Pääsiäispilkillä osa 1/3 | Ahvenet fileiksi ja pannulle

Ice fishing at Easter, part 1/3 Hello everyone! And welcome back! Today is 19th of April And today I’m going to spend the whole day ice fishing It is now 10.20 am And this is actually third pond already for today This pond seems really promising, atleast compared to the first two So far I have caught about ten perch Not that big though but atleast something I also caught one northern pike Caught it with a balanced lure I saw some fish in the sonar, but it didn’t bite to a small lure So I dropped the balanced lure and got it right away But it was just a small one so I let it go I will probably spend some time here on this pond As it seems that the fish bites well here This actually pretty small pond The water here is quite dark The earlier ponds were competely clear I didn’t catch anything from there Although I saw few fish in the sonar But, it seems much better here I’ll continue fishing, lets see if I can catch some bigger ones I also have sled full of stuff with me Theres the sled I couldn’t bring the sled on the ice, because there was no ice at the waterline I have some firewood there And some cooking equipment If I’m lucky enough to catch some bigger perch I’m going to fillet and fry them on a frying pan Actually there was one bigger that I already caught That I could fillet and fry, but more of them would be good If I dont catch more of them, atleast I have some sausages with me to fry About one and a half hours later Alright, its already almost 2pm I came back to these 2 ponds that I visited in the morning The third pond gave some decent size perch Almost 20 perch in total, with 3 roach and one northern pike I already put 3 tip-ups here This is a smaller pond And there you can see a bigger pond on the other side of a road I just made about 30 holes there, but not a single bite So I came here to the smaller pond I’m going to prepare some of the perch I got I picked 5 biggest of them Not so huge, but decent size But I’ll fillet them And fry them on a pan Here is all I need for preparing and cooking them But I’l start with the fillet knife And then make fire after that I’m already quite hungry so better start cooking! Here are the fillets It doesn’t seem like much, but atleast something to fry Luckily I have the sausages with me if these are not enough Now we only need to make fire to fry these I think these are pretty much done already But I’ll start eating these so the fire doesn’t fade too much before frying the sausages also There they are Lets have a taste That was a crispy one Just perfect with salt and fried with proper butter So good If I just had more of these It’s easy to eat these when filleted completely boneless Time to gather all stuff to the sled and head to car. A drive to a new location and heading to another pond by skiing Alright, here I am at another pond It’s almost 6pm I have made few holes so far And also the tip-ups are set up I’ve caught 3 perch and a norhtern pike so far Here you can see a clear difference in the perch I’ve caught today The upper on was caught from a clear water pond And the other one is from this pond The water here is pretty dark The perch are almost black here Here are all the fish I’ve caught today Not much of a catch Altough I used some perch as a bait for the tip-ups And I ate the 5 biggest ones But there are still couple of hours daylight left To catch more perch and northerns This pond also is quite small I’d say it not quite half a kilometer from end to end And about 200 meter wide I have actually been once here before That time I caught some decent size perch About 20-30 of them That’s why I thought this would be a good place to check If I could catch some more of those Once I’m done here, I’m sure I’ll be quite tired After spending the whole day ice fishing Let’s see if I can stil catch something before I leave There is a fish in a tip-up It’s almost 8pm It’s time for me to head home There’s still daylight left for an hour atleast But I think it’s enough for today This pond was actually the best today I caught over 30 perch total Mostly small ones but few bigger ones also And also couple norhterns with the tip-ups The other was about 2,75kg The battery died at somepoint from the sonar I didn’t charge it after yesterday But it still lasted almost whole day Now I just need to remember to but it on a charger over night So it’ll be ready for tomorrows ice fishing trip Where-ever I go tomorrow, don’t know yet The sled and skiis are ready to go Car is somewhere there, about half kilometers that way It should be fairly easy way to ski along the small river and then through the forest You can also see that its getting colder There you can see my tracks going to the pond, but no tracks coming back The surface of the ice is already frozen But let’s see where I will head tomorrow I’ll probably do 2 or 3 parts total of this Easter ice fishing trip Depends how much video material I will get Let’s hope that I will get good material from the coming days also See you on the next video! Thank you for watching!

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  1. Kalastava Erämies says:

    Mukavaa katseltavaa! Teehän vaikka hauen ja ahvenen kalastusta metsälammella, kun täytyy itekkin enemmän käydä lammilla ens kesänä, kun uus haukisettikin tuli ostettua…

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