Pan fried Stuffed Buns、Taiwanese steam fried baozi水煎包│Taiwanese Food│Miaoli Cuisine│

Pan fried Stuffed Buns(leek、cabbage) Pan fried Stuffed Buns(NT$15, USD$0.5) Pan fried Stuffed Buns has an oblate shape and is golden yellow on the top and bottom The most special thing is to put the buns into the pan and fry for a little time then add the flour water to steam and finally open the lid and turn it over again and the pan fried stuffed buns is covered with crispy inside the filling is delicious and juicy, and it has become a popular snack for the people Pan fried Stuffed Buns sold by Zhuolan has two flavors: the taste of leeks and the taste of cabbage. The outer layer of the skin is fried crispy and has a thin skin In addition to the full leek there are winter powder and shiitake mushrooms in the taste of the leek sauce It is delicious enough to eat and the sweet and spicy sauce is slightly sweeter and more delicious

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