Oven Baked BBQ Ribs Recipe

hey cookaholics chef kendra here and
today we’re making some nice oven baked barbecue ramps we are baking these ribs
in the oven and they’re going to be tender and they’re going to be flavorful
so let’s do what we do and make it happen
start with the rub they have brown sugar garlic powder smoked paprika crushed
chili flakes yep salt and we have black pepper we’re
just gonna mix all this together and set it aside the rizz were using today guys our
Smithville extra tender st. louis-style pork spareribs now we have our ribs
taken out of the packaging and we’re gonna add some rub to it but before we
add the rub we’re going to remove the fat and take off the silver skin and
what I mean by silver skin I’m gonna flip this guy over
that’s this skin the rubs around here and when people don’t take this off what
it does is it makes your meat tough and it’s it’s very fibrous you don’t want to
be eating that people who don’t take that off
they always regret it we’re gonna get down to preparing these
ribs before we add the rub and all that stuff we’re gonna start by removing the
silver skin what we have here is the underside of our ribs we start by taking
our fingers and go into the corners and pulling up the corners and this is
probably the most difficult part of it but once you have it you want to
maneuver down as far as you can get and then make sure your firm is grip on it
once you’ve got a firm grip and you’re in position see that we have all of that
entire rib piece basically under our control I’m gonna start at this in and
I’m going to use paper towel what I’m gonna do is grab the paper towel and get
it off in one massive pull problem is sometimes you have to reposition the
towel and readjust your grip and pull it again it’s not as hard as some people
think it is it’s a little thing that makes a tremendous difference with the
finished product taking this stuff off makes for a more tender rib and a better
mouthfeel and this is what I call my chef’s cut I
cut it off remove the silver skin freeze it and make a sandwich or something out
of it at a later date now that that is removed we’re going to get rid of some
of the fat now we’re not going to get rid of all of the fat because fat is a
big component to ribs it has a whole heck of a lot of flavor to the meat
we’re gonna cut off the most obnoxious bits of fat and leave the rest all right
let’s move on to the next step here’s our rib I’ve trimmed off as much
as I’m going to trim off we removed that silver skin it’s good to go now we’re
gonna ask some of that rub on top we’re not gonna use all of this don’t dip your
hand in the rub and then rub this and then dip your hand back in the rub
because there might be after and we want to save some so we don’t want to
contaminate it so I’ve scooped out some rub I’m gonna sprinkle it on top that’ll
be enough for that side this would be enough with the other side I’m gonna
save this for next time it keeps for six months put it in a plastic bag squeeze
out all the air close it toss it in your pantry label it now we’re gonna rub that
in look at that guys just like that yes we make mess we make messes rub that
meat guys that sounds rather weird okay
sprinkle that on that side and gets the same we’re gonna take our knife we’re
gonna cut this slap of ribs in half now hold up now the only reason why I’m
cutting it in half is because my oven is broken and have to use my little oven
this is not something you should have to do so i’ma cut right through the middle now
I’m prepared to get these guys in the oven I have a piece of aluminum foil
laid out on my counter here and I’m gonna add a piece of the rib and we’re
just going to fold it up like this now we’re going to pour a little water into
our packet now this is pretty important you want to make sure your foil doesn’t
have any leaks of punctures so we’re going to fold it over into a bundle next
thing we’re going to do is grab some more foil and we’re going to put it on
top and then we’re gonna fold that on also it doesn’t matter if it’s pretty
what matters is if the seal is tight once I seal it up nicely
you won’t leak in the oven anyway what this does is it basically steams the
ribs inside the foil it keeps the ribs some moist and it contributes to the
tenderness now put these two little bundles in my
little oven now the oven is preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit I’m gonna put one
on the middle rack and one on the top rack and about one by one and a half
hours in I’m going to rotate them and cook them for another 1 and a half hours
I’m going to check them at 3 hours for this and at the fire recipes go to chef
Kendra dot weebly.com best chef Kendra dot weebly.com you know I got you now we
have it out of the oven it cooked for about two and a half hours and I’m gonna
baste it with sauce and I have it on a baking dish with some clean foil and I’m
going to baste it get it under the broiler let it char off a little bit
flip it and do the other side and obviously I’m gonna do it with the other
half of the rib yo share my recipes and videos and if
you haven’t already subscribed that’s all but this time I’ll see you next time
chef Kendra is out peace

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