable feed back.

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    hi mam i want the demo of ur new cooker how long does it take to cook or it is the same time taken as ur old cooker to cook bzoc seeing ur new cooker i also brought the same one but it is 5 liters cooker it take 25 minutes to cook how is small cooker please reply mam i will go for smaller one

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    hi r u hope u doing gud plz clarify my doubts rumour I heard aluminium kadai,cooker,idly maker,not gud for health .and shall v store masala powders , salt in plastic storage container..which one is gud use ..plz ma waiting for reply…


    very nice Gowri mam

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    mam, my new nonstick pan leavs lof smell. it gives some fearness to me. how to remove that smell?

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    hi mam…..I love u so much mam…I'm ur fan ur explains is very cute and clear I'm very happy now….

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    hi mam…..I love u so much mam…I'm ur fan ur explains is very cute and clear I'm very happy now….

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    hi mam…..I love u so much mam…I'm ur fan ur explains is very cute and clear I'm very happy now….

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    Chinna suggesion please check if the plastic inside the idli cooker is BPA free as the plastic when gets heated up will produce harmful effects. Thanks .

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