Nostalgia Breakfast Station Review: Complete Breakfast Maker?

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machine. It’s kind of weird, but does it really work? Let’s find out in today’s video. Alright I’ve gone over these instructions
pretty thoroughly. There really isn’t much to the instructions
but the first thing I’m supposed to do is clean all the parts off which I’ve done,
so what I’m going to do is show you the disassembled unit, put it back together, and
start cooking. Let’s get to it. Well Bailey knows I’m… she looks guilty. Bailey knows I’m cooking something so she’s
waiting here to see if I drop anything. Bailey no breakfast stuff for you, ok? Here is the disassembled unit. Now you can see there’s two heating elements,
top and bottom. You can control which heating element you’re
going to use whether it’s warming, just bottom only, grill top only, or you can have
both for toast and baking. There’s the on/off switch. What I’m going to do is put this back together
and start cooking. Got the wire rack, which smoothly goes in
there. Griddle. Just kind of goes on there, alright. Coffee basket. Coffee filter. Coffee pot. How cute. Look how small that is, how cute that is. Bailey’s still in here and I haven’t even
started cooking yet. When I think about the things you can make
on this breakfast machine: bacon, eggs, toast comes to mind first to me and there’s a
couple different breakfasts that I grew up with. One of them reminds me of something my dad
used to eat so I’m going to make that one first. Eggs, bacon, toast? How about a fried egg sandwich with a cup
of coffee on the side. I’m not quite sure what order I should go
in: coffee, toast, or griddle. So I don’t know. And I have this up to three cups which is
24 ounces of water. I guess that’s good, I don’t know. I have no idea. Let’s turn it on. While that’s brewing, I’m going to get
everything else going. I’m supposed to put a little vegetable oil
on the griddle. They don’t say how much, so I’ll just
put a small layer of it. Now I just put this timer to five minutes
to preheat this for a little bit and it looks like my coffee will be done before it’s
even done preheating. So now I know next time to preheat and then
do the coffee, so I’m learning here. At least I can maybe have a nice cup while
I’m making the rest of my breakfast. Ok well the timer went off so it’s done
preheating and the coffee is also done as well, so I think I’m going to do the toast
last because that’s probably not going to take very long. First I’ll put on some bacon. By the way I cut my bacon with the Scizza,
which I thought it did well cutting pizza. It’s a really nice pizza, and actually now
bacon, cutter because I had to cut the bacon in half. Check out my pizza cutter review if you want
to see this in action. For those of you who are OCD about this I
apologize but I break my yolk when I do a fried egg sandwich, and I’m not big on this
ridge right…look at this. What’s this? I’ll just work around it I guess, but I’m
hearing mild sizzling going on with the bacon. Got the egg starting to cook. Kind of hard to tell between light, medium,
and dark. I think I’m putting it on medium. Let’s see here. That was hot. Ow. That door was hot. So the heating elements do work. While I’m waiting for this to cook, I’m
going to get myself a cup. Today’s cup brought to you by me, the Rad
Dad. That’s right. Oops. Oh man, come on. Gotta go slow pouring it. Got a little bit ahead of myself. It’s a learning experience. Don’t fault me the first time I use it for
doing it wrong. OK well that was one big cup and this is how
much I’ve got left. Not too much. I’m not sure two people would have two bigs
cups out of that. One thing I’m noticing, there’s no temperature
setting. It’s just on or off. It’s already been like 7 minutes. I feel like this is taking a lot longer than
it would on a regular griddle or regular oven, but look the toast is almost done. Ok the timer just went off for the toast. I’ll use my son’s favorite oven mit, the
Hot Hands, which was one of the earliest reviews I did. Smooth as silk. Pulling this out here. Ah forget it. Alright the toast is nicely done. That was quick, too. It’s pretty good coffee actually. I give them credit for that. I think that they did pretty well. The toast is nicely toasted. I’m not sure about this. I guess I can flip this egg now. It looks like it’s burning on the bottom
but not done on the top. We’ll see. Oh no. Oh this could get ugly. Oh come on now. You guys be honest. How much of this is user error and how much
is them? I’ll take credit for whatever you think
I did wrong. Oh nice. Nonstick surface? I’m not sure the bacon is even really ready
to flip. I’m going to flip it anyways. What kind of bacon do you guys like? Do you like it really crispy or do you like
it kind of on the softer side? Wait, over here it seems like it got done
faster than up here. This is still raw, this is done. So it appears to be there are some unevenness
of the griddle itself. I will get this egg sandwich made. I will make it and I will eat it. Even if it takes me all morning. I’m getting hungry. Good thing I have a nice big cup of coffee
to drink. I’m just not sure this griddle is really
hot enough. The sizzle is minimal. I have minimal sizzle right here. Is this egg done? See I think the egg is done. The bacon is not. I’m not sure if this part of the griddle
is hotter than over here, or maybe it’s around the edges. I just don’t know but it seems like this
got done, this got done, and this didn’t. I think the egg is done. Gotta wait for the rest of the ingredients
before I can eat this. I’m going to move this stuff over here where
the egg was. It was obviously hotter right there. Oh look it’s sizzling more already. It’s sizzling more over here. As I’m peeking underneath, it seems like
the element ends about right there, so this over here might actually be kind of a dead
spot. Much better sizzle over here, so maybe next
time I’ll… I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll
have to maybe avoid that side of the griddle. You know what, I like my bacon a little bit
crispier than this but I don’t know if I can wait anymore. If I wait much longer I’m going to have
a cold egg to put this on. Forget it guys, I’m going to go a little
bit soggier bacon than I like. I like it crispy but it has been almost 20
minutes. My coffee is getting cold, my toast is getting
cold, my egg is getting cold, so the soggy bacon is going on there. Alright here we go. Take a look at this a little bit more closely. This is the sandwich I made. Some nice toast, some way soggier bacon than
I would like but… and my egg came out decent I guess. What do you put on a fried egg sandwich with
bacon? I put mustard on it. Hate all you want, this is how I grew up eating
my fried egg sandwiches. That’s right, some dijon mustard. Wash it down with a little joe here. I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is that it actually worked. Everything was cooked, pretty much, and I
don’t think it failed in any capacity for anything I tried to make. The bad news is that it took forever. I think it took me 20 minutes maybe. Took me about 20 minutes, and I really have
to time the coffee, the toast, and the griddle which I definitely didn’t get it this time
correctly. I’ll try it… my next test I’ll try to
time it better. I just think that if I was doing this over
there with the toaster and different pans, I would have them all ready at the same time
and it would be faster than this. But hey it worked so I can’t knock it too
much. Now that it’s cooled off, for the fun part…
“fun part”… and that’s cleaning it and see how that goes. You’re supposed to take all the parts off,
put them in warm soapy water, and then with a damp sponge clean the rest of it off, and
I don’t really want to do that, but I’m going to do it. I don’t feel like doing it, but I’m going
to do it. Here we go. Non-abrasive sponge. Very important, non-abrasive. The egg is coming off nicely, that’s good. Hey I give it credit. It cleaned up pretty quick. I was worried about that so I’m happy about
the cleanup. Hey you know what? I wish the cooking process was as fast as
the cleanup because the cleanup was pretty quick. Why am I doing this? Bailey. It’s all back together. It’s beautiful again. Everything has been cleaned. What I’m going to do now is I’m going
to do Round 2. I’m going to try some scrambled eggs and
some sausage, a little bit different. Is that on right? Now it’s on. I’ll try some toast and coffee again to
try to get the timing of everything right and see if I can get it right this time. The order I’m going to go in is first I’m
going to do the griddle. When that’s about halfway done, then I’ll
put on the coffee and then when there’s only a couple of minutes left, as you can
see there’s only three minutes for medium toast. So I’ll put that on very last. Griddle, coffee, toast, and that should work
also I’ll use the lid this time. I’ve got my plan for Round 2. Here we go. Because cracking eggs the old fashioned way
is so 20th Century, I’m going to use the EZ Cracker to crack these eggs for my scrambled
eggs here, because you need a contraption for this. Hitting them on the counter, you don’t need
that. You need a contraption for that. See look at that! Look how much better that is! So superior. You should always be using one of these instead
of cracking on the counter. Cracking on the counter is so old school. One thing I’ve noticed, it seems like the
only way to turn this on is to put the timer on. Because if I just turn the timer off, the
griddle does not come on so I just put the timer all the way up to preheat it. So right now I’ve got the grill set, it’s
turned on. Add slightly more vegetable oil this time. Actually I would say that’s more than slightly
more. That’s considerably more. OK I’ve got two eggs here. I’m going to try to keep it on one side
because I’ve got eggs and sausage, so I’m going to try to pour it off to the side and
hopefully it doesn’t run too much. And… oh. No that didn’t work too well. Oh no. No. Wow, that’s not what I… that’s not what
I wanted at all. Well I’ll get these going, move them off
to the side and add the sausage. All is not lost. In the meantime I’ll get the coffee going. I’m not turning the coffee on just yet. I’m just getting it set up. If I could just get all this egg over here.. Oh it looks like it’s just about to, almost
about to overflow. And I see some kind of hotspots and cool spots. Nothing over here. This is still liquid. Eww. I wonder if I can just put the sausage in
this open area right here. Is that a bad idea? Well I’m going to do it anyway, I don’t
care. Sausage needs to be included here. How ridiculous I have to actually put the
sausage in this blank area. Oh it’s so close to coming over the edge
here. Don’t you dare go over that edge. I guess I’ll just put the eggs back in this
kind of dead area back here. All the stuff that’s kind of cooking faster. This is still completely liquid over here. I think I’m making progress. Well, some progress. Let me try to get some of this, move this
liquid over this way. It’s not pretty. It is not pretty, but I’m gonna make it
work. I’m going to turn the coffee pot on. I think it’s probably about time for that. Coffee pot is engaged. Just get all these egg bits over here. Oh no no. No! This seems a lot more chaotic than when I
just do it on my stove. I think I finally got all the egg off that
side, so the sausage can kind of… the sausage is kind of cooking. Sticking the toast in. Now I’m going to switch to toast and bake
so the lower one goes on as well. I’m getting this handled guys. I put the lid on and it’s actually smashing
the eggs. It’s touching the sausage, so the lid doesn’t
really allow you a lot of depth. Look at this. Smash. We’ve got coffee brewing, we’ve got toast
toasting, we’ve got these grilling. I’m feeling a lot better about this one. It appears that my eggs are pretty much done. Maybe overdone. Toast is definitely toasted. Coffee is done, so really I timed it pretty
well except for the sausage. I guess I should have added the sausage first
but I wasn’t sure how much room the eggs were going to take up. Just keep the lid on that until they’re
finished. By the way I slightly burned my arm on it. Well it’s been several more minutes. I think the sausage is finally close to being
done. And here we go. I think it came out pretty good. I would probably not have gotten my eggs this
dark but everything else came out alright. I mean it’s certainly a learning experience. But I can’t say it doesn’t work. It’s just it works different than what I’m
used to, so try a couple more things before I wrap this up. Alright we’re two rounds down. What have I learned so far about this machine? I think that what I learned first is that
the coffee and the toast are much faster than the griddle part. I also realized that the lid, well I didn’t
use the lid in the first round because the bacon wasn’t splattering which tells me
the griddle isn’t really that hot and there’s no temperature control. So I used the lid on the second round, which
I guess maybe made a difference. I don’t know. It was also noticeable hot and cold spots
on the griddle itself, so I think I’m going to take a break, think this over for a night
and come back tomorrow with one or two more tests. I think the best way to check out these hot
spots would be with a thermometer. Let’s try it out. Let’s see what we’ve got here. OK over here, 214 on the far right. Go across. 255 in the middle. 238. 187, look at this. 271? Let’s try the very top. 279. Try the bottom. OK it looks like this part is pretty consistent,
but as you go over, definitely see a change in temperature. Look at this. Not very even. Let’s look at the inside. Whoa. I’ll just go in the very back here. 330. I’ll go right on the element. Whoa. Now we’re gonna try a little grilled cheese
sandwich. Let’s see how well it does with that. I hear sizzle. That’s a good thing. We’re gonna start the stopwatch. Now can I put the lid on here? Uh. I can’t really put the lid on there. It’s actually smashing the sandwich down. Would you guys put a lid on this or not? What do you think? I don’t know, maybe I will. I’ll do it. Why not? We’re a little over 2 minutes. Let’s see how it looks. Oh not too bad. OK I’ll put the lid to kind of smash it
on there. I guess that may be helping. I’ll be honest. I actually didn’t think in two minutes it
was gonna be done, so I’ll a little bit happy with this. I guess because the hot… now I know the
hotspot is right in the center so you wanna focus your food in the center if you want
it to get hot faster. Alright pushing four and a half minutes. Let’s take a look. The sandwich is 132 degrees on the top. 426? Wow. Alright I think we’re done. I think it’s done. That’s a done sandwich, and it was under
5 minutes, about 4 and a half minutes. Bread is nice and crisp. Well you know I think the breakfast maker
didn’t do too bad. I think Bailey wants some of my sandwich. Really I think as far as the grilled cheese
sandwich goes, it did about as well as my stove. Four minutes is actually not a bad time. So now that I know the machine is hot in the
center and cool on the outside, it allows me to use it a little more efficiently. I think the grilled cheese sandwich came out
pretty good. I’m going to do one more test and I’m
going to bring in another appliance for this one, and then wrap this thing up. Quick final test. Hey if you want to compete in the big leagues,
you’ve gotta go against the big boys. We’re gonna do the Nostalgia vs the Power
AirFryer Oven with a little bit of pizza. That’s right. Power AirFryer Oven you can set the temperature
and the time so I’m going to set them according to the instructions which is 425 for about
18 minutes. That’s preheating. You basically just turn it on and it preheats. Alright they’re done preheating. Let’s toss these in there. And they’re off. Who do you guys think will win, the new guy
or the or the Power AirFryer Oven? My money is going on this one. But on the other hand there’s no temperature
setting on this one so maybe we’ll find out soon enough if that one actually can surpass
the Power AirFryer Oven. We’re at the 6 and a half minute mark. It looks like the crust is getting a little
bit browner in this one than the Power AirFyer Oven 360 so my guess is that this oven is
running hotter than 425. That’s only my guess. On the other hand if you want to make something
that doesn’t require such high heat, you have no choice. You’re stuck with it because there is no
temperature setting on this one. But I’m going to keep watching them and
see how they do but right now I think this one is getting close. This one has got a little ways to go. Alright I think this one is done. We’re at 9 minutes. This one still has 9 minutes to go. Alright well. The pizza looks like it’s cooked. Well is it cooked? What’s the temperature for pizza supposed
to be? What do you guys think? Is that a good temperature for pizza? How about my Star Trek pizza cutter? Have you guys seen the review of this? Check out the link above if you want to see
the Star Trek pizza cutter. It’s 116, I don’t… I don’t know about that guys. 116 doesn’t seem that cooked. 104? It’s like it’s hot on the outside and
not so hot on the inside. Maybe the long haul is better. Alright the timer has just gone off. Star Trek pizza cutter. This one looks a lot more done than the other
one did. It’s a lot more done. So even though this one cooked on the outside,
this one cooked more thoroughly. I say that this one won the speed test but
this one won the actual cooking thoroughness test. Nice try. You get a consolation prize. So I’ve gone through all about, oh, 800
comments on Amazon for this little machine. It seems like the complaints that they have
are generally the complaints that I found, that the pros would be that it does offer
you a small oven, a griddle, and a coffee maker all in one device. If you were to buy a cheap griddle, a cheap
toaster oven, and a cheap coffee maker, I think you’d probably spend at least that
much and it wouldn’t be as compact as this. So I think the portability is good. It would be good for cabins, camping, students,
RV’s. I think it has a place in stuff like that. Is it going to replace a full kitchen? Probably not. The cons would be that there’s uneven spots
in the griddle, the lid is kind of shallow, the griddle is kind of shallow, and there’s
no way to really set the temperature, so it’s just kind of on or off. I think for 70 bucks it really isn’t that
bad as long as your expectations aren’t too high because it is a pretty small device. I will say that it makes pretty good coffee
though. Have you guys used a device like this? Tell me what you think in the comments below. Please follow my social profiles for progress
pictures, videos as I go. And please subscribe for more product reviews
from me, James White, with Freakin’ Reviews.

12 comments on “Nostalgia Breakfast Station Review: Complete Breakfast Maker?”

  1. Paul Goodson says:

    My uncle had this. He pointed out it would disappoint a serious cook but worked well with limitations. Like he used pre-cooked bacon and sausage. His biggest complaints were the carafe size and the top should of been reversible. Anyway, he found it awesome in the camper and thought it would be great in a dorm.

  2. Gary GW Hicks says:

    Another GREAT review. THANKS for showing me I do not want one of these things! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ 😎

  3. Suie D says:

    the Nostalgia 3-in-1 seems perfect to a mini campervan

  4. RainbowDash {MLP} says:

    "Thumbs up for me"= Crazyrussianhacker

  5. wiplash w says:

    I like crispy bacon

  6. Cynthia Hunter says:

    Would have worked better if you would have cooked the bacon first then the egg, toast and coffee.
    These are great for truck drivers and college students.

  7. gsppuffer says:

    Sausage where you cook the bread eggs on top

  8. Frankenstein's Dealer says:

    Forget the Nostalgia thing, I've gotta get one of those pizza cutters! πŸ˜„

  9. Eileen Thomas says:

    I would not want that at all.

  10. Conrad Heinlein says:

    Next time start every food in the toaster oven
    Then use the griddle for drift to done and keep warm. Drop the eggs in a large or extra large tuna can. That will keep them formed in a round shape when cooking.

  11. Jim Foreman says:

    I saw one of those things at a Dirt Cheap store. It was out of the box and not sure what all was missing. They had it priced for $10 but I didn't want it at any price. Looked like something Rube Goldberg would design.

  12. Alleosus Squirt says:

    Was this thing intended for eggs even?

  13. Daniel T says:

    This is as useful as my daughter's Easy Bake Oven.

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