No rice sushi roll – Sushi Recipe

Welcome back to another cooking video I’m Chef Devaux and to day I say F**k you sushi rice, now I’m sorry for the swear word but I’m fed up of making sushi rice every
single time it’s such a long process you have to wash it you have to cook it you have to season it, you have to make the seasoning then you have to cool it down to the
right temperature, then keep it at the right temperature so that it is perfect with fish which is
usually about sushi rice body temperature and fish at
room temperature and it’s just so much hassle, so today we are making the f**k you sushi rice sushi roll ain’t nobody got time for that lets go! ok so the first thing you want to do to make the f**k you sushi rice sushi roll is just take half a sheet of nori and toasted lightly over a toaster, any toaster will do just make sure it doesn’t become burnt, just make it a little bit crispier and toasted so it becomes a bit more fresh, ok so once you have toasted your nori sheet just place it on a bamboo roll a mat like
this one and then you start laying down your ingredients half a piece of imitation crab meat, then add a little bit of masago fish eggs (roe) this stuff is really delicious you have got to try it, it’s much better than any other fish roe, it’s
beautifully seasoned and it’s delicious said delicious twice there because it just is okay, now in nice piece of sushi grade salmon and another little piece just to get salmon throughout the roll, now add some sushi grade tuna, now if you don’t know
what sushi grade fish is then click on the link on the top left corner to find out more information about it, now you
add a couple slices of avocado and who once that’s done a couple slices
of cucumber ok so now to role it you simply bring
up one side and you pull it over the contents and then
press once it’s together release and move forward then press again release move forward press again perfect, now you may want to leave this just so that the seal goes together, that takes about three minutes, just let it rest before you cut it. ok so once you have let it rest rest for about 3-4 minutes so the nori has tightened up you want to start by cutting off the edges, ok so once you cut both edges off you simply cut in half cut it in half and put teh halves together and now cut this into three pieces
which makes six pieces of sushi without rice perfect 6 sushi rolls without sushi rice done ok so now all that’s left to do is just eat it you just simply dip it in soya sauce like you would any other sushi, and place it in your mouth using chopsticks (eating) I love these little bites so much there’s no sushi rice is just delicious
it’s just only fish and nori and avocado, just delicious I have already had like 10 of these today that is about as good of a testimonial as I can give for this, they are just awesome now if you guys want to see more of my videos you can check them out by clicking on the right, right now and you wanna see more of my videos on a regular basis when you come out subscribe to my channel by clicking on the top left corner of the screen right now it’s completely free and you will be updated when ever new videos are released and if you want to use the same knife as I used in this video recipe then click on the left right now where you will go to my website and get information about what knives I use you have to make this at home and try it your self lastly I want to give a big thank you to judith for being my one and only pateron supporter I’m very grateful for this and thank
you for your support really it means a lot, if any one else want to check out patreon you can do so right now by clicking on the bottom thanks watching till next week, good bye

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