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Do you want a festive something that is not
rice? Then let’s prepare Nigerian Chicken Pepper
Soup. Chicken Pepper Soup is the boujee sibling
to Nigerian assorted meat peppersoup so this
is usually the one you should be serving during
the festive season unless you are sure your guests prefer assorted beef peppersoup. Here are the ingredients you will need. Ehu, that’s calabash nutmeg. The only seasoning you need for the classic
pepper soup taste. This is not the same as ordinary nutmeg at
all at all. This is what it looks like up close. This is the peeled one. And this is the ground one. Just grind the peeled one with a spice grinder and you are good to go. Then you need the chicken. For the tastiest chicken peppersoup, I am using hard chicken that is hen or old
layers in Nigeria. Rooster or cockerel that’s the male chicken
is tasteless for real. You can also see that I cut it into tiny pieces. You don’t want your guest to be fighting with the pieces of chicken or worse resort to using
their hands while eating the pepper soup. So tell the butcher to cut the chicken into
single bite pieces or the smallest size possible. Seasoning cubes or buillion cubes chicken
flavour. You need peppers, as much as you like. We don’t like hot spicy pepper in this house. So I’m using one habanero pepper. This habanero pepper is sooo hot. And then, the sweet pepper to add more colour. If you’ll be adding a lot of habanero peppers, you don’t need sweet pepper because you’ll
have enough red colour in there. You need red onion. For vegetable I’ll use parsley because I do
not have scent leaves that’s nchuanwu, efirin. If you are in Nigeria, use scent leaves. Outside Nigeria, no other vegetable comes
close to scent leaves. Not basil, not mint leaves, especially not
mint leaves. Mint leaves will ruin the taste of the pepper
soup for anybody that has authentic Nigerian tastebuds. I’m telling you now oo! You need thyme and salt. Add the spices and seasonings to the well
cleaned chicken. Yes, you need to rinse the chicken very well
in plenty of water because chicken cut this small will definitely
contain lots of tiny bones. So make sure you rinse all the bones off. I stir the chicken without adding water. I keep doing that till the chicken turns pale. Then add the chunks of onion, our usual style. My YouTube family members, those who follow
this channel bumper to bumper please tell our other family
members why we are using chunks of onion instead of
chopped onion. I want to see the first person that will answer
this in the comments! This is the quantity of sweet peppers I’ll I will be adding to the habanero pepper. You don’t need a lot because we are not cooking
stew, this is pepper soup! For pepper soups, I prefer chopping my peppers to grinding or pounding them. Pick the parsley … You can add as much as
you want but usually, you don’t need a lot because you don’t want
the leaves to overpower the rest of the ingredients. Again, this is pepper soup not soup for swallow. Meanwhile, I’m boiling rice over here. That’s what we’ll use to enjoy this pepper
soup. You can also serve it with Agidi but how I like my peppersoup combos are chicken peppersoup with boiled white rice … And Assorted beef pepper soup with Agidi. Keep checking the chicken and top up the water
when necessary till it’s well cooked but not too soft. When done, remove the chunks of onion … I always make sure the liquid is at the same
level as the meat. Add the pepper … The leaves … And click the like button! Have you liked this video yet? Have you? Have you? You don’t like pepper soup? Cook for at most one minute. Add salt if necessary. And serve the pepper soup to your guests.

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