hey friends welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna be sharing five delicious easy crock-pot meals perfect for this season to make your life so much easier they are so delicious and I know they are gonna make your family is so happy I also want to let you know today’s video is a collab with my sweet friend Kelly from Kelly’s corner she is the crock-pot queen you guys have got to check her out I will have all her information in my description box we have a similar content on our channel and she is just a love I definitely want you guys to go say hello let her know that Lynn sent you and if your from Kelly’s channel welcome we have similar content as I mentioned so don’t forget to subscribe before you go you’re going to start with breakfast that’s going to include a shredded hash browns sausage eggs and cheddar cheese and I am going to be browning the sausage you use whatever type of sausage that you choose you can also make this beforehand I am going to put all of the frozen hash browns on this pan here I was thinking about cooking it and then realized I didn’t need to so I started to crack about 12 eggs and the end I used about 16 then I’m gonna shred about a cup of cheddar cheese and you can use already pre shredded if you have it I decided to do it this way and here it is I so thick and yummy I’m going to use ground mustard that’s my secret ingredient and then do salt and pepper to taste and I’m gonna whisk this together I like to add just a little bit of milk to make it super fluffy and then continue to scramble I’m going to grease the bottom with some olive oil you can do butter as well and I’m going to make players are starting out with their frozen hash browns next I’m going to layer it with the ground sausage I’m going to add half of the egg mixture and then I’m going to add some cheese I’m going to continue this layer once again as I mentioned before I ended up adding about four more eggs so that was a total of 16 and then I’m gonna finish it off with the cheese put the top back on and I’m gonna cook it on high for about 6 hours you can also cook it on low for 7 to 8 hours overnight it’s super fluffy and was really really good we like to eat ours with a little bit of hot sauce let me know in the comments below are you hot sauce on the on your eggs type of person it’s my favorite next I’m going to make a delicious soup for lunch this is a white bean chicken chili and the secret ingredient will be the salsa verde it is so delicious I’m going to start off with three frozen breasts right out of the bag and not thawed this is a good dump and go meal dump those drained and rinsed white beans or great northern beans you can use a whole onion or a half depending on how much you like onion I like it a lot so we used a whole onion I’m going to add that to the mixture then I’m going to add some garlic powder and cumin I will add about a half a cup of the salsa verde this gives the most delicious tart flavor and about a cup and a half to 2 cups of chicken broth salt and pepper to taste and I’m gonna cook this on high for 6 hours again you can cook it on low for about 7 to 8 it is all done if you want more juice add more stock if not this is perfect it’s so delicious over rice that we like to sprinkle ours with some cilantro even a piece of corn bread is so delicious next we’re gonna make a delicious appetizer this is my sticky of barbecue meatballs I’m gonna use my honey barbecue sauce or sweet baby Ray’s and I’m gonna add two packages of Meatballs I’m gonna use the entire bottle of sweet baby Ray’s this is my husband’s favorite use whatever kind of barbecue sauce you like then I’m going to also add a sprinkle of a garlic powder and two big scoops of the grape jelly peach preserves is really tasty in this as well this is so delicious with rice or even on a hoagie perfect for an appetizer and good for lunch as well and we are gonna cook this on low for 6 hours super easy very yummy and this is right up my husband’s alley he loves food like this so he was very thrilled and it turned out so good we are going to be making dinner now and this is a delicious garlic butter chicken pasta we’re gonna start with our frozen chicken and garlic garlic salt garlic powder dill weed onion powder black pepper salt butter and then I’m gonna use my gluten-free penne pasta use whatever type of pasta you choose and if you want to go paleo just add potatoes super easy and then use an Earth Balance butter for no dairy I am gonna cook this on low for about 8 hours then I’m going to add my frozen chicken here and I’m going to do about a cup of frozen mixed vegetables three big scoops of butter I use the Land O’Lakes butter and again use the vegan or Earth Balance if you want to go dairy-free then a heaping scoop of garlic as well as some onion powder I decided I wanted this to have a Ranchi flavor without all of the creams so I am just basically doing my homemade ranch dry seasoning and those are all of the ingredients I told you garlic powder garlic salt onion powder as well as salt and pepper dill weed that is the star of the show and it gives that ranch flavor with add salt and pepper to taste then you’re going to use about a cup and a half to two cups of chicken stock you put that right on top after about five to six hours you’re able to take the chicken out and shred it and then you’re gonna put it right back into the pot I actually already cooked some noodles I don’t like to cook my noodles in the crock-pot I feel like they get too soft so those have already cooked and I’m going to add that to the mixture as well next I’m going to add some grated Parmesan cheese that this gives the best flavor and again if you’re going to go paleo or dairy-free you would want to omit this step this pasta came out so good and it was even better the next day I was actually so surprised how flavorful it was and I topped it off with some more grated Parmesan cheese this is a winner and I’ll be making this probably again next week for dessert we are gonna be making a double chocolate Nutella brownie oh yes so delicious and now that I’ve cooked brownies in the crock-pot I don’t think I’ll ever go back they were so gooey and delicious so I have a box at brownie mix you use whatever kind you choose and just follow the directions [Music] so combine all the ingredients a little hidden flavor you can add as coconut oil and replace vegetable oil it is so good then you’re going to line your crock pot with parchment paper you’ve got to do this so it does not stick and honestly I was so surprised how well this worked out because it saved on the cleanup big-time so I am going to put all of the brownie batter into the bottom of the crock pot on top of this parchment paper I’m going to take two heaping spoonfuls of the Nutella and I’m going to nuke that for about 15 seconds until I see it’s starting to get really liquidy and soft be careful not to burn it this is the perfect consistency and you can pour it right on top of your batter just to be a little extra I tried to give it the marbled look because hey why not I cook that for about two hours on high and by doing it the two hours you can see right here it is definitely pulling from the sides but the inside is still very gooey it’s firm but very gooey as you see you can do it for about another thirty minutes to an hour if you want it thicker than that I like the gooey texture with a little bit of ice cream you can’t forget the whipped cream and this was like a delicious molten lava cake you guys so good it’s an understatement it’s already gone I was blown away I hope you guys enjoyed all of these meals this is comfort food perfect for the winter season and honestly just perfect any time everything was so simple cleanup is easy as you see here and I really think that if you guys will try these recipes this season you are going to be in love if you do try them make sure to tag me on instagram because i would love to see and don’t forget to check out my sweet friend kelly i absolutely adore her we have similar content on our channel so you’re not gonna want to miss her and she’s about to welcome a brand new baby so go over say hello show her some love and you’re gonna be so motivated by her thank you all so much for sticking around and watching this video and don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you in the next one bye [Music]


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