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If you want to prepare this conc Okra Soup, loaded with edible obstacles and all the vitamins including vitamin KW. If you want to prepare this Okra Soup strictly
made for nlacha, Chai oo. That means no fufu, no swallow required. You just lick the soup and you will be filled
to the brim and happy. It is great for weight loss and maintenance
and it’s keto approved. Somebody please hold me, hold me from listing
all the great attributes of this Okra Soup so we can go on this Ofe Nlacha cooking adventure! Here are the ingredients I will be using! I’ll use ribs. Cow rib is my favourite part of beef for cooking all Nigerian soups for swallows. It makes the soups taste better. I’ll be using these peppers both for spiciness
and colour. Red onion. Seasoning cubes. Red palm oil. For those always asking me the name of this
oil. Nigerian tasty palm oil. It’s made in Ghana though. I don’t know how that happened. hehehe For leafy green I’m using baby spinach. If you are in Nigeria use ugu. I’ll be using mushrooms. You don’t eat mushrooms? Chai o! You are missing out big time. How can you see these cute buttons and not
want to eat them? Don’t tell me that you are one of those that believe that mushrooms are evil. Oya tell me in the comments so we can organize
deliverance for you. You’ll need mackerel. And the main ingredient, the reason we are
here today, Okra! Fresh lady fingers. One of the most nutritious, health beneficial super vegetables in the world. I prefer smoked mackerel for my Okra soup
so I will be cleaning and prepping these two
for smoking in my oven. I’ve cleaned this one. This is how to do it. Cut it from the side, from that fin to that
dot that looks like where it poo poos from. But seriously, is that it’s poo poo point? Hehehehe I really want to know. It’s important that you remove the intestines because if you smoke the fish with the intestines, that part of the fish will have a bitter taste
when done. Here, I am using the word smoked loosely because
in Nigeria it is actually smoked with you know actual
smoke but you can achieve the same results with your oven, even a microwave oven with a grill setting. Remove the gills too. Then fold and pin it this way with a toothpick. Pinning it this way gives the fish a firm
texture when done. That way it will not disintegrate in the soup. As always I am telling you the WHY now ooo
so you can be throwing down in the kitchen without doubts. Have you liked this video yet? Have you? Have you? Then roast it in the oven. I have a detailed video on how to do this. The link should pop up on the screen right
now! Steam the beef with some of the onions and
seasoning cubes. I stir it this way till the beef is pale all
over. You can see that I poured water to just about
the same level as the meat. We need as little water as possible in the
Okra soup so add a bit, and top it up when necessary. You can never go wrong with same level water
when you are cooking. I’m going to handcut the okra. Remember when I showed you how to handcut
okra super fast? That’s how I’m going to do that. For this Ofe Nlacha Okra Soup, I don’t want to cut the okra too tiny. Even when I want to cut them tiny, I hand cut my okra always. I just make more vertical slices. Blended okra is a no-no for me. Grated okra comes with a lot of risk of grating
my fingers. Which one is your favourite? Handcut? Grated? Or blended okra? Let me know in the comments. Keep an eye on the meat ooo. Check it and top up the water of it’s not
yet done. This is how I slice the mushrooms. Have you told me why you don’t eat mushrooms? Have you? Have you? Scroll down down down, you’ll see the comment
box down there and let me know. I have noticed that lots of people who don’t
eat mushrooms do not have a good reason for not eating it. Yea. I want to make everyone mushroom lovers because
it tastes so good! ah-ah As always I am using a combo of scotch bonnet or habanero pepper and sweet pepper that’s
fresh paprika. The scotch bonnet is for the bite while the
fresh paprika is just for colour to add more colour to my okra soup. The mackerel is done. Looks at how beautiful they are. Ok you guys should not mind me. I’m rushing at this time so I am going to
break this fish while it’s still piping hot. Don’t do like me ooo. Wait for yours to cool down completely before deboning and breaking it into pieces. Chai o! Hot! Too Hot! This bone eh! The tastiest part. Let me keep it aside for later chewing. The meat is done. You see the small quantity of meat stock I
have? Heat up some red palm oil. And fry the mushrooms for a bit. I won’t even regard this as frying sef, the mushrooms feel like they are cooked when
done. They should not be crunchy dry. Fry them for at most 5 minutes and take them
out. Fry the okra and the remaining onions. For this okra, I just keep stirring till the
elasticity comes through. At most 3 minutes. You want the okra still crunchy when the soup
is done. Do this on high heat so everything will happen
quickly. Add the meat stock. Add the meat, mushrooms, peppers, the smoked fish, spinach and click the like button. Have you liked this video yet? No? You want me to leave this YouTube for you??? Thank you to the special you who is consistently
doing your part in this our symbiotic relationship. I do my part by making sumptuous recipe videos, you do your part by liking and sharing, everybody is happy. Yayyyy Stir well Add salt. Stir again, take it off the stove and transfer
to a cool container immediately. Look at thatttttt! No fufu necessary, no swallow necessary. You just lick and destroy the obstacles. If you want to keep slaying but you are addicted
to swallow like me, click the box on the left to watch my low
carb fufu recipes that will ensure you enjoy your favourite
meals while maintaining your desired look. Bah byee, see you soon!

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