100 comments on “NYC transit hub evacuated after 3 rice cookers found”

  1. Tingle Matthews says:

    Fredo did it.

  2. K Diggs says:

    The world is a stage….. Remember that

  3. mojoe Lindell says:

    We want Fredo!! Were is our Star!!

  4. Cinthya Viteri says:

    It took me forever to get to work this am! 🥺 Thank you NYPD!!

  5. Amenhotep The Third says:

    Local Walmart: "Yes, we sold 3 rice cookers this morning to a young man wearing a red baseball cap. He drove a white van with some kind of stickers or posters all over it. He paid with cash".

  6. TheBjiii says:

    Ban rice cookers now, redflagg rice cooker laws

  7. ThumbsUp Crew says:

    The only thing explosive is the diarrhea u gonna get eating that crap

  8. kage131 says:

    this just in,
    in a city of 8.5 million, 3 rice cookers where thrown out.
    authorities have assured us that they contain no rice.

  9. saudizahqan says:

    Oh yeah, elections started, so it's time to begin fear mongering again. "Deep state" you're so un-American.

  10. lil c's says:

    Probably a gift from the religion of peace.

  11. Quay Wood says:

    With all the wack jobs running lose its better to play it safe.

  12. me heretoday says:

    so a restaurant dumps their old bits and pieces around the place, and the US goes into panic…. so cute… especially when they are happy to allow guns to walk the streets on the hips of mental cases…

  13. Jay Gibson says:

    I miss the maga bomber

  14. DR M says:

    WOW a cnn clip that didn't blame trump, Waiting for follow up story.

  15. Alex Rixon says:

    Apparently the war on carbs continues.

  16. Anonymous Person says:


  17. Anonymous Person says:


  18. L01 J says:

    Some dumbass was probably cleaning their attic and thought," Let me be a blessing and leave these good rice cookers so that a random person can use it." 😔

  19. James James says:

    Automatic assault pressure cookers……..quick, ban them!!!!

  20. WrizzleDVM says:

    I dont get it, they found some Asians, what's the big deal?

  21. David Grover says:

    Honestly what is with the pressure cookers?
    You can build a much better bomb from scrap metal or "sewer pipe" from the hardware store.

  22. Adolf Drumpf says:

    Another domestic terrorist from the far right Cult 45!

  23. Christopher Cyr says:

    Fake news!!!! It wasn't a pressure cooker, it was Lemonhead giving Fredo the stinky fingers and from there all hell broke lose.

  24. Vortex Scale says:

    Exactly what I feel when I get home at 3 am and my wife is in the kitchen with a rice cooker in her hands

  25. rokkamgaru says:


  26. mojoe Lindell says:

    It was just Fredo's shine box.

  27. Charlie hustle says:

    It's not a "rice cooker". It can also cook beans, corn, and every variety of potato, which you can use to make your own fries.

  28. Andrea Mitchell says:

    sorry juden we are not forgetting about (((Epstein)))

  29. NDFOOTBALL says:

    Ban all pressure cookers. Where are all the cucks with ban pressure cooker posters. Liberals are complete morons.

  30. JamieLan2011 says:

    Some homeless dude was just tryin' to cook up some rice yo..

  31. Seoul Man says:

    A distraction from the Epstein case

  32. Toothless Trumptards says:

    MAGAbomber LIVES!

  33. Get over yourself you LOSER says:


  34. Dennis Long says:

    Unhappy democrats, its the best way to start your day.

  35. nemonucliosis says:

    I saw a rice cooker in my kitchen…so I jumped out my window….

  36. Darren p says:

    Cuomo got bored from his propaganda time-out, so he threw the rice cookers down the phucking stairs

  37. me heretoday says:

    thought I would pop back in to see if one of the rice cookers has exploded yet. Is New York covered in rice? Do the Americans think its snow? 🙂

  38. Marten Kriss says:


  39. philosophy this: says:

    Why does this looks like a teenage prank.

  40. Brian Glas says:

    Is it real or did CNN plant them to make news. Just kidding but you can't trust fake news!

  41. 조창오 says:

    HWPL DPCW 지구촌 전쟁 종식과 세계 평화

  42. Murari Lamichhane says:

    This happens everyday here in Kathmandu…..

  43. arYan wiCKed! says:

    What a shitty world we are living!!!!

  44. Ronny Simon says:

    Peter fonda put them there. One last act of defiance

  45. Jerry Andersen says:

    Maybe it was a terrorist dry run. The real one may be on the way. Scary.

  46. Waxoff Waxon says:

    That polo Sandoval is HOT!! Where does CNN find its journalists)??!

  47. P L says:

    Asians. Please. Your rice.

  48. Racing Prospector says:

    Better ban rice cookers now

  49. Gavin C says:

    Probably another leftist. Anybody need any Fredo??

  50. Excorsist Zass says:

    Ugh another crazy white dude

  51. Beibit Shakhaman says:

    Airplan evacuation

  52. Extra Truth News says:

    All this Terrorism is only gonna do one thing and that will be to make President Trump Stronger in the Polls 🇺🇸

  53. D W says:

    Fredo CuHomo

  54. Robert Hartford says:

    The democrats are upset that they're going to lose the 2020 election.

  55. mark haas says:

    To be fair, brown rice is pretty terrible to eat without being fully cooked.

  56. This is MAGA Country says:

    Ban rice cookers immediately!

  57. Me Tube says:


  58. Stephen B. Smith says:

    What if some chinese people just forgot their rice cookers?

  59. Thursdayangel Gummybear says:

    Internet prank

  60. Loki Dog says:

    Fredo was seen walking away from the scene.

  61. Loki Dog says:

    Where’s the story on Don Lemon’s fingergate? 🤣

  62. Paul McNabb says:

    OMG, please don't let this be another home bred white guy terrorist.

  63. Delta Echo says:

    Chinese restaurant conspiracy! Everyone upgraded to the amazing instantpot… What to do with the old cookers? In all seriousness I bet all the cookers came from thrift stores..my instapot or what ever its called is amazing it slow cooks and steams and pressure cooks. And it hasnt blown up in my face.. Which is something I'm actually afraid of.

  64. Western V says:

    Hey guess what cnn Trump supporters didn’t do this

  65. Norm Allyn *IM A MAAM* Walkstrong says:

    No surprise from a libtard shithole like NYC.

  66. xxnike629xx says:

    Even without an actual explosive it’s enough to cause panic. That’s what these delusional terrorists want. They just want to cause chaos and panic.

    I hope they find out who this scum bag is and toss him in jail for life for domestic terrorism attempt and causing chaos and panic.

  67. Chest Rockwell says:

    Ha, some Asian dude forgot his lunch.. move on

  68. Breakfast Club says:

    Lol these are just a tad bit bigger than a rice cooker. You know a trash can that you can not see inside could contain an explosive. If I was worried about death I would be more consumed over whats in a cars trunk that randomly pulled up and someone got out and walked away. I do agree though this behavior is wrong.

  69. Peter Newbranch says:

    0:48 and cnn just happen to be there. I wonder who placed the rice cookers there to create the false flag event! Anyone seen any CNN paid crisis actors running around with rice cookers infront of CNN camera crews lately?

  70. Spinko Kerplinko says:

    Gritty Gypsy call'n up shot's on the fazt & Cazt big boss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0XQwazkx10 Some folks no the score some folks no the door. Low key

  71. rick smith says:

    Oh so cnn fear mongery fake news is working eh? How panicked can you get us i wonder……fuck cnn.

  72. Major Minor says:

    I would wager the CNN breakroom is missing a rice cooker.

  73. vince kelly says:

    cnn is very fake news

  74. asterix 64 says:

    What's the panic,they're not Tajines…

  75. king Tre' says:

    A rice cooker…. really. Everyone is on edge for real haha it's trash…that's all. Hopefully my Gatorade bottle isn't confused for a bomb too….Stupid

  76. A R says:

    The guy was arrested. Larry Kenton Griffin. Another white kid terrorizing.
    MAGA Taliban

  77. LotWizzard says:

    this is what you get for trying to feed the hungry

  78. JaybayJay says:

    damn homeless people and their rice cookers..

  79. John Matrix says:

    Just homeless illegals making rice

  80. Mary Croll says:

    Thank you for the clarification, I though they were pressure cookers.

  81. R Carmisin says:

    Someone is testing the water, if they can't get identified through witnesses and cameras. The next ones might be real.

  82. crazy like crazy glue says:

    Suspect looks a bit like Fredo, does he have kids?

  83. Shawn Moody says:

    still letting white folks run around uncheck. you cant serve two gods.keep the black folks down and watch Dee white too. it's getting harder and harder.baby hitlers are out of control 😁😁😂😂🤣🤣😅hee hee.🤗🤗😐🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔

  84. Mark Oliver says:

    Hillary wont stop

  85. Mark Oliver says:

    Democrats do this.

  86. Emperor Don-Nee Chump No chance in 2020 says:

    Wow, what a waste of time and money.

  87. thebillis1 says:

    Conservatives don’t care about Americans, that is why they love to kill us.

  88. ORIGINAL VYNIL says:


  89. Matt Quigley says:

    We need red flag laws to take away rice cookers from unstable people. My cousin's Japanese roommate has been cooking rice at all hours of the night, buying tactical rice-serving accessories, ordering large quantities of soy sauce online (without a background check), and talking about how much he'd like to take his rice with him to work and "let his boss know what real rice tastes like." Please, Fredo, help us pass this much-needed legislation!

  90. Mr Money says:

    Too bad they weren't in fake news CNN

  91. Adwel Phinehas says:

    Is this a really well disguised The Onion video?

  92. Know Thanks says:

    OMG were they filled with WHITE rice ???

  93. Pat Moynahan says:

    Wheres FREDO?

  94. Alexander Galliano says:

    I bet the third rice cooker has rice in it

  95. Alexander Galliano says:

    Breaking news!! Near the rice cookers police have 70 portions of uncooked sweet and sour pork

  96. Alexander Galliano says:

    New rice cookers found in mazda dealership

  97. Denise Eugene says:

    Caused major havoc in NYC on Friday morning. We know here in NY something will happen before Christmas . It’s inevitable …..

  98. Jessie Hydro says:

    Terrifying. Conveniently cooked rice.

  99. FALLEN ANGEL says:

    China is behind this!

  100. Luke Huh says:

    rice cookers, nigga, the chinese are after us lmao

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