PAN ASIAN Lunch At BIG WONG XL | Chinese Dim Sum | Japanese Sushi | Cambodian Lamb Curry | Stir Fry

That’s a beautiful dumpling! Mmmh! That’s a very good California Roll right there. I’m quite surprised at the flavour depth of the curry. Hi folks. Very different as opposed to what we’ve tasted in other episodes in the past. So stick around till the end of the episode to know more. Hello. So we’re sitting here at… … Big Wong XL, a pan Asian restaurant in
Koramangala, Bengaluru… … and not too far away from the Food Lovers office. And I discovered this restaurant on a new restaurant booking app called Eatigo. Eatigo is a restaurant booking app that’s
based in the Far East. So they have the app in Singapore, Malaysia and different countries in the region… And they’re also now available in India, in Mumbai, Pune and recently, Bengaluru. So we were invited by the folks at Eatigo to check out the app. So I’ve seen this restaurant when I’ve been driving on this road. And I’ve always been intrigued by this restaurant but have never stepped in. So when I saw this restaurant on the Eatigo app I said I must check it out. Now the Eatigo App is an interesting
restaurant booking app… … in the sense that, when you make a reservation you pick a time slot. And based on the time slot that you pick up, you avail of a certain discount. And on the app I’ve seen discounts from 15% all the way to 50%. So the restaurant decides the discount based on the time of the booking. So we’ve booked here at Big Wong XL for 12 noon. And hopefully we will avail of a 50% discount on the Eatigo App. I must also mention that although we’ve been invited by Eatigo to… …. use the app, we are going to review our meal here at Big Wong XL… … like we do on any episode of Gourmet On The Road. So the food here has to do the talking! So let’s see what a meal at Big Wong XL is all about. Now the menu here at Big Wong seems quite comprehensive and elaborate… … for the Pan
Asian restaurant that it is. So there’s a range of dishes on offer here. And in addition to the main menu they also have a poke bowl concept. But since this is my first visit here, I’m going to stick to a few staples… … that you would typically order in a Pan
Asian restaurant. So I’m going to begin with the sushi. And we will also do some dim sums. So to begin with, we’ve ordered an assortment of… … sushi and dim sums just to begin the
meal on a lighter note. I like the chilled out vibe of the restaurant. It doesn’t feel like an overly dressed Pan
Asian restaurant. So It’s just got these subtle Pan Asian accents maybe in the colours that are used. It’s the sort of restaurant that puts you at
ease. But of course… … we need for the food to do the talking. There are four sushis that I’ve ordered. Typically the sushi here is served in portions of eight. But I wanted to taste more than one or two sushis. So I’ve ordered… …four sushis. So, typically this is one portion of sushi. This is the Asparagus Tempura Sushi. This is the Vegetarian Tempura Sushi. And of course, this is the California Roll. This is supposed to be a signature sushi out here, which is the Rainbow Sushi. So I’m going to begin with the Vegetarian Tempura. Sushi into the soy. You know I think this is a well-made sushi. You’ve got the perfect balance of the fillings inside which is the vegetables. Then you’ve got the rice. And the rice is also… …vinegared, so you’ve got a hint of that sourness that comes in from the rice. I like the texture crunch of the tempura which is on top. Next I’m going to taste the Asparagus Tempura. So you can see the asparagus has been coated in a tempura batter…. … fried and then that’s rolled into this… … sushi. And you also have these black
sesame seeds on top. Mmmh! Oh I love that… … Asparagus Tempura Roll. You’ve got the crunch of the tempura, you’ve got the fresh crunch of the asparagus… and you have that creaminess of the mayonnaise that takes over. I’m going to get a bit of the wasabi into my soy. Next we’re going to try some of the non- vegetarian sushi. But before that, some Gari. So the gari or pickled ginger is great. It just helps refresh the palate in between the sushi. Rainbow Sushi here. And I’m told this is a speciality of Big Wong XL. So it’s a combination of the salmon, the tuna… … avocado, and the crabstick that’s rolled… … inside, and also wrapped out on the
some of the pieces. I’m going to taste this just by itself. Mmmh. Some soy. It definitely comes alive with the soy. … and when you have a piece of sushi with some tuna on it. Because the tuna has that flavour. The salmon not so much. And the crabstick… … definitely not as much flavour as the tuna. So you need a piece… … of the rainbow sushi… So I’ve got my California Roll here with the crabstick. There’s some avocado in there, some mayo. And topped with the tobiko or the flying fish roe. You certainly taste the creaminess of the avocado… … and the mayo and you get these tiny flavour pops… … of the tobiko or the flying fish roe. And I think that’s what makes this interesting. I love the pickled ginger. Just cleanses your palate of all the flavours. That’s what I’m doing as I wait for the… …next set of dishes here at Big Wong which are going to be the Dim Sums. So I have my dim sums or dumplings here. We’ve got two vegetarian. So this is the… … Translucent Vegetarian Dumplings. I like these… … you know, money bag sort of a pouch. And then you have another dumpling here which is the Thai Spicy Herbs I’m told. And then you have the Chilli Flake dumpling here. And last but not the least… … you’ve got the Pak Choy Wrapped Chicken Dumplings. Now typically here the dim sums here are served in portions of four… … but I’ve asked for a mix and match just
so that I can taste… … more than one or two dumplings. I’m going to
start with the translucent veg dumplings. So there are some peppers in this I’m told and also some mushrooms. You know just looking at the colour in there… … you know this is going to be flavourful pop! So you’ve got the vegetables and you’ve got that heat. That heat that comes… So I’m going to go for this Thai Spiced Dim Sums. The sauce. So there’s some peanuts there. There’s
some spring onions… … in a spicy sort of a peanut sauce. Inside the dumpling you have a flavourful… … filling with a bit of a tang. I’m going to taste this once again with some more of that spicy peanut chilli sauce. The vegetable filling inside is quite soft, quite giving… … barring for the crunch of the water chestnuts. But this is definitely a spirited dumpling. It’s not a dumpling that’s low in flavour. It’s not a dumpling that’s… … subtly flavoured. These are full on… So this is the Chicken Chilli Flake dumpling. The casing of this dumpling feels much
thicker than the… … two vegetarian dumplings that I’ve tried. … and perhaps for good reason since it’s floating on this chung fung sauce. You’ve also got some chilli on top. And some perhaps some scallions too. Again this is a dumpling that doesn’t hold back on flavour. When you order for something that says
spicy chilli flakes… So last but not the least, we’re going to go for the… … chicken dumpling. The good thing about dumplings, is the fact that they are steamed. And therefore, you can eat as many as you want. It’s a healthy sort of a dish to have. That’s a beautiful dumpling. You’ve got chicken that’s well seasoned, that’s well marinated. And you’ve got loads of umami flavours on the palate. And then you have that herbaceous, vegetal crunch of the Pak Choy. That’s a great dumpling! It’s got the perfect balance in terms of the flavour of the filling inside… … and the way it balances against the flavours of the wrapper which is the pak choy in this case. In fact, this one is so good that I’m going to have the second dumpling as well. They have some sauces here as well which traditionally go with the dumpling. But I think each one of the dumplings that I’ve ordered has been so flavourful… … and complete in itself that you really
don’t need those sauces. And this pak choy wrapped chicken dumpling is a great example of that. So you’ve got the chicken dumpling which
is then wrapped… … in a Pak Choy leaf and steamed. You’ve got the wrapper that’s doing
nothing else but just holding…. Crispy Spinach And Corn. Okay. Thank you. Thai Coconut Prawns. This is a small portion or…? Small portion, there is four pieces. And a large portion has? Six or eight pieces. So the good thing about this restaurant is that many of the dishes here, you can order in… … small or sharing portions. So when it’s a small portion, it is something like this. So for instance, I’ve ordered this prawn and there are I think, four odd pieces. So it’s good enough for one or two people if you’re ordering a few other dishes as well. And then you have the sharing portions, so I guess which is good for a larger family or a group. So I’ve got two appetisers that I’ve ordered here. So one, is the Crispy Spinach And Corn. And then you have the Thai Style Coconut Prawn. You know, I like the fact here that the spinach… …you have the entire spinach leaves and not spinach that’s shredded into ribbons. You taste the bite. You taste the flavour of
the spinach leaf. And then you have the corn which I think is dusted in some cornstarch and then fried… … rather rapidly to allow for both the spinach and the corn to retain that crunch. You can definitely taste the garlic and you have the mellow heat… Next I’m going to taste the prawn. The Thai Prawn in a chilli coconut sauce. It’s also got these curry leaves on top so I suspect that’s going to impart its own flavour. Mmmh! I mean, this is an interesting dish for sure. So, on the palate you’re tasting the sweetness of the coconut milk. I suspect there’s also probably some sugar that’s added into it. And then you have the spicy chilli glaze and its mellow warmth at the back of your throat. And the roasted curry leaf gives it a nice herbaceous lift. Mmmh! If you like your prawns, this is definitely a dish to taste here. I also like the unctuous thickness of the sauce that’s coated the prawn completely. So you’re tasting the flavour of that sauce in every bite… So after tasting all the sushi, the dim
sums and those appetizers… … there’s very little space that I have left to
taste more dishes. So I’m just… … tasting from their bowl section in the menu. So I’ve got this… … Cambodian Lamb that I’ve ordered for. And this is served with some sticky rice. So this is a bowl for one person. But if you’ve eaten… … all the dishes that I’ve eaten, probably two people can easily share this bowl. This is the sticky rice. Now what I like about the sticky rice is the fact that it all clumps together. When you take some of the gravy… … and pour it over your sticky rice… … the rice helps you carry all those
flavours to your mouth. Mmmh. This is definitely a curry that is fortified
not just with coconut… … and the curry paste that’s gone into it, but I think I also taste the… … pungent notes of a shrimp paste. So you’ve got some curry leaves, you’ve got the lemongrass. In fact, I’m quite surprised at the flavour depth of the curry. This lamb is cooked perfectly. It’s got that bite… … but it yields so gently on the palate. This curry has layers of flavour. From the creamy coconut to the curry paste to the shrimp paste… Thank you. So I have my bill right here. And if you look, I’ve received a 50% discount… … on food on my bill here. So as I mentioned right at the beginning
of this episode… … I made the booking at Big Wong XL using the Eatigo app. And because I made a booking… … at this restaurant using the Eatigo app
for that 12 noon slot… … I’ve received a 50% discount on the food bill. Of course the discount is only on the food and not on any beverages. So… … if you’re looking to dine at some interesting restaurants in the city … and avail of the discounts, do look up the Eatigo app. So if you’re in Koramangala and want to check out some robust Pan Asian flavours… … do check out Big Wong XL. It’s certainly worth a visit. Until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road, stay safe and happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like, share, and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… …do log on to… … and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’ banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!

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